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									                San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers
                Provide Free Legal Advice to Injury
       San Diego personal injury lawyers Patrick Mazzei nand Larry Sidiropolus have seen too many
       accident and injury victims suffer from not knowing their legal rights and have set up a free 24 hour

San Diego Personal Injury Hotline - 1-800-222-7115

San Diego personal injury and accident lawyers Patrick Mazzei and Larry Sidiropolous have
handled over 1,000 injury and accident cases in San Diego and have seen the effects of
what happens when people do not know thier legal rights.

That is why they have established a free 24 hour 7 day a week hotline to help answer
questions from injury victims and provide them free legal advice and no obligation.

Accident victims can get advice on how and where to get medical treatment without having
insurance, how to file an insurance claim, how to get information from the accident scene for
evidence, how to find and witnesses, what constitutes negligence in an injury related case
and more.

"We felt it was important that San Deigo residents had a place to call that would answer their
questions regarding accidents and injuries with no obligation and help them with some of the
most important things like getting medical care and dealing with insurance claims", said
spokeperson Mark Fitzgerald.

"The fact is that aside from being attorneys, Mr. Mazzei and Mr. Sidiropolous truly care
about people and their well being and they want to make sure that regardless of whether we
handle the case or not, they are given sound legal advice", he continued.

Larry Sidiropolous and Patrick Mazzei have been handling law cases in San Diego for 15
years and are expert in recovering damages for pain and suffering for thier clients.

"We know that the more information an accident victim has the better their chance for
recovering damages for pain and suffering", said attorney Larry Sidiropolous.

"This toll free 24 hour hotline is intended to help all people in San Diego County get legal
advice whenever they need it", he finished.

To get legal advice on a personal injury or accident in San Diego County 7 days a week / 24
hours a day call 1-800-679-7707 or visit the San Diego personal injury blog for more
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