Andy Goldsworthy Artwork by cuiliqing


									Andy Goldsworthy
• N&V: Your sculpture seems to be part of the cycle of nature. The
  tree started with seeds scattered to the winds. The tree grew. And
  its limbs fell to the ground. You picked up the branches in Scotland,
  arranged for them to be flown here, and put them on the ground
  again. Is the cycle now complete?

• Goldsworthy: That cycle is important. The way I make a piece is
  very close to the process of growth. The sculpture grows in the
  place. It is not fabricated elsewhere. It is not made into components
  that are fabricated elsewhere. As you've seen, building it is a
  process of growth—log by log, piece by piece, cell by cell. To say
  that the cycle has reached its finish is perhaps wrong. Maybe it is in
  as finished a state as the tree was. Eventually, despite all the efforts
  at preservation, there will come a point when it decays—as with
  everything, including the buildings surrounding here. I don't know
  how long this will take. But for this moment—for a long while—it will
  hang in that space.

   ~Interview with The Scripps Research Institute

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