AO SAMPLE LETTER OF APPOINTMENT

1. This letter is a SAMPLE and should be modified to meet the needs of the activity.

2. Letter shall be on command letterhead.

3. Letter shall contain the date indicating when the letter is issued.

                                                                         Date letter is issued

From: Commanding Officer/Head of Activity
To: Name of Individual


Ref: (a)       31 USC §3528
     (b)       DOD FMR Volume 5 Chapter 33
     (c)       NAVSUPINST 4200.99 (series)
     (d)       Local Internal Operating Procedure (IOP)

1. Per references (a) through (d), you are hereby appointed an
Approving Official (AO) for the Government Commercial Purchase
Card Program. The cycle threshold for your billing account is
$__________. Per reference (b) AOs are Departmental Accountable
Officials (DAO)s. The specific responsibilities of your
appointment are established below.

   a. Obtain approved cardholder (CH) statements and supporting
   documents from CHs.

   b. Review CH purchases to determine whether all transactions
   were authorized Government purchases in accordance with the
   Federal Acquisition Regulation, Defense Federal Acquisition
   Regulation System and Department of Navy Purchase Card policies
   and procedures as applicable.

   c. Reconcile supporting documentation with details on the
   billing statement and purchase log.

   d. Review past transactions that were certified for payment
   without proof of receipt and acceptance to confirm acceptance
   and receipt with the CH. If receipt cannot be confirmed, then
   direct the CH to dispute the transaction.
 e. Annotate appropriately, suspected cases of improper,
 abusive, or questionable purchases. If the questionable
 transaction is disputable, the bank dispute process should be
 followed along with notification of the Agency/Organization
 Program Coordinator (A/OPC). If the transaction is not
 disputable, notify the A/OPC for investigation or corrective

 f. In cases of suspected fraud by Government personnel (i.e.
 the CH/receiver) document the suspected fraud and notify the
 A/OPC for investigation.

 g. Retain a copy of the billing statement and originals of
 supporting documentation (e.g. approval, receipts, logs,
 invoices, delivery orders).

2. Per reference (c), AOs are also Certifying Officers.   As a
Certifying Officer you are responsible for:

 a. Information stated in the certified invoice and supporting

 b. The computation of a certified invoice.

 c. The legality of the payment under the appropriation or fund

 d. Repaying a payment that is illegal, improper, or incorrect
 because of an inaccurate or misleading certificate; prohibited
 by law; or that does not represent a legal obligation under the
 appropriation or fund involved.

 e. Electronic or manual submission of the certified invoice to
 the Disbursing Office.

3. Improper, fraudulent, abusive or negligent use of the
Government purchase card is prohibited. If you suspect that an
employee (military or civilian) has engaged in any fraud,
misuse, or abuse involving purchase card use, you shall take
appropriate corrective action as defined in the activity IOP.

4. You are reminded that you are personally accountable and
financially liable for illegal, improper, or incorrect
Government purchase card payments due to your fault or
5. When you leave the command and/or are no longer part of the
Purchase Card Program, this letter of appointment is cancelled.

6. Please sign the attached DD Form 577 appointing you as a DAO
and Certifying Officer and return it to your A/OPC.

7. Questions concerning this letter of appointment or the
Purchase Card Program should be directed to the Command A/OPC,
(Name of A/OPC), who can be reached at (Insert A/OPC telephone
number/e-mail address).

                                             Signature of Head of Activity

Attach letter to DD Form 577 (see sample DD Form 577)

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