Technologies by lanyuehua



                        Artificial Blood:

 Artificial blood is blood that is used to replace your blood if
   you have lost any. Usually blood would be replaced with
donated blood but not only do they have low supply of it the
 2 blood types have to match and cannot have any diseases.
Although nobody have completely succeeded in making quality
 artificial blood a type of artificial blood called Hemopure has been approved and
  has been used to treat anaemia in South Africa. It is created from haemoglobin
    acquired from blood that has passed its use by date or animals blood. The
 haemoglobin is wrapped in particular chemical that help it behave like red blood
 cells do so that it can carry oxygen around the body. Although Hemopure has its
 good points, it also has its bad points. Hemopure can cause some side effects. In
South Africa where it is used there is a higher number of people infected with HIV.

                                             Artificial Heart Valves

                        Artificial Valves are Heart Valves that can replace ordinary
                      Valves if inserted through surgery. Medication is needed to be
                          taken by the patient so that blood does not clot in the
                                                 artificial valve.

                                            Electrocardiogram (ECG)

An Electrocardiogram or ECG is a device that shows the activity of a person’s heart.
   They are valued as they have been helpful in diagnosing heart diseases and
 abnormalities. The machine measures impulses the heart produces as it beats. An
  abnormal beat could mean that the patient has arrhythmia which is a condition
 where the heart beast irregularly. Another reason for an unusual beat could be a
  cardiac infarction which is a condition where there is dead tissue in the heart.

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