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Prefix / Call #         Title                                                            Author
B105.E46 M67 2008       On shame                                                         Morgan, Michael L., 1944-
B111 .A534 2008         Ancient philosophy : essential readings with commentary          Smith, Nicholas D., 1949-

B528 .G73 2007          Stoicism & emotion                                               Graver, Margaret
B1247 .P48 2008         Made with words : Hobbes on language, mind, and politics         Pettit, Philip, 1945-

B2430.D483 P7813 2007   Psyche : inventions of the other                                 Derrida, Jacques
B2430.D483 P7813 2007   Psyche : inventions of the other                                 Derrida, Jacques
BD21 .P476 2007         Philosophy in multiple voices                                    Yancy, George
BD418.3 .W535 2004      Boundaries of the mind : the individual in the fragile           Wilson, Robert A. (Robert
                        sciences : cognition                                             Andrew)
BF173 .M35652 2008      Revolution in mind : the creation of psychoanalysis              Makari, George
BF611 .S38 2004         The paradox of choice : why more is less                         Schwartz, Barry, 1946-
BF621 .A74 2008         Are we free? : psychology and free will                          Baer, John
BF637.B85 L56 2008      The bullies : understanding bullies and bullying                 Lines, Dennis
BF697 .W32 2007         After identity : rethinking race, sex, and gender                Warnke, Georgia
BF697.5.B63 C75 2008    Critical bodies : representations, identities and practices of   Riley, Sarah, 1970-
                        weight and body management
BF698 .R65 2008         The normal personality : a new way of thinking about people      Reiss, Steven

BH39 .N378 2007         Only a promise of happiness : the place of beauty in a world     Nehamas, Alexander, 1946-
                        of art
BH301.E58 N38 2008      Nature, aesthetics, and environmentalism : from beauty to        Carlson, Allen
BH301.N3 M65 2008       Natural beauty : a theory of aesthetics beyond the arts          Moore, Ronald (Ronald M.)
BJ161 .M49 2008         Ancient ethics : a critical introduction                         Meyer, Susan Sauve
BJ1286.G64 G66 2008     Love thy neighbor as thyself                                     Goodman, Lenn Evan, 1944-

BJ1421 .M299 2008       True enough : learning to live in a post-fact society      Manjoo, Farhad, 1978-
BJ1500.P7 S35 2008      Promises, oaths, and vows : on the psychology of promising Schlesinger, Herbert J.

BL65.M4 B33 2007        Prescribing faith : medicine, media, and religion in American Badaracco, Claire
BL795.W65 C66 2007      Portrait of a priestess : women and ritual in ancient Greece Connelly, Joan Breton, 1954-

BL1215.P65 H36 1999     The saffron wave : democracy and Hindu nationalism in            Hansen, Thomas Blom, 1958-
                        modern India
BL1802 .R43 1996        Religions of China in practice                                   Lopez, Donald S., 1952-
BM176 .H567 2007        Scribes, visionaries, and the politics of Second Temple          Horsley, Richard A.
BP65.A1 I86 2007        Islam in Europe : diversity, identity and influence              Azmah, Aziz
BP132 .M39 2008         The story of the Quran : its history and place in Muslim life    Mattson, Ingrid

BP189.43 .R46 2008      Friends of God : Islamic images of piety, commitment, and        Renard, John, 1944-
BP223.Z8 M35 2008       Malcolm X : a historical reader                                  Conyers, James L.
BR516 .R34 2007         Religion and American politics : from the colonial period to     Noll, Mark A., 1946-
                        the present
BS680.S854 E37 2008     God's problem : how the Bible fails to answer our most           Ehrman, Bart D.
                        important question--why we suffer
BS1325.52 .B67 2008     David, Saul, and God : rediscovering an ancient story            Borgman, Paul, 1940-
BS1375.53 .C37 2008     Esther through the centuries                                     Carruthers, Jo
BS2555.52 .W55 2008     What the Gospels meant                                           Wills, Garry, 1934-
BS2860.J832 P34 2007    Reading Judas : the Gospel of Judas and the shaping of           Pagels, Elaine H., 1943-

                                               Page 1

BV480 .B76 2005          Singing the Gospel : Lutheran hymns and the success of the           Brown, Christopher Boyd,
                         Reformation                                                          1972-
D13 .G215 2008           Doing history : research and writing in the digital age              Galgano, Michael J.
D21.3 .P33 2008          Worlds at war : the 2,500-year struggle between East and             Pagden, Anthony.
D157 .M32 2008           The crusades and the Christian world of the East : rough             MacEvitt, Christopher Hatch,
                         tolerance                                                            1972-
D639.W7 J36 2008         Mobilizing Minerva : American women in the First World               Jensen, Kimberly, 1958-
D767 .H353 2008          Retribution : the battle for Japan, 1944-45                          Hastings, Max.
D804.19 .A25 1999        America views the Holocaust, 1933-1945 : a brief                     Abzug, Robert H.
                         documentary history
D810.N4 A45 1993         The Port Chicago Mutiny                                              Allen, Robert L., 1942-
D1053 .D4 2008           The sixties unplugged : a kaleidoscopic history of a                 De Groot, Gerard J., 1955-
                         disorderly decade
DB957 .L41213 2008       One day that shook the Communist world : the 1956                    Lendvai, Paul, 1929-
                         Hungarian uprising and its legacy
DC70 .C335 1993          Carolingian civilization : a reader                                  Dutton, Paul Edward, 1952-
DC82 .B72 2007           The Capetians : kings of France, 987-1328                            Bradbury, Jim
DD256.5 .F747 2008       Life and death in the Third Reich                                    Fritzsche, Peter, 1959-
DE86 .E77 2008           A history of the Hellenistic world                                   Errington, R. M. (Robert
DG235 .C65 2006          A companion to the Roman Republic                                    Rosenstein, Nathan Stewart.

DG311 .H35 2007          Barbarian migrations and the Roman West, 376-568                     Halsall, Guy
DP233 .V56 2007          Spain 1833-2002 : people and state                                   Vincent, Mary
DR557 .H36 2008          A brief history of the late Ottoman empire                           Hanioglu, M. Sukru
DS35.74.U6 S34 2008      Marching toward hell : America and Islam after Iraq                  Scheuer, Michael
Lyco DS79.76 .M88 2008   Deployed : how reservists bear the burden of Iraq                    Musheno, Michael C.
DS79.76 .S698 2008       The three trillion dollar war : the true cost of the Iraq Conflict   Stiglitz, Joseph E.

DS112 .S55 2008          Palestine in late antiquity                                          Sivan, Hagith, 1949-
DS125 .K7313 2008        A history of Palestine : from the Ottoman conquest to the            Kramer, Gudrun
                         founding of the state of Israel
DS126.9 .M67 2008        1948 : a history of the first Arab-Israeli war                       Morris, Benny, 1948-
DS318.84.A36 N35 2008    Ahmadinejad : the secret history of Iran's radical leader            Naji, Kasra, 1952-

DS436 .W66 2000          A new history of India                                     Wolpert, Stanley A., 1927-
DS481.G3 G2165 2008      Gandhi : the man, his people, and the empire               Gandhi, Rajmohan
DS558 .C6823 2007        MACV : the Joint Command in the years of withdrawal, 1968- Cosmas, Graham A.
DS734 .W63 1994          Mountain of fame : portraits in Chinese history            Wills, John E. (John Elliot),
DS735 .E48 1973          The pattern of the Chinese past : a social and economic    Elvin, Mark
DS754 .S65 1999          The search for modern China                                Spence, Jonathan D.
DS881.95 .G58 1985       Japan's modern myths : ideology in the late Meiji period   Gluck, Carol, 1941-

DS919 .K38 1997          The Korean war : challenges in crisis, credibility, and              Kaufman, Burton Ira
DT63 .R66 2007           The Great Pyramid : ancient Egypt revisited                          Romer, John
DT1974.2 .T775 2008      Truth and reconciliation in South Africa : did the TRC               Van der Merwe, Hugo, 1965-
E169.1 .P42 1984         Radical visions and American dreams : culture and social             Pells, Richard H.
                         thought in the Depression years
E169.12 .P45 1989        The liberal mind in a conservative age : American                    Pells, Richard H.
                         intellectuals in the 1940s and 1950s

                                                 Page 2

E175 .D38 2004         After the fact : the art of historical detection                  Davidson, James West
E179.5.T96 T3 1972     The Turner thesis concerning the role of the frontier in          Taylor, George Rogers, 1895-
                       American history.
E184.A65 R33 2008      Race and Arab Americans before and after 9/11 : from              Jamal, Amaney A., 1970-
                       invisible citizens to visible subjects
E184.J3 M784 1992      Turning Japanese : memoirs of a sansei                            Mura, David
E184.M5 M375 2008      500 years of Chicana women's history = 500 anos de                Martinez, Elizabeth
                       historia de las chicanas                                          Sutherland, 1925-
E184.6 .A333 2004      African American mosaic : a documentary history from the          Bracey, John H.
                       slave trade to the twenty-first century
E184.6 .A333 2004      African American mosaic : a documentary history from the          Bracey, John H.
                       slave trade to the twenty-first century
E184.6 .F56 1997       Sources of the African-American past : primary sources in         Finkenbine, Roy E.
                       American history
E185.6 .T44 1996       These "colored" United States : African American essays           Lutz, Tom
                       from the 1920s
E185.86 .B522 1992     Climbing Jacob's ladder : the enduring legacy of African-         Billingsley, Andrew
                       American families
E185.96 .F74 1996      Living our stories, telling our truths : autobiography and the    Franklin, V. P. (Vincent P.),
                       making of the African-American intellectual tradition             1947-

E185.97.D73 R44 1997   W.E.B. Du Bois and American political thought : fabianism         Reed, Adolph L., 1947-
                       and the color line
E185.97.G3 G73 2008    Negro with a hat : the rise and fall of Marcus Garvey             Grant, Colin, 1961-
E185.97.K5 A79 2000    Martin Luther King, Jr. : nonviolent strategies and tactics for   Ansbro, John J.
                       social change
E185.97.K5 R54 2008    The Word of the Lord is upon me : the righteous                   Rieder, Jonathan.
                       performance of Martin Luther King, Jr.
E263.P4 R56 2007       Many identities, one nation : the Revolution and its legacy in    Riordan, Liam
                       the Mid-Atlantic
E310 .F97 2006         In the name of the father : Washington's legacy, slavery,         Furstenberg, Francois
                       and the making of a nation
E338 .H69 2007         What hath God wrought : the transformation of America,            Howe, Daniel Walker.
E377 .W47 2008         Mr. Adams's last crusade : John Quincy Adams's                    Wheelan, Joseph
                       extraordinary post-presidential life in Congress
E449.D75 M94 2008      Frederick Douglass : race and the rebirth of American             Myers, Peter C., 1959-
E449 .W2 1984          The antislavery appeal : American abolitionism after 1830         Walters, Ronald G.

E468 .D649 2001        The Civil War and Reconstruction                                  Donald, David Herbert, 1920-

E743 .H237 1992        Liberalism and its challengers : from F.D.R. to Bush              Hamby, Alonzo L.
E745 .V57 2008         Americans and the wars of the twentieth century                   Virden, Jenel
E848 .J6 2007          A White House diary                                               Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-
E902 .M93 2008         Confrontation and compromise : presidential and                   Mycoff, Jason D.. 1975-
                       congressional leadership, 2001-2006
F7 .L68 2007           Abraham in arms : war and gender in colonial New England Little, Ann M.

F128.68.H3 G74 1997    Or does it explode? : Black Harlem in the Great Depression Greenberg, Cheryl Lynn

F128.9.P85 S27 1994    When I was Puerto Rican                                           Santiago, Esmeralda
F157.P8 V54 2001       Growing up Italian in God's country : stories from the wilds      Viglucci, Pat Costa
                       of Pennsylvania
f F159.W7 T3 1995      Williamsport -- lumber capital                                    Taber, Thomas Townsend
F234.B89 D48 1994      Bond of iron : master and slave at Buffalo Forge                  Dew, Charles B.

                                              Page 3

F273 .F68 1988           Origins of Southern radicalism : the South Carolina            Ford, Lacy K.
                         upcountry, 1800-1860
F379.C59 K45 2008        The Colfax massacre : the untold story of Black power,         Keith, LeeAnna
                         White terror, and the death of Reconstruction
F436 .C9395 1987         A narrative of the life of David Crockett of the state of      Crockett, Davy, 1786-1836
F1466.4 .I36 2007        Invading Guatemala : Spanish, Nahua, and Maya accounts         Restall, Matthew, 1964-
                         of the conquest wars
F1466.5 .S34 1990        Bitter fruit : the untold story of the American coup in        Schlesinger, Stephen C.
GE235.N7 B58 2008        Love Canal revisited : race, class, and gender in              Blum, Elizabeth D.
                         environmental activism
GF21 .F56 2008           Who's your city? : how the creative economy is making          Florida, Richard L.
                         where to live the most important decision of your life
GF75 .D65 2008           Humanity's footprint : momentum, impact, and our global        Dodds, Walter Kennedy, 1958-
GT2703 .J45 2008         It's our day : America's love affair with the white wedding,   Jellison, Katherine
GV583 .M76 1983          Sport and American mentality, 1880-1910                        Mrozek, Donald J.
HB71 .S594 2008          Econopower : how a new generation of economists is             Skousen, Mark.
                         transforming the world
HB119.F84 E34 2007       Milton Friedman : a biography                                  Ebenstein, Alan O.
HB883.5 .C65 2008        Fatal misconception : the struggle to control world            Connelly, Matthew James
HC21 .N43 2007           Neoliberal environments : false promises and unnatural         Heynen, Nik, 1973-
HC59.15 .W67             World economic situation and prospects                         United Nations. Dept. of
                                                                                        Economic and Social Affairs

HC79.E5 S6652 2008       The bridge at the edge of the world : capitalism, the          Speth, James Gustave
                         environment, and crossing from crisis to sustainability
HC105 .M235 1982         The elusive Republic : political economy in Jeffersonian       McCoy, Drew R.
HC125 .B52 2008          Fair growth : economic policies for Latin America's poor and   Birdsall, Nancy
                         middle-income majority
HC420.3 .L58 2007        Connections across Eurasia : transportation,                   Liu, Xinru.
                         communication, and cultural exchange on the Silk Roads

HC435.3 .P36 2008        India : the emerging giant                                     Panagariya, Arvind
HD7288.76.U5 S38 2008    Segregation : the rising costs for America                     Carr, James H.
HD8072.5 .N487 2007      The missing class : portraits of the near poor in America      Newman, Katherine S., 1953-

HD8081.M6 C65 1987       Coyotes : a journey through the secret world of America's      Conover, Ted.
                         illegal aliens
HD9077.A13 L55 1987      Like a family : the making of a Southern cotton mill world     Hall, Jacquelyn Dowd.

HD9349.M542 R69 2008     Bottlemania : how water went on sale and why we bought it      Royte, Elizabeth

HD9666.5 .P415 2008      Our daily meds : how the pharmaceutical companies              Petersen, Melody, 1964-
                         transformed themselves into slick marketing machines and
                         hooked the nation on prescription drugs

HD9710.C52 B35 2007      Economic tsunami : China's car industry will sweep away        Baker, K. J. (Kevin James)
                         western car makers
HE8700.72.U6 C355 2007   Cable visions : television beyond broadcasting                 Banet-Weiser, Sarah, 1966-
HE9713 .M43 2008         New tech, new ties : how mobile communication is               Ling, Richard Seyler
                         reshaping social cohesion

                                                Page 4

HF5413 .G722 2007         The green marketing manifesto                                   Grant, John, 1964-
HF5415 .B637 2008         Marketing ethics                                                Brenkert, George G.
HF5415.1265 .M6646 2008   Do it wrong quickly : how the web changes the old               Moran, Mike, 1958-
                          marketing rules
HF5821 .B37 2008          Humor in the advertising business : theory, practice, and wit   Beard, Fred K., 1957-

HG3881.5.W57 M38 2008     The World Bank : from reconstruction to development to          Marshall, Katherine, 1947-
HG4523 .G56               Global financial stability report : market developments and     International Monetary Fund
HG4910 .M667 2008         The trillion dollar meltdown : easy money, high rollers, and    Morris, Charles R.
                          the great credit crash
HM251 .A35                Advances in experimental social psychology.                     Berkowitz, Leonard, 1926-
HM851 .A65 2007           iSpy : surveillance and power in the interactive era            Andrejevic, Mark, 1964-
HM851 .D76 2006           Global e-litism : digital technology, social inequality, and    Drori, Gili S.
HM851 .F83 2008           Internet and society : social theory in the information age     Fuchs, Christian, 1976-

HM1231 .W43 2007          What Orwell didn't know : propaganda and the new face of        Szanto, Andras
                          American politics
HM1271 .A54 2008          Toleration and its limits                                       American Society for Political
                                                                                          and Legal Philosophy. Meeting
                                                                                          (2004 : Atlanta, Ga.)

HM1281 .K66 2008          Psychology of nonviolence and aggression                        Kool, Vinod K.
HN57 .W45 1988            The American myth of success : from Horatio Alger to            Weiss, Richard, 1934-
                          Norman Vincent Peale
HN64 .W2136 1978          American reformers, 1815-1860                                   Walters, Ronald G.
HN90.R3 A6764 1996        The movement and the sixties                                    Anderson, Terry H., 1946-
HN90.R3 B725 2008         Conspiracy panics : political rationality and popular culture   Bratich, Jack Z., 1969-

HN120.T52 U77 1993        Across the wire : life and hard times on the Mexican border     Urrea, Luis Alberto

HQ759.48 .G55 2008        A mother's work : how feminism, the market, and policy          Gilbert, Neil, 1940-
                          shape family life
HQ782 .E35 2007           Forming ethical identities in early childhood play              Edmiston, Brian
HQ1236.5.U6 P35 2008      Breaking the political glass ceiling : women and                Palmer, Barbara, 1967-
                          congressional elections
HQ1381 .J69 2007          Women, marriage, and wealth : the impact of marital status      Joyce, Joyce A. (Joyce Ann),
                          on the economic well-being of women through the life            1953-
HQ1420 .W66 1998          Women's magazines, 1940-1960 : gender roles and the             Walker, Nancy A., 1942-
                          popular press
HT123 .T43 1993           The twentieth-century American city                             Teaford, Jon C.
HT221 .B53 2007           The Black metropolis in the twenty-first century : race,        Bullard, Robert D. (Robert
                          power, and politics of place                                    Doyle), 1946-
HT690.U6 F73 2007         Falling behind : how rising inequality harms the middle class   Frank, Robert H.

HT869.E6 A3 1995          The interesting narrative of the life of Olaudah Equiano        Equiano, Olaudah, b. 1745
HT869.E6 A3 2001          The interesting narrative of the life of Olaudah Equiano, or    Equiano, Olaudah, b. 1745
                          Gustavus Vassa, the African
HV741 .F55 2008           Childhood victimization : violence, crime and abuse in the      Finkelhor, David.
                          lives of young people
HV4999.W65 N45 2008       Neither villain nor victim : empowerment and agency among       Anderson, Tammy L.
                          women substance abusers
HV6250.4.W65 M522 2008    Getting played : African American girls, urban inequality,      Miller, Jody, 1966-
                          and gendered violence

                                                 Page 5

HV6773 .K69 2008       Cyber bullying : bullying in the digital age                   Kowalski, Robin M.
HV7936.C88 M356 2008   The technology of policing : crime mapping, information        Manning, Peter K.
                       technology, and the rationality of crime control

HV8073 .F522 2008      Forensics under fire : are bad science and dueling experts     Fisher, Jim, 1939-
                       corrupting criminal justice?
HV9104 .M36 2008       The lost population : status offenders in America              McNamara, Robert Hartmann

HV9106.P55 V56 2008    Violence and serious theft : development and prediction        Loeber, Rolf.
                       from childhood to adulthood
HV9275 .T56 2008       Releasing prisoners, redeeming communities : reentry, race,    Thompson, Anthony C.
                       and politics
HV9469 .U83 2008       Prison state : the challenge of mass incarceration             Useem, Bert.
HV9475.P2 H37 2009     Life without parole : living in prison today                   Hassine, Victor, 1955-
HX84.D3 F74 2008       Democracy's prisoner : Eugene V. Debs, the great war, and      Freeberg, Ernest
                       the right to dissent
JA84.U5 H84 2007       The social contract in America : from the revolution to the    Hulliung, Mark.
                       present age
JA85.2.U6 P45 2008     Blogwars                                                       Perlmutter, David D., 1962-
JC599.U5 T74 2008      We shall overcome : a history of civil rights and the law      Tsesis, Alexander
JF1075.U6 G85 1994     The tyranny of the majority : fundamental fairness in          Guinier, Lani
                       representative democracy
JF1525.C74 G68 2008    Governing after crisis : the politics of investigation,        Boin, Arjen
                       accountability and learning
JK516 .C5299 2008      The presidency in the era of 24-hour news                      Cohen, Jeffrey E.
JK516 .P57 2007        The polarized presidency of George W. Bush                     Edwards, George C.
JK524 .M563 2008       Inside the presidential debates : their improbable past and    Minow, Newton N., 1926-
                       promising future
JK1021 .B85 2007       Personal roots of representation                               Burden, Barry C., 1971-
JK1041 .A48 2008       Congress behaving badly : the rise of partisanship and         Ahuja, Sunil
                       incivility and the death of public trust
JK1319 .S78 2007       Leading representatives : the agency of leaders in the         Strahan, Randall
                       politics of the U.S. House
JK1726 .J33 2008       Racial paranoia : the unintended consequences of political     Jackson, John L., Jr
                       correctness : the new reality of race in America

JK1764 .W635 2008      Millennial makeover : MySpace, YouTube, and the future of Winograd, Morley
                       American politics
JK1976 .P68 2008       Gaming the vote : why elections aren't fair (and what we can Poundstone, William.
                       do about it)
JK2408 .F75 2007       Dilemmas of representation : local politics, national factors, Friedman, Sally, 1950-
                       and the home styles of modern U.S. Congress members

JQ1510 .G65 1994       Sowing the seeds of democracy in China : political reform in Goldman, Merle.
                       the Deng Xiaoping era
JS344.F4 M65 1983      The contested city                                             Mollenkopf, John H., 1946-
JZ1305 .R45 2007       The realist tradition and contemporary international relations Clinton, W. David

JZ1734 .L35 2008       The three faces of Chinese power : might, money, and           Lampton, David M.
JZ5588 .E86 2007       Security first : for a muscular, moral foreign policy          Etzioni, Amitai
K370 .D44 2008         Sociology of law : visions of a scholarly tradition            Deflem, Mathieu
KF224.S3 L34 2008      Reframing Scopes : journalists, scientists, and lost           LaFollette, Marcel C. (Marcel
                       photographs from the trial of the century                      Chotkowski)
KF228.B76 B76 1998     Brown v. Board of Education : a brief history with documents   Martin, Waldo E., 1951-

KF4155 .D86 2008       Complex justice : the case of Missouri v. Jenkins              Dunn, Joshua M.

                                             Page 6

KF4520 .M49 2008           Liberty's blueprint : how Madison and Hamilton wrote The          Meyerson, Michael
                           federalist papers, defined the Constitution, and made
                           democracy safe for the world
KF4541 .G534 2007          Understanding the founding : the crucial questions                Gibson, Alan Ray, 1961-
KF4651 .R36 2007           The constitution's text in foreign affairs                        Ramsey, Michael D., 1964-
KF4755 .H35 1995           On the limits of the law : the ironic legacy of Title VI of the   Halpern, Stephen C.
                           1964 Civil Rights Act
KF4757 .H53                In the matter of color : the colonial period                      Higginbotham, A. Leon
                                                                                             (Aloyisus Leon), 1928-
KF8742 .B293 2007          Answering the call of the court : how justices and litigants      Baird, Vanessa A., 1970-
                           set the Supreme Court agenda
f KF9430 .F64 2008         The Patriot Act : a documentary and reference guide               Foerstel, Herbert N.
LB1027.9 .S88 2008         Race, schools, & hope : African Americans and school              Stulberg, Lisa M.
                           choice after Brown
LB1028.3 .U849 2007        Using technology with classroom instruction that works            Pitler, Howard, 1952-

Lyco LB1065 .L48 2007      A portrait of the student as a young wolf : motivating            Lewes, Darby, 1946-
LB1576 .S457 2008          Storytime : young children's literary understanding in the        Sipe, Lawrence R.
LB1632 .S35 2007           Secondary school literacy : what research reveals for             Rush, Leslie S., 1962-
                           classroom practice
Tchg. LB1695.6 .C58 2007   The first year out : understanding American teens after high      Clydesdale, Timothy T.
                           school                                                            (Timothy Thomas), 1965-
Tchg. LB2331 .D37 1993     Tools for teaching                                                Davis, Barbara Gross.
LB3479.U6 L48 2008         School lunch politics : the surprising history of America's       Levine, Susan, 1947-
                           favorite welfare program
LC89 .K86 2008             The seduction of common sense : how the right has framed          Kumashiro, Kevin K., 1970-
                           the debate on America's schools
LC213.2 .R43 2008          Moving every child ahead : from NCLB hype to meaningful           Rebell, Michael A.
                           educational opportunity
LC3731 .J69 2008           School hazard zone : beyond the silence/finding a voice           Joyce, Pamela Althea

LC3993.2 .H66 2008         Preventing talent loss                                            Hong, Eunsook
LC4031 .B35 2008           Transition planning for students with disabilities : what         Bakken, Jeffrey P.
                           educators and service providers can do
ML397 .D82 1984            Reflections from the keyboard : the world of the concert          Dubal, David
ML397 .S3                  The great pianists.                                               Schonberg, Harold C.
ML410.B42 B45              Ludwig van Beethoven's pianoforte sonatas,                        Behrend, William, 1861-1940

ML410.B88 W6               Anton Bruckner, rustic genius,                                    Wolff, Werner, 1883-1961.
ML410.D28 A24 1948         Monsieur Croche, the dilettante hater,                            Debussy, Claude, 1862-1918

ML410.L7 H25               The galley slaves of love; the story of Marie d'Agoult and        Haldane, Charlotte Franken,
                           Franz Liszt.                                                      1894-1969
ML417.S36 W64 1979         Schnabel's interpretation of piano music                          Wolff, Konrad, 1907-1989
f ML460 .M76 2007          Origins and development of musical instruments                    Montagu, Jeremy
ML3508.8.N48 H47 2007      Subversive sounds : race and the birth of jazz in New             Hersch, Charles, 1956-
ML3531 .R67 1994           Black noise : rap music and black culture in contemporary         Rose, Tricia
ML3551 .J17                White and Negro spirituals, their life span and kinship;          Jackson, George Pullen, 1874-
                           tracing 200 years of untrammeled song making and singing          1953.
                           among our country folk;
MT145.D4 S3 1966           The piano works of Claude Debussy,                                Schmitz, E. Robert (Elie
                                                                                             Robert), 1889-1949

                                                   Page 7

N72.H63 G63 2007        Abstraction and the Holocaust                                     Godfrey, Mark
N353 .S78 2007          Studio thinking : the real benefits of arts education             Hetland, Lois, 1953-
N6250 .A675 2007        Art and text in Byzantine culture                                 James, Liz
N6512.5.P6 P74 2007     Pop art : contemporary perspectives : Princeton University        Princeton University. Art
                        Art Museum                                                        Museum
N6635 .G5713 2007       Avant-garde, internationalism, and politics : Argentine art in    Giunta, Andrea
                        the sixties
N6915 .S644 2007        The artist grows old : the aging of art and artists in Italy,     Sohm, Philip L. (Philip
                        1500-1800                                                         Lindsay), 1951-
N7346.T5 P3             The art of Tibet.                                                 Pal, Pratapaditya.
N8236.P466 L36 2008     Landscape of slavery : the plantation in American art             Mack, Angela D., 1952-
N8354 .A38 2007         After the revolution : women who transformed contemporary         Heartney, Eleanor, 1954-
N8835 .K74 2005         Fall-out shelters for the human spirit : American art and the     Krenn, Michael L., 1957-
                        Cold War
NB1936 .N45 2007        The color of stone : sculpting the black female subject in        Nelson, Charmaine
                        nineteenth-century America
f NC248.M64 A4 2007     The unknown Monet : pastels and drawings                          Ganz, James A.
NC910.5.W35 A4 2007     Kara Walker : after the deluge                                    Walker, Kara Elizabeth
f NC997.A1 G73          Design.                                                           Design (New York, N.Y. :
NC998 .D78 2009         Graphic design history : a critical guide                         Drucker, Johanna, 1952-
NC1429.M428 D47 2008    Bill Mauldin : a life up front                                    DePastino, Todd
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                                               Page 8

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PS634 .B4                    Best American plays.                                               Gassner, John, 1903-1967.

                                                     Page 9

PS634 .B4                  Best American plays.                                        Gassner, John, 1903-1967.
PS634 .B4                  Best American plays.                                        Gassner, John, 1903-1967.
PS634 .B4                  Best American plays.                                        Gassner, John, 1903-1967.
PS634 .B4                  Best American plays.                                        Gassner, John, 1903-1967.
PS634 .B4                  Best American plays.                                        Gassner, John, 1903-1967.
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                                                 Page 10

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                                                 Page 11

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Ref. GT507 .G74 2008               The Greenwood encyclopedia of clothing through world            Condra, Jill, 1968-
Ref. GT507 .G74 2008               The Greenwood encyclopedia of clothing through world            Condra, Jill, 1968-
Ref. H35 .E35                      The CQ researcher.                                              CQ researcher (Annual
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                                                          Page 12

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Ref. HJ2051 .A59           Budget of the United States Government.                         United States. Office of
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Ref. HV35 .S6              Encyclopedia of social work.                                    National Association of Social
Ref. HV35 .S6              Encyclopedia of social work.                                    National Association of Social
Ref. HV35 .S6              Encyclopedia of social work.                                    National Association of Social
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Ref. PN1721 .W47 2007      Western drama through the ages : a student reference            King, Kimball.
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Ref. Q121 .V3 2008         Van Nostrand's scientific encyclopedia.                         Considine, Glenn D.
Ref. Q121 .V3 2008         Van Nostrand's scientific encyclopedia.                         Considine, Glenn D.

                                                 Page 13

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DVD/Video Collection
DVD BL Rel 0634              Religion in Hindu India [videorecording]                        Massa, Carlo.
DVD GV Ret 0590              Returning home [videorecording]                                 Halprin, Anna
DVD HD Enr 0644              Enron [videorecording] : the smartest guys in the room          Davis, Gray, 1942-
DVD HF Mer 0647              The merchants of cool [videorecording]                          Goodman, Barak
DVD HG Max 0643              Maxed out [videorecording]                                      Scurlock, James D.
DVD HG Sec 0646              Secret history of the credit card [videorecording]              Rummel, David
DVD HQ My 0591               My land Zion [videorecording] : a film                          Gerstel, Yulie Cohen
DVD ML Int 0642              Into the woods [videorecording]                                 Lapine, James.
DVD PN Fre 0636              Freeway [videorecording]                                        Bright, Matthew
DVD PN Hoo 0635              Hoodwinked [videorecording]                                     Edwards, Cory
DVD PN Sno 0641              Snow White [videorecording] : a tale of terror                  Cohn, Michael
DVD PN Thi 0645              This film is not yet rated [videorecording]                     Dick, Kirby
DVD PN Tro 0627              Troy [videorecording]                                           Pitt, Brad, 1963-
DVD RA Uni 0639              The uninsured [videorecording] : forty-four million forgotten   Smith, Hedrick
DVD TR Lee 0637              Lee Miller [videorecording] : through the mirror                Roumette, Sylvain
VHS HQ F 0605                The F word [videorecording]                                     Jarmel, Marcia
VHS HQ Fro 0604              From danger to dignity [videorecording] : the fight for safe    Fadiman, Dorothy.
VHS JK Bal 0606              Ballot measure 9 [videorecording]                               MacDonald, Heather (Heather
VHS PN Jur 0603              A jury of her peers [videorecording]                            Heckel, Sally.

Leisure Reading Collection
E874.C375 C37 2008           A remarkable mother                                          Carter, Jimmy, 1924-
E886 .F45 2008               Clinton in exile : a president out of the White House        Felsenthal, Carol
HQ800.2 .L47 2008            The panic years : a guide to surviving smug married friends, Lewak, Doree
                             bad taffeta, and life on the wrong side of 25 without a ring

HV5831.C2 S54 2008           Beautiful boy : a father's journey through his son's addiction Sheff, David

JK524 .F86 2008              A funny thing happened on the way to the White House :          Osgood, Charles
                             humor, blunders, and other oddities from the presidential
                             campaign trail
KF221.M8 B35 2008            When the husband is the suspect                                 Bailey, F. Lee (Francis Lee),
PN1992.92.C2 F73 2008        Founding father : how C-SPAN's Brian Lamb changed               Frantzich, Stephen E.
                             politics in America
PN2308.S52 A3 2008           Up till now : the autobiography                                 Shatner, William
PR6056.A89 D48 2008          Devil may care                                                  Faulks, Sebastian
PS3553.H4838 N67 2008        Nothing to lose : a Jack Reacher novel                          Child, Lee
PS3553.L287 W53 2008         Where are you now?                                              Clark, Mary Higgins
PS3553.O692 F77 2008         The front                                                       Cornwell, Patricia Daniels

                                                   Page 14

PS3553.U75 P55 2008b     Plague ship : a novel of the Oregon files                     Cussler, Clive
PS3555.V2126 F43 2008    Fearless fourteen                                             Evanovich, Janet
PS3555.V2126 P57 2008    Plum lucky                                                    Evanovich, Janet
PS3558.A363 F36 2008     Fall of Frost                                                 Hall, Brian, 1959-
PS3560.O275 Q53 2008     Quicksand                                                     Johansen, Iris
PS3561.L456 B55 2008     Blue-eyed devil                                               Kleypas, Lisa
PS3561.O55 O3 2008       Odd hours                                                     Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray),
PS3566.A822 S77 2008     Sundays at Tiffany's                                          Patterson, James, 1947-
PS3568.I265 C55 2008     Christ the Lord : the road to Cana : a novel                  Rice, Anne, 1941-
PS3568.O196 G85 2008     Guilty                                                        Robards, Karen
PS3570.H3475 M66 2008    Moon Shell Beach : a novel                                    Thayer, Nancy, 1943-
PS3573.E3935 C47 2008    Certain girls : a novel                                       Weiner, Jennifer
PS3573.H47477 D43 2008   Dead time                                                     White, Stephen, 1951-
PS3601.L4356 S84 2008    The sugar queen                                               Allen, Sarah Addison
PS3603.O525 T87 2008     Turn up the heat                                              Conant-Park, Jessica
PS3623.E453 C48 2008     Chasing Harry Winston                                         Weisberger, Lauren, 1977-
RM222.2 .H244 2008       Are you ready! : to take charge, lose weight, get in shape,   Harper, Bob
                         and change your life forever

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