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Andy Warhol Pop Art Portraits-4 by cuiliqing


									Lesson: Andy Warhol Pop Art Portraits Printmaking                                        GLEs:
Grade: 4                                                                                 Products/Performance:
Time: 3-4 50 min periods                                                                 ___create light, med & dark values in
 Key Idea: The student will learn how to create an image through relief                  ___wet-on-wet w/ watercolor
 printmaking, portraiture, and create a composition like pop artist, Andy Warhol. The    ___mix tints w/ tempera
 student will also explore contrasting colors, portraiture, proportion, texture,         ___mix shades w/ tempera
 repetition, emphasis, and unity
                                                                                         ___use simple loom to create fiber weaving
                                                                                         ___paper folding techniques
                                                                                         ___model organic forms
 Objectives: The student will construct a portrait using proper proportions on a         _x_build/layer materials to create refielf
 Styrofoam plate creating a relief block; print the image apply proper printmaking       Subject Matter/Theme:
 concepts.                                                                               _x_portrait: facial features in correct
 The student will create a composition that uses the influence of Andy Warhol by             proportion
 using contrasting colors, portraiture, proportion, texture, repetition, emphasis, and   _x_portrait: exaggeration, simplification,
 unity.                                                                                      distortion in abstract portrait
 The student will analyze and critique Andy Warhol’s artwork.                            ___still life: exaggeration, simplification,
 The student will compare and contrast pop culture of Andy Warhol’s time to current          distortion in abstract still life
 pop culture.                                                                            ___landscape: original seascape
                                                                                         _x_functional art: create graphic art
                                                                                         ___theme: Missouri
                                                                                         ___theme: environment
                                                                                         ___theme: realism & abstraction
 Materials/Resources: Large white paper, 6 small pieces of paper, brayers,               _x_theme: time
 printing ink, paper plates, foam plates and glue, practice paper and crayons.
 Andy Warhol PowerPoint and Prints.                                                      Elements/Principles:
                                                                                         ___organic shapes
                                                                                         _x_relief sculpture
                                                                                         ___organic form
                                                                                         ___tints and shades
                                                                                         ___value scale
                                                                                         ___placement and change in detail to create
                                                                                         ___positive and negative space
                                                                                         ___radial balance
                                                                                         ___focal point
                                                                                         _x_value contrast
                                                                                         _x_facial proportions
                                                                                         Artistic Perceptions:
                                                                                         ___Aesthetics: What is art? What is
                                                                                            beauty? Should art be beautiful? Should
                                                                                            art look real?
                                                                                         _x_Art Criticism: outlines, organic shapes,
                                                                                            organic forms, colors & tints, values,
                                                                                            positive & neg. space, radial balance,
                                                                                            focal point, value contrast, complex
                                                                                            pattern, facial proportions
                                                                                         Interdisciplinary Connections:
                                                                                         ___the student will act out a scene from a
                                                                                                Missouri artwork
                                                                                         ___understand how Missouri artists have
                                                                                                contributed to Missouri and
                                                                                                national heritage
                                                                                         Historical/Cultural Contexts:
                                                                                         ___identify works of art from Missouri and
                                                                                         _x_compare and contract two works of art
                                                                                             related to subject matter, media, value,
                                                                                             space, theme, purpose, and place
Procedures/Process: Anticipatory Set:
Class discussion about what POP culture and ART is.
Direct Lesson Plan:
         Write on front chalkboard:
         4th Grade Printmaking Portraits
         1. View PowerPoint Presentation
         2. Demonstrate how to draw the face using proper proportions
         3. Draw face 4 times and color in with contrasting color.
         4. Clean up

     1. Show PowerPoint of Images of Pop Art and Andy Warhol and discuss what
         we see
     2. Hand out papers to draw face/portrait on it (Repeat 4 times).
     3. Distinguish Complementary colors and then Color in with crayons.
Next Class
     4. Review proportion. Draw template on the board
     5. Hand out papers to draw face/portrait on it
     6. Hand out Styrofoam plates—explain that we will be creating a relief print (Ask
         what a relief print is…A. crave/draw into a plate, ink the plate and the raised
         surface prints on the paper.)
     7. Demonstrate how to draw on the plate using a magazine as a cushion.
     8. Trace the portrait onto the Styrofoam plate
     9. Next, demonstrate the use of the brayers. Place the same amount of paint
         that you would when brushing your teeth (At this time demonstrate how to
         ink the plate/go in one direction) Also at this step explain contrasting colors
         and how ink shows up better because of it
     10. Show how to place paper down and roll it with a brayer
     11. Next, show how to glue dried images down on the paper using four dots of
         glue only
     12. When doing these last few steps, show example again to reiterate the idea
         of the lesson
After clean up, ask students specific questions about the lesson.
Review :
      contrasting colors
      relief printing
      what other things can be used as a plate
      texture
      repetition-where else we see this, such as patterns on furniture, clothes, etc.
Informal Critique

Differentiated instruction:
Advanced-- add more detail and multiple colors to print
Below average—have them choose fewer colors of ink and one paper choice and
have them do fewer prints
Strand 1 (FA1)                                            Strand 3 (FA3)
Knowledge of the process and techniques for the           Knowledge of vocabulary to explain perceptions about
production, exhibition, or performance of one or more     and evaluation of works in dance, music, theater, and the
of the visual or performing arts.                         visual arts.

The student will identify and apply Tools appropriately   The student will recognize and apply specific vocabulary
in the production of visual art works:                    associated with the Basic Art Elements:
___Scissors                                               __x__Line             ____Form
____Paintbrush                                            __x__Color            ____Texture
____Clay Roller                                           ____Shape             ____Space
____Brayer                                                __x__Value
____Needle                                                The student will recognize and apply specific vocabulary
____Ruler/Straight Edge                                   associated with the Principles Of Design:
____Compass                                               ____Balance           ____Emphasis
                                                          __x__Pattern          __x__Unity
The student will identify and apply Materials             ____Rhythm
appropriately in the production of visual artworks:       _x___Contrast
_x__Drawing Pencils ____Yarn/Thread
____Crayon             ____Colored Pencils                The student will be able to describe how artists have used
____Markers            ____Chalk Pastels                  Basic Art Elements in works of art:
__x__Glue              ____Oil Pastels                    __x__Line             ____Form
_x___Paper             __x__Ink                           __x__Color            ____Texture
____Tempera            ____Clay                           ____Shape             ____Space
____Watercolor         ____Glaze                          ____Value

The student will identify and apply Techniques and        The student will be able to describe how artists have used
Processes appropriately in the production of visual       Principles of Design in works of art:
artworks:                                                 ____Balance           ____Emphasis
__x__Drawing Techniques ____Weaving                       __x__Pattern          __x__Unity
____Finishing/Mating          ____Paper Manipulation      ____Rhythm
__x__Printmaking             ____Finishing/Installing     __x__Contrast
____Tempera Painting         ____Watercolor
____Color Mixing             ____Lettering                The student will be able to recognize and describe
____Clay Forming/Building ____Sculpture                   different mediums used in art production process.

Strand 2 (FA2)                                            Strand 4 (FA4)
Knowledge of the elements and principle of different      Knowledge of the interrelationships of visual and
art forms.                                                performing art and the relationship of the arts to other
The student will demonstrate and apply knowledge of
the basic Elements and Principles:                        The student will explore the interrelationships between
__x__Line Type       __x__Color Classifications           the visual and the performing arts:
____Space            ____Line Direction                   ____Dance ____Music ____Theater
____Color Temp       ____Balance
____Line Quality     __x__Color Schemes                   The student will explore the interrelationships between
__x__Rhythm/Repetition ____Line Use                       the visual arts and other disciplines:
__x__Color Properties         ____Contrast                ____Communication Arts          ____Math
____Shape            ____Texture                          __x__Social Studies              ____Science
__x__Emphasis         ____Form
__x__Value           ___x_Unity                           Strand 5 (FA5)
                                                          Knowledge of the visual and performing arts in historical
                                                          and cultural contexts.

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