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									Speaker Profile: Andrew Zolli

Executive Director, Pop!Tech. Author of
Resilience. Expert in Global Foresight and

A world-renown change agent and
inspirational leader shows how to create
resilient organizations that can bounce back
from disaster.


Andrew Zolli is always on the forefront of what
is new — and how to use the best of the new
to solve the problems that beset our world.

Andrew has a gift for seeing emerging patterns and strategic opportunities, making
connections between trends in demographics, technology, geopolitics and business,
and for bringing these together into presentations full of both deep insight and humor.

As executive director of Pop!Tech, Andrew brings together top men and women from
the fields of business, science, and the arts to look into the future and explore new
approaches for the most difficult issues of the day, including ending poverty, fighting
disease, establishing peace, developing energy alternatives and green technology.


As a thought leader and consultant, he is devoted to improving the ways our faltering
organizations — financial, corporate, governmental, societal — function, and he is
currently developing an actionable new idea set for this purpose around the concept
of resilience.

How can we best insulate our organizations, ourselves, our world from the
increasingly violent shocks we are experiencing: terrorism, economic meltdowns,
environmental catastrophes, wars? How can we create human and natural-world
systems that can operate in the face of disaster? What makes an organization or
system come back, while others collapse under the weight of adversity or change?

The answers are found in the new science of resilience, the topic of Andrew’s new
book and new set of presentations. He brings together relevant findings from the
sciences, psychology, economics, and technology to create new ways for improving
the life expectancy of our businesses, our governments, and our societies.

RESILIENCE: The Science of Why Things Bounce Back

Due in early 2012, the book examines the latest insights from resilience science,
offering readers a tool kit of practical lessons that will enable businesses, institutions
and ecosystems to better "bounce back" in the midst of shock and change.
Andrew consults with executives in some of the most celebrated and farsighted
companies in the world. Always keeping a sharp eye on the future, his work reflects
his broad experience as an innovator, trendsetter, and change agent.

Andrew’s work and ideas have appeared in the New York Times, on National Public
Radio, the BBC, BusinessWeek, Wired, Vanity Fair, Popular Science, Fast Company,
Red Herring, American Demographic, among others; and he is frequently quoted in a
variety of media.

Noted for "offering hard-nosed forecasts and real-world solutions" (Vanity Fair),
Andrew presents his readers and listeners with practical tools and new takeaways
they can begin to apply immediately.

As a speaker he is eloquent, energizing, and gifted with the ability to explain the
newest and most-difficult-to-grasp ideas in an illuminating and entertaining manner.
His presentations are informative, engaging, and inspirational. In every talk, Andrew
offers industry-specific context for defining strategy, as well as a sense of excitement
about the changes that we face, and urgency in responding intelligently to them.


1. Resilience

2. Leading innovation

3. The road ahead - big picture, major trends affecting society and the wider world,
   while still pointedly relevant to your organization

4. Future markets/what customers will be buying tomorrow

5. Corporate social responsibility

6. Socially engaged branding

7. Transformative technology

8. The future of healthcare

9. Mobilizing and executing social engagement


Curator and Executive Director, Pop!Tech
Fellow, National Geographic Society
One of Fast Company’s “Fast 50” (2005)
Named to Vanity Fair's list of "The Next Establishment"
American Demographics magazine
Popular Science magazine
National Geographic
National Public Radio’s Marketplace

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