Septic ADDENDUM by lanyuehua



This Addendum is made to a Real Estate Purchase & Sale Agreement (the “Agreement”)
between __________________ or his assignee as Buyer and the owner of record as Seller, dated
_____, 20___.


I.       In addition to the provisions of the Agreement, Seller agrees to permit Buyer’s designees
         to conduct a full and complete inspection and test of the entire septic system located on
         the Real Property at Buyer’s expense. If Buyer is not satisfied with the results of this
         inspection and test, for any reason whatsoever in Buyer’s sole discretion, then Buyer at
         his sole option and discretion may terminate the Agreement by notifying the Seller or
         Seller’s authorized agent in writing.

II.      All inspections conducted pursuant to this Addendum shall be completed, and any written
         notice from Buyer regarding the inspections shall be received by Seller or Seller’s agent,
         on or before 5:00 p.m. on _________________, 20___. Unless Buyer notifies Seller in
         writing on or before that date and time that Buyer has terminated the Agreement due to
         the results of the septic system inspection and test, then this contingency shall be deemed
         to be fully satisfied without the right of Buyer to terminate the Agreement.

III.     The remainder of the Agreement not in conflict with this Addendum shall remain in full
         force and effect.

__________________________ / /20             _________________________ / /20

Seller                                        Buyer

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