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Andrew Jackson Debate


• Why was the election of 1824 known as a
  “corrupt bargain?”
• Who was Henry Clay?
• Why didn’t Jackson like the U.S. Bank?
• What was the Whig Party?
• THINKER: In your OWN opinion, do you
  think Andrew Jackson was a good
  president? Why or Why not?
              Debate –
    Was Jackson a good President?
• Andrew Jackson’s presidency has been a constant
  debate throughout history.
• As a class, we are going to debate whether
  Jackson was a good or bad President? Why or
  Why Not?
• The class will be split up into six groups.
• Three are PRO Jackson and three are ANTI
• Choose a spokesperson
• In your groups, write a speech that includes the
             Speech Outline
• Intro
  – Hook (Grab the audience’s attention)
  – Thesis
• Body (three arguments)
  1. Middle
  2. Weakest
  3. Strongest
• Closing
  – Summarize
  – Lasting Impression
         Andrew Jackson Debate
• Everyone in the group is helping to write the speech.
• The rest of the group needs to have questions ready
  to ask the other side.
• In order to be a good debater, you need to understand
  both sides (Why he is good and why he is bad)
• Some of your questions might be answered during the
  speech, but it might spark other questions too – write
  down any questions you have.
• Each person will turn in 3-5 questions they want to ask
  the other side. This will be turned in for credit!
• Both sides are going to present their arguments
  before the floor is open for questioning.
• Everyone is getting participation points for the day –
  you must speak, ask a question, or respond to a
  comment to receive those points.
     Andrew Jackson Debate
• GOOD: Ended power of the U.S. bank,
  gave more power to lower classes in
  society, stopped corruption in government.
• BAD: Went against Congress to authorize
  the largest removal of Native Americans
  in history, put his supporters in power
              CURRENT EVENT
• The procedure for this current event will be exactly like
  your previous one.
• You will be broken up into groups of 4-5.
• One at a time, everyone will present their articles.
• As they are presenting, you will fill out the worksheet.
• You are NOT completing the worksheet for your own
• You must discuss each article as a group, do NOT just
  sit in silence completing your worksheet.
• The point of a “discussion” is to DISCUSS!!!

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