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                            Tips for Successful
                   Parent Teacher Conferences
                        Parent/Teacher Conferences are coming!

                Here are some helpful tips so that you can be prepared

                  Before the Conference

   Talk to your child and ask about their teacher and
   classmates. What is school is like for them?
   Bring a list of concerns with you to the conference

                                                   At the Conference

                               Keep an open mind to the teachers ideas and concerns. It is
                               important for you to know where your child is struggling
                               Work with the teacher to determine goals and expectations.
                               Take notes so that you can discuss the conference later with
                               your son or daughter.

                  After the Conference

   Discuss the conference with your child and express
   your expectations as a parent.
   If there were concerns brought up at the conference,
   keep in contact with the teacher and schedule a follow
   up meeting to discuss your child’s progress.

Turn sheet over for a helpful tool                  Sources:,,
         Parent/Teacher Conference Checklist
1. What information and skills will my child be learning this year and what standards will he/she need to

2. How is my child doing? What are my child’s grades? Any strengths or weakness in any subjects?

3. Is my child working up to his or her ability?

4. Has my child missed any classes or does he/she have any incomplete assignments?

5. Does my child participate in class discussions and activities? How well does my child get along with

6. Is my child in any special classes, groups or programs? Why? What programs are available if my
   child needs extra help?

7. What can I do to help?

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