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Ten Ways to Survive When a Broken Heart


									Ten ways to survive
when a broken heart
By : Hanna Stamps Siahaan
Do not delay.
Once you decide to end a relationship, execute! The delay gives the roots a chance to
think back that is usually negative and self-destructive.

Show is not affected.
Shall apply as if he did not hurt you. Someone that does not mean will not be able to
tease you.Do not ever cry in front of him, because it was inappropriate. Do not argue
with him, because he would not appreciate it.

Shall apply polite to rivals.
When you know that someone has captured your partner, then you should meet with
friendly. Your competitors do not deserve anger. When really able to shake hands with
your rival, have recovered from the pain of love!

Do not believe that you is loved by him.
Do not believe when he said love you one more time. It is a big lie! Because love will
not give such great pain.Imagine that he doesnot love you anymore.

Imagine that wanted by others.
Imagine that you have an admirer. Fear often makes people defend bad relationship
because he fears no longer wanted by others
Imagine that there are many others that would better be your lover

Imagine that she is not attractive anymore
Exercise imagine that if one day you met her somewhere and do not feel anything
Every natural feeling you have with him will remain engraved in the head. You have
the ability to play back recordings in the brain that but you also have the ability to not
play it anymore.
Believe that it is gone.
If you believe that you have been left out, repeated the feeling of not being loved in
your mind will lead to believe. You will be apart of the twisted state, self-destructive
and jealousy that is not useful

Find support from your friends who still have not had a boyfriend
Those who have not had a boyfriend is the best model for you to day.Join with people
who have a sense of peace, non-binding and not are in love

Avoid a couple who are in love
Seeing another person who is showing her love will make you want to feel the same
feelings. You should also avoid the newlyweds!

Avoid books and romantic movies
Seen or read of people who are going to make heart broken more hearts broken again.
Take a break, meditation or anything that can humiliate general anxiety level.


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