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									                                                          Tree Tips
                                                       Researching the World
                                            September 2009                                             Vol. 25, No. 9

                                    A Legacy Set in Stone:
                              Santa Barbara's Stone Architecture
When: Saturday, September 19, 2009
Time: 10:30 A.M.-Noon; Special Interest Groups: 9:30 A.M.
Speaker: Dr. Richard Oglesby, Professor Emeritus UCSB
Where: First Presbyterian Church, State & Constance
In the 1870's, as Santa Barbara was evolving into the vi-
brant city it is today, people sought a symbol that would
express both permanence and an extraordinary confidence
in the future. They found it in the region's most abundant
resource –– stone –– and established the tradition of build-
ing with local sandstone.
Early Santa Barbara was blessed with an endless supply
of sandstone, both a foot or two beneath the surface of the
downtown area, as well as in quarries near Refugio and
in other parts of the county, and also clearly visible still as
outcroppings on our nearby mountain ranges. The first lo-
cal stonecutters found that this sandstone allowed them to
shape blocks that often started out as large as present day
volkswagons, and to carve intricate patterns into them,           freshments follow. The meeting is from 10:30 to Noon. There
as well as to use the natural colors of the stone to embel-       is ample free parking in the church’s lot and the facility is
lish their designs. The stone was hand quarried, and hand         handicapped accessible. (Photo by Arthur G. Sylvester)
hewn, and then moved to the construction sites, where
the final carving was completed. The stone cutters shaped
stones with chisels into rectangular blocks for finishing by
the stone masons.                                                              Special Interest Groups
Stone was used both in public and private buildings, in-          You are welcome to the open specialty groups that meet prior
cluding banks, hotels, schools, and in walls, bridges, and        to the general meeting.
even curbs along the streets of Santa Barbara. Joe Arnoldi,
a stonemason who arrived in Santa Barbara with many of            9:30 AM Computer Genealogy Interest Group meets under
his fellow countrymen from the Lake Como region of Italy,            the leadership of Merna McClenathen.
built the popular Arnoldi’s Restaurant and ran it with his        9:30 AM Beginning Genealogy Group meets under the leader-
wife for many years.                                                 ship of Arlene Doty.
Please join us on September 19, 2009, at the First Presbyte-      9:30 AM Those interested in DNA as a genealogical tool may
rian Church, 21 E. Constance at State Street, to learn about         find like-minded people at 9:30 am before the general meet-
our city’s stone heritage, hear about our local types of stone       ing. Look for the DNA sign. Ron Gibbons is administrator
walls, and perhaps find out a little about the masons who            of this group.
carved them. “A Legacy Set in Stone: Santa Barbara Stone
                                                                  9:30 AM German Ancestry Group meets under the leadership
Architecture, 1870-1940” will be presented by Dr. Richard
                                                                     of Cari Thomas. Call Cari, 965-5523, for details.
Oglesby, professor emeritus of history from UCSB.
                                                                  9:30 AM Writers Interest Group meets under the leadership
Special interest groups begin at 9:30 A.M. Coffee and re-            of Tom McCullough
                Half and Half Book Buy Program                                                  From the President's Desk
                                               Members pay 1/2                                 We are already two months into the new
Historical Gazetteer 1785-1888 &
                                                         Book Fund pays 1/2                    fiscal year, so I am remiss in not ask-
Directory 1887-88 of Tioga Co. New
                                                                                               ing you to join me in welcoming our
York. By W. B. Gay. Vol 2. Provides the
                                                       Special Thanks                          newly elected officers: President-Elect
names of the individuals or firms in                                                           Mary Hall, who will serve for one year
                                                   To Members Who Made
alphabetical order. Includes addresses.                                                        before assuming the office of President
                                                     Contributions to the
This section is organized by town. Cost:                                                       in July 2010; Marie Sue Parsons who
                                                Half & Half Book Buy Program
$26; 1/2 cost: $13. Needed: $13.00.                                                            succeeds Mary as 1st Vice President
Ukrainians in Canada-The formative            Melody Schloss   Howard Menzel                   and Program Chairman; and Kristen
Years 1891-1924, by Martynowych. In-          Dixie Young      Dorothy Oksner                  Ingalls who succeeds Marie Sue as Sec-
cludes initial phase of immigration & set-    Ruth Scollin     Dorcas Robson                   retary. Both of them will serve us into
tlement. Why were the peasants “pulled”       Diane Long         John DeBois                   2011 (That’s the first time I’ve written
                                                        Dinah Mason                            that year! The years are going too fast.).
out of Galicia? Evaluates everyday lives
of the Ukrainian immigrants in Canada.       Memorial Books have been presented                And please join me in giving a hearty
Cost: $36; 1/2 cost: $18. Needed: $18.00.    by Ann Vickers Byrd & Jan Cloud for               “Thank You” to Mary Hall for all
                                                                                               the splendid programs she obtained
Dutch Colonists in the Americas                        Doris Floyd, and
                                                                                               for us as 1st Vice President over the
1615-1815, by Dobson. Shipping &             by Jan Cloud & Louise Matz for Cari
                                                                                               past two years and to Marie Sue Par-
commerce helped to settle the Carib-           Thomas’ mother, Mrs. McQuaid.                   sons for her two years as Secretary.
bean. Information from hard to obtain
sources in Europe. Alphabetical lists of      DNA Special Interest Group                       I wish to thank Bruce Rickborn and
                                                                                               Gary Shumaker who completed terms
colonists with data from those sources!      What a fantastic turnout for the DNA              as Members at Large on the Board of
Cost: $12; 1/2 cost: $6. Needed: $6.00.      Special Interest Group! As a result of this       Directors, and I welcome Jean Pet-
Crawford Co., Indiana, Guardian              great interest, the meeting day and time          titt to the Board in the same capacity.
Bonds, 1848-96. By Leistner. Abstracts       is shifted to Wednesday afternoons at 2
                                                                                               The Dog Days of Summer have ended,
of guardian bonds, & oaths from Pro-         p.m. to accommodate everyone.
                                                                                               but they have been busy days for the So-
bate & Court of Common Pleas. Names          The first monthly meeting is scheduled            ciety with many activities for everyone.
the wards & guardians. Indexed. Cost:        for Wednesday September 23rd at 2 PM,             Besides the intermittent tea socials, the
$26; 1/2 cost: $13. Needed: $13.00.          and will be held at the Goleta Presbyte-          frequent Campaign Committee meetings,
                                             rian Church, 6067 Shirrell Way, Goleta,           and the cherry tree move, our IT commit-
Group of North Carolina County
                                             which is just behind the Fairview Shop-           tee, led by Board member Rosa Avolio,
Histories: Cumberland, Davie, Edge-
                                             ping Center. (This is the same location of        has been working diligently to upgrade
combe & New Hanover. Brief histo-            our recent Irish conference.)                     many aspects of the ways we communi-
ries taken from a series. Early years,
                                             The session is planned to cover a re-             cate and the ways computing operations
Civil War years and the present con-                                                           should work at the Library. We now have
dition. Maps, illustrations & photos.        fresher on DNA basics followed by a
                                             demonstration of what is available on             a blog site, we have Constant Comment,
Cost: $16; 1/2 cost: $8. Needed: $8.00.                                                        and we have upgraded our office com-
                                             the FT “personal home page” for those
History of Santa Barbara Co., CA Pub         who have already had their DNA tested.            puter to drive a wonderful page scanner
by S.J. Clarke (CD)Cost: $16; History of     There will be ample time for questions            and to support cataloging operations.
Santa Barbara & Montecito 1920 (CD)          and answers.                                      But now look forward to the fall! Anoth-
$10.00;1883 History of Santa Barbara Co.     Pre-registration for this first session is re-    er round of free Adult Education classes
(CD) $8.00.These CD’s make searching in      quested in order to gauge the group size.         starts soon, we are organizing our own
the county histories much easier! Print-     Please register and direct questions to Dr.       class about DNA research, a committee
ing is also possible from two of the CD’s.   Ron Gibbons, our society DNA Adminis-             is actively planning the Third Biannual
Cost: $32; 1/2 cost: $16. Needed: $16.00.    trator at <>.                   Picnic in the Cemetery, and we have four
                                             Disclaimer: Family Tree DNA is not responsible    monthly meetings with programs this fall.
Biographical History of Litchfield, CT.      for the safety and security of files downloaded
by Kilbourne. Biographical sketches of                                                         Watch Tree Tips and the Society’s web
                                             from third-party sites. If at any time you want
distinguished native and residents of        to stop receiving e-mails from your DNA Project   site calendar for all these happenings.
the county. Also lists of judges, county     Administrator, please go to the "Setup Prefer-    Not only are there many things to do
                                             ences" section of your personal page and change   and experience, but also many opportu-
officers, sheriffs and senators. Cost:       the corresponding setting.                        nities exist to join us to help make these
$56; 1/2 cost: $28. Needed: $28.00.
                                                                                               activities happen. We are so proud to
Please send contributions to:                                                                  say that this Society is an all-volunteer
                                              SB Co. Genealogical Society Web Page:
              Louise Matz           
                                                                                               organization, so please contact any one
              P.O. Box 6103, SB 93160         Library e-mail address:
                                                                                               of the officers to offer your help before
                                                                        we call on you and twist your arm!
               Suggestions Welcome!                                                                  Arthur Gibbs Sylvester, President
           Membership                         WANTED: Your Stories!                                      For Information, Call:
Below are our newest members:                                                                       President: Arthur Sylvester, 967-1742
    Susan Gantz                                                                                     President-Elect: Mary Hall, 687-7403
    Santa Barbara, CA                                                                               Head Librarian: Don Gill, 967-7236
                                                                                                    Librarian Scheduling: Jim & Marj Friestad,
    Deirdre Hanssen                                                                                      964- 0227
    Santa Barbara, CA                                                                               Newsletter Address Corrections: Susan
    Barbara Marx                                                                                         Ramsey, 967-1670
    Santa Barbara, CA                                                                               Book Buy: Louise Matz, 967-7353
                                                                                                    Vice President, Membership: Diane Nel-
    Maureen Masson                                                                                       son, 964-4181
    Santa Barbara, CA (Plus $25 donation)                                                           Ancestors West: Dorothy Oksner, 684-
    Margaret May (joining Adolf May as a                                                                 3048,
    family member)                                                                                  Adult Ed Genealogy Classes:
    Santa Barbara, CA                                                                                    Jan Cloud, 965-7423
                                                                                                         Louise Matz, 967-7353
    Nancy Panizzon
                                            In your genealogical research, have you                      Cari Thomas, 965-5523
    Santa Barbara, CA
                                            found something that surprised you or                   Sales Table: Emily Aasted, 687-6097
    George Park                             astounded you about an ancestor—per-                    Vice President, Programs: Marie Sue
    Chesterbrook, PA                        haps a black sheep, one with a strange                       Parsons, 964-9176
                                            occupation, or maybe a line with roy-                   Tree Tips:; Deadline:
    Rev. Donald & Florence Stivers
                                            alty? Or, maybe you encountered a                            3rd Sat. of the month
    Santa Barbara, CA
                                            strange coincidence or a bit of serendipity.
    Katherine Whan                                                                                           Library Hours
    Santa Barbara, CA                       We invite you to bring your stories of in-
                                            teresting findings or unexpected results to               • SBCGS Sahyun Library Hours
Renewing at higher levels are:              share with other members of the society.                    316 Castillo Street
New Life Member:                                                                                        Phone: 805-884-9909
   Howard Menzel                                         Save the Date                                  Sunday: 1–4 PM
Friend ($50)                                      Saturday, September 26, 2009                          Tuesday: 10 AM–3 PM
                                                 For a Morning of Storytelling                          Thursday: 10 AM–3 PM
    Mildred Brombal
                                                                                                        Friday: 10 AM–3 PM
    Christie Green                             at the Sahyun Library at 9:00 a.m.
    Jeane Johnson                                                                                     • LDS Library Hours
    Bob Lally                               If you need help writing your story, don't
                                                                                                        2107 Santa Barbara St.
    Mary Marsh                              fret—several members will be there to
                                                                                                        Phone: 805-682-2092
    Zanita Marvin                           assist you. Please contact Joan Jacobs at
                                                                                                        Wednesday: 10 AM–6 PM
    Shirley Roby                            682-9524 or <>
                                                                                                        Thursday: 10 AM–6 PM
    Donna Thomas (plus $10 donation)                                                                    Friday: 9 AM–3 PM
Donor ($75)                                 October is Family History Month                             Saturday: 9 AM–12 Noon
  Mary Hall
  Katherine Hunter                          More than 80 million Americans are be-                              Calendar
  Clarence LeVan
                                            lieved to be actively searching for more
                                                                                                    Board Meeting
Patron ($150)                               information about their ancestors.                      Friday, Sept. 18, 8:30 a.m., at the Sahyun
Added Donation:                             Recognizing this, and in order to pro-                  Library
  Bill Hanna ($50)                          mote the study of genealogy, SBCGS
                                            will mark the month by several spe-                     September General Meeting
                                                                                                    September 19, 2009, 9:30 a.m.
      Picnic in the Graveyard               cial events. Look for updates on these
                                            events in next month's Tree Tips and on                 Picnic in the Graveyard
You don't want to miss the Picnic in        our monthly email reminders.                            October 24 - See attached
the Graveyard on October 24th—you'll                                                                flyer for more informa-
                                              "To understand a nation, one must first un-
have a chance to meet personally some         derstand its history. The history is more than
of the early Ballard pioneers and enjoy     the laws and dates of major events. History lies        DNA Special Interest
a picnic lunch. Be sure to read the flyer    in the daily life of the people for it is the people   Group
in this newsletter for more information     who make a nation. To ignore the lives of those         New Meeting Day, Wed.,
                                            who have gone before us is to negate their ideas,       Sept. 23, 2 p.m., Goleta
and then email Michel Nellis <mnel-
                                             dreams and accomplishments. It robs us of the          Presbyterian Church> or phone 964-6688 or
                                             warp in the fabric of our own lives. And, each         Wanted: Your Stories!
684-3048 with your reservations.            person's life is a thread woven into the tapestry       September 26, 9:00 a.m. at
                                                            that is that nation."                   the Sahyun
                                                            Author Unknown
          Fall Genealogy Classes Begin September 14, 2009                                         BIFHS-USA at Sahyun!
Library Research for Genealogists                                                             The British Isles Family History Society-USA
Get the most for your research time! Discover the depth and breadth of the rapidly            will be holding their monthly meeting and re-
expanding genealogical collection at the Sahyun Library. Learn how to identify the            search day at our Sahyun Library on Sunday,
sources you need quickly and how to fi nd those that are more obscure. Explore spe-           September 27. Their meeting begins at 1 p.m.
cial research strategies that will help you use any library more effi ciently and ef-         with a brief survey of British Isles resources
fectively for family history research. Limit 30. Co-sponsor: SB Genealogical Society.         at the Sahyun by Jan Cloud. However, to
001414 • 4 wks Sect 01 Jan Cloud / Mondays 9am - 12pm Sep 14 / Santa Barbara Genea-           accommodate their members coming from
logical Society, Sahyun Library                                                               out of town with more research time here,
Family History Research: Beginning to Intermediate                                            the Sahyun will be open from 10 a.m. to 5
Solve the mystery of your family history. If you are just starting or return-                 p.m. on that Sunday. For possible additional
ing to your genealogical research, this hands-on class will help you. Ex-                     research hours on Saturday, Sept. 26, please
plore census, vital records; examine military, naturalization and arrival docu-               call the Sahyun Library after September 23.
ments. Sharpen internet searching skills and learn research strategies. Limit 45              Our members are welcome to attend and take
Co-sponsor: SB County Genealogical Society. There will be no class on 10/13/09                advantage of this opportunity to meet other
and 10/20/09. 001412 • 10 wks Sect 01 Louise Matz/Tuesdays 5:15pm - 7:15pm Sept. 15/          British Isles researchers and pursue their own
Wake Center, Rm 26                                                                            research in that area. The BIFHS-USA is a
Family History Research: Intermediate/Advanced                                                nation-wide organization based in LA where
Beyond the basics—the search continues. Learn of additional sources that may provide          their usual monthly meetings are held at the
more details of your ancestors or help unravel those vexing problems that stump us all at     LDS Family History Center there. That facility
some point. Problem-solving methodology will be emphasized. Limit 60. Co-sponsor: SB          is undergoing renovation, so they are visiting
Genealogical Society. 001413 • 10 wks Sect 01 Jan Cloud / Wednesdays 10am - 12pm              other noted research facilities in Southern
Sep 16 / Wake Center, Rm 26                                                                   California until the renovation is complete.

REGISTRATION                                                                                  Accommodation needed! Two sets of ladies
Register online at This new website dedicated for Adult Ed              would like to arrive on Saturday, Septem-
classes will go live online on August 15, 2009. If there are other classes you want to view   ber 26 in order to get a bit more research
now, you can do so You must have an email address in order to       done in Santa Barbara. They would love to
register online. There are no course fees charged for the genealogy classes. In association   bunk with a genealogy-oriented family for
with Santa Barbara City College, Adult Education classes in Family History are available      that Saturday night, if possible, and you
without a fee thanks to a fund established by the International Academy. Their gift honors    could have the fun of meeting others who
founder (and our SBCGS member), Eric Boehm, for his life-long commitment to history           share our common PASSION! If this ap-
and biography.                                                                                peals to you and you have a bed available,
                                                                                              please call Jan Cloud (965-7423). Thanks!

               Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society                                                      NON-PROFIT
               P.O. Box 1303                                                                               U.S. POSTAGE PAID
               Goleta, CA 93116-1303                                                                      SANTA BARBARA, CA
                                                                                                            PERMIT NO. 682

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