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					 AlienVault Appliances 
  All‐In‐One Solutions for Threat Detection, 
  Management, and Resolution

AlienVault SIEM Appliances: Turn Key Functionality
AlienVault Appliances deliver tuned, tested, and supported performance.

     Highlights                                                  AlienVault Professional SIEM Appliances
     •   Hardware format of world’s leading SIEM solution        AlienVault Professional SIEM provides unified security management for
                                                                 government, MSSP, and Enterprise Customers around the world. AlienVault
     •   Factory tested and certified                            appliances provide functionality in a plug‐and‐play package:

     •   Globally supported                                      •   Optimized for performance and power consumption

     •   Out of the box “Turnkey” Deployment
                                                                 •   Supported worldwide for same‐day replacement

                                                                 •   Minimized implementation effort
     •   Installed and configured AlienVault SIEM, Sensor, 
                                                                 AlienVault appliances are perfect for high‐reliability, on‐site deployments.
         and Logger software 
                                                                 Tested and supported for environments demanding readily available
     •   Forward‐stocked suppliers for global 24/7 support       security management

     •   Optimized Hardware Configurations

     •   Minimized power consumption for greater 

     High Security and Reliability
     AlienVault Professional SIEM appliances deliver the Unified Security Management that makes AlienVault the #1 choice of SIEM
     consumers worldwide – in a convenient plug‐and‐play package.
     AlienVault SIEM products, optimized, supported, and tested hardware appliances increase uptime while lowering risk. Each appliance is
     configured and stress‐tested prior to shipment, ensuring maximum reliability. AlienVault appliances are backed up by a global
     infrastructure of forward‐stocked hardware depots to provide a rapid response.
     AlienVault appliances are configured to provide high‐performance data analysis and packet capture. Because log retention has different
     performance and capacity requirements than the detection and analysis performed by AlienVault SIEM and Sensor appliances,
     AlienVault Logger appliances are optimized for high‐volume data capture and forensic storage. All AlienVault appliances are tested and
     certified before shipment.
     A Green Choice:
     AlienVault has reduced power consumption of its appliance family to increase the sustainability of our solution.

          USA                           Spain                  UK                        Central/Eastern Europe     LATAM
          1901 South Bascom             C/ Cronos, 63          Davidson House            Gutenbergstr. 6            Av. Presidente Masaryk, 
          Avenue – Suite 520            28037 Madrid           Forbury Square, Reading   D‐85737 Ismaning b.        473
          Campbell, CA, EE.UU.          +34 91 515 1344        RG1 3 EU, United          München                    Colonia Los Morales 
          +1 408 465 9989                                      Kingdom                   Germany                    Polanco 11510
                                                               +44 (0) 118 900 1770      +49 (0) 89 1276‐6865       México D.F.
                                                                                                                    +52 55 9138 6040
Product Details
Professional Functionality                                                                           High Performance
• Hierarchical, Distributed Architectures                                                            •     64‐bit Architecture
• Massive forensic storage for compliance and audits                                                 •     Logger appliances optimized for log capture and storage
• Automated and customizable compliance reporting                                                    •     SIEM and Sensor appliances optimized for analysis and capture
• Redundancy and high availability for critical applications                                         Stability and Reliability
                                                                                                     •     Same‐day replacement available worldwide
High Performance
• 64‐bit architecture
• Logger appliances optimized for log capture and storage
• SIEM and Sensor appliances optimized for analysis and  
  packet capture

AlienVault Product Family Technical Specifications
                    AlienVault LOGGER                                         AlienVault SENSOR                                                    AlienVault SIEM
    Model          L1000           L2000            L3000            X1000           X2000               X3000           X4000        S1000           S2000              S3000          S3000‐HA

      OS                                                                                      IT's Debian Linux 5, 64‐bit

  Compression                      Up to 10:1                                               Up to 10:1                                                       Unlimited

    Devices                                                                                              Unlimited

   Max EPS         2500             7500            15000                                      N/A                                     500            2500               5000             5000

                  1 x Intel 
                             1 x Intel Xeon  2 x Intel Xeon  1 x Intel Xeon  1 x Intel Xeon  2 x Intel Xeon  2 x Intel Xeon  1 x Intel Xeon  1 x Intel Xeon  2 x Intel Xeon  2 x Intel Xeon 
     CPU        Xeon X3400 
                             E5600 series E5600 series X3400 series              E5500           E5600       E5600 series X3400 series E5600 series E5600 series E5600 series

     RAM                   16GB                     32GB                      8GB                                16GB                          8GB                               16GB

                 1TB – NO 
    Storage                4TB – RAID 10         8TB RAID 10          1X500GB ‐ NO RAID                     2X1TB ‐ RAID 1         1 x 1TB ‐ NO    1 x 1TB ‐ NO  4 x 1TB ‐ RAID  4 x 1TB – RAID 
                                                                                                                                       RAID            RAID           0,1,5           0,1,5

    Chassis                   1U                      2U                                        1U                                                               1U

                 280W ‐
                  Non‐      650W ‐                720W ‐         280W ‐ Non‐      560W ‐ Non‐                                      280W ‐ Non‐     650W ‐ Non‐          650W ‐         650W –
                                                                                                          650W ‐ Redundant 
    Power       Redundant  Redundant             Redundant        Redundant        Redundant                                        Redundant       Redundant          Redundant      Redundant 
                                                                                                            100‐240 VAC
                 100‐240  100‐240 VAC           100‐240 VAC      100‐240 VAC      100‐240 VAC                                      100‐240 VAC     100‐240 VAC        100‐240 VAC    100‐240 VAC
    Ethernet         2 x 1GB Ethernet Ports Standard 
                                                                   2 x 1GB Ethernet Ports Standard (4 x 1GB Ports Optional)         2 x 1GB Ethernet Ports Standard (4 x 1GB Ports Optional)
   Interfaces            (4 x 1GB Ports Optional)

                     On          Raid 0            Raid 10           On 
Host Bus Adapter motherboar    Controller         Controller     motherboard                 RAID 1 Controller 8 Port              On motherboard SATA/SAS            RAID 0,1,5  Controller 8 Port
                 d SATA/SAS      4 Port             8 Port        SATA/SAS

  Dimensions        19.8” x 17.2" x 1.7"        25.5” x 17.2” x  19.8” x 17.2" x  25.6” x 17.2 “         25.6” x 17.76 “ x 1.69”   19.8” x 17.2"  25.6” x 17.2“           27.5” x 17.2” x 1.7”
   (DxWxH)                                           3.5”             1.7"            x 1.7”                                          x 1.7"          x 1.7”

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