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					Appraisal Document

The purpose of this document is to guide the selection and appraisal of materials for the
Scenic Ohio Collection. The purpose of this collection is to gather, organize and provide
access to images of the less well known attractions in rural Ohio.

Initial collection creation will be performed by three trained employees. Each employee
will supply a minimum of five images to the collection. Said images will be submitted and
added to the collection according the proper workflow document. After the initial
collection creation, subsequent additions will be culled from two distinct sources. The first
source will be trained personnel who actively search for additional material to acquire and
display. Submissions will also be accepted from the target audience and the general public.
Submitters will first be asked to register and create an account associated with the
collection. This will cut down on the number of specious submissions.

There are several requirements that will need to be met before a submitted image will be
considered for acceptance into the collection:
     The image must be of a current, scenic location in Ohio. Historic images of sites no
       longer in existence are not appropriate for this collection.
     The image must be of sufficiently high quality with a minimum resolution of 288 x
       432. This will ensure that the image is viewable as a 4x6 when viewed on a standard
       computer monitor.
     The file must be 2MB or smaller. This will help regulate total storage space.
     The image must be submitted as either a JPEG or a TIFF file.
     The image’s submitter must either hold the sole copyright or the image must be in
       the public domain.
     The image must be submitted with all the required metadata and as much of the
       suggested metadata as possible.
While they will be able to upload images for possible inclusion in the collection, neither the
trained personnel nor the public will have the ability to accept their own items for final
submission. This final step will be left to a separate selection committee appointed as per
the appropriate workflow.

Once the decision has been made to include an image in the collection, a metadata
specialist will be given the task of editing the submitted metadata as necessary to ensure
compliance to collection standards. This employee will also be responsible for determining
values for any missing metadata, either through independent research or by contacting the
original submitter.


Given the relatively small size of the Scenic Ohio Collection, quarterly appraisals of each file
will be conducted. Files will be examined for any corruption and repaired or replaced if
necessary. If it is not possible to repair or replace the item, the file will be deleted. Since
the mission of this collection is not preservation in perpetuity, usage statistics for the
collection will also be closely monitored for appraisal purposes. If an item goes four
quarters (one year) without being accessed, evaluations will be completed in an attempt to
determine the reason behind the lack of usage. Where applicable, measures will be taken
to increase usage, including but not limited to increased marketing and migration to match
current technological standards. If any item goes eight quarters (two years) without being
accessed, the content of the file will be reviewed again for possible removal from the
collection. Final deletion decisions will be left to the discretion of the collection curator.

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