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you'll be able to program FRx row structure mass updates automation programs , for example.

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									Dynamics GP Reporting: Frx, Crystal, Reportwriter, SSRS Records
For Developer
If your Microsoft Dynamics gp is implemented successfully, alternative is probably Reporting Tools
assortment for specific reports you've on your list. As you may count on , reports could be categorized
and each category has its own preferred application. If you are coming from Crystal reviews designer
career path, then we respect your achievable statement that Each report could be (theoretically)
designed in Crystal reviews , however for mid-market Corporate ERP, such as Dynamics GP,
organization logic might be too complicated for compiling something like income and Loss Statement
throughout Crystal Reports. Let's attempt review reports types along with preferred reporting tool per
type. As a comment towards the style - we will try to be technical enough and at once not too
technical to maintain balance for IT and no IT professionals in your firm. Let's begin with financial
confirming :

1.FRx Financial confirming. The advantage of FRx lays within the connection automation to basic
Ledger tables. FRx is simple and at the same time very powerful throughout opening up GL for
various company ERP platforms: Dynamics gp , AX, SL, NAV, plus range of non-Microsoft, such as
Epicor. If you are Controller or VP Finance, it should be easy for you to acquire basic FRx training in
confirming block creation, such as row Format, Column Layout, confirming Tree, and Catalog (as well
as final report, such as harmony Sheet, P&L, Statement of money Flow). Reporting Tree makes it
possible for Consolidated reporting: consolidation regarding multiple companies (even if some of
them are present on Excel worksheets), or account segments (as well as parts of the segments, as
well as account wildcard based). For those of you who are programmers - FRx catalog is hosted in
'microsoft' Access database. If you login FRx, then go to Company->Specification Sets look at Default
and you will probably see that it is likely in FrxRpts.f32 file. You can available this file in 'microsoft'
Access (assuming that you know how to open password protected MS entry Database). And here
you'll be able to program FRx row structure mass updates automation programs , for example. In MS
entry FRx database is very simple throughout discovery, so we had many customers, who decided to
export FRx reports into ms SQL Server views along with base new Crystal reviews on these views to
completely migrate from FRx to Crystal Reporting. In our thoughts and opinions - this is not absolutely
necessary as well as recommended, but let's begin the next tool Crystal reviews Designer

2.Crystal Reports. For character GP professionally written crystal Reports are typically based on SQL
View or Stored treatment , where Stored Procedure permits you temporary tables deployment, where
one can deploy complex table documents SQL Cursors. CR is the most suitable (or you may prefer
SSRS, which has similar reports design and style philosophy) for Great flatlands so-called Managerial
Reporting, such as Commission Report (based on your own and often complex formulae, along with
consideration of Credit Card fees, for instance ), Bill of Lading, international Reporting (Chinese
hieroglyph expenses , calling data from gp Sales Order Processing dining tables : SOP10100 and
SOP10200) along with Custom SQL Server database , where you log Chinese expenses related info,
entered directly in Chinese. If you are a new comer to Crystal Reports design, we wish to encourage
you into learning how CR could be according to SQL View first after which review Stored Procedures.
These kind of approaches are more efficient, evaluating to Crystal Reports wizard. Natural question
for CR designer is where could my partner and i find Dynamics GP dining tables structure - you can
deploy Dynamics GP SDK from CD#2 or simply in gp user interface Dynamics GP->Tools->Resource
Description->Tables. This is safe to create SQL Views and Stored treatments directly in Dynamics as
well as GP Company database

3.Dynamics gp Report Writer. This is pure choice for GP varieties modification, such as Sales get
Processing Blank Invoice type , SOP Historical Blank expenses , AP Graphical Check. RW allows
you to place your company emblem on the form, move areas to desired positions, make them bold or
italic (be sure that you switched to Graphical model of the report). We seen some complaints from our
excellent Plains customers, that RW is too limited and no WYSIWYG compliant. This is true to some
extent - RW is Great flatlands Dexterity programmed module along with Dex in turn is the layer coded
in C++, where not all current graphical features are available

4.Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services as well as SSRS. This reporting application is
progressing rapidly, it really is web based and has good advantage in software license cost ,
comparing to Crystal reviews. However if you consider basing reviews on SQL View as well as Stored
Procedure, both equipment : SSRS and Crystal reviews are about to be comparable. Well, there is
good news * you can preinstall set of SSRS reports from Dynamics gp CD directly, especially if you
are on GP version 10.0

5.Dynamics GP SmartList. Throughout Smart List you can develop simple reports and export them
into MS stand out. Smart List reports are usually defaulted to show only 1,thousand records, please
be sure that anyone supersede this parameter, before exporting to Excel

6.Other reporting tools. While Dynamics GP is hosted throughout Microsoft SQL Server, you'll be able
to deploy your tool of choice , which is ODBC compliant, and can connect to Great Plains firm
database: MS Access, stand out and other tools.
7.How to get help? remember to , feel free to call us: 1-866-528-0577, outside of USA: 1-630-961-
5918 or e-mail us help@albaspectrum.com we're very technical and actual Dynamics GP Dexterity,
drain Business One SDK encoding gurus. We have Great flatlands Software Development Factory
and may support unlimited Dynamics gp Customization and Programming wants. Plus we speak
english , Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, euro , and not only as indigenous speaking sales folks,
however as real technical consultants. Should you prefer skype: albaspectrum

Andrew Karasev, Alba Spectrum , help@albaspectrum.nEt 1-866-528-0577
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