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					                                                                                                   Pat Noack
                    National  Aquatics  Task  Force                                        Task Force Chairman
                                                                                              Joe Glasscock
                    National Outdoor Programs Team                                           Task Force Advisor
                                                                                         Frank C. Reigelman
                                                                                  Outdoor Programs Team Leader


National Aquatics Task Force                             National Camp Standards        2012 and 2013

The Aquatics Task Force meets at least twice a           Standards have been approved for 2012 and for
year and has multiple on-going projects aimed at         2013. Councils should pay particular attention to
helping you in support of your local aquatics            Standards M-32 and M-91.
                                                         In 2013 M-32 will require that a camp Aquatics
This eNewsletter is one effort to keep you informed      Director be NCS trained AND have a current
                      SA aquatics.                       lifeguard card -- BSA Lifeguard, ARC Lifeguard or
                                                         equivalent. This is in addition to the CPR and First
                        *****                            Aid training. The transition toward this standard is
Safe Swim Defense On-Line Training The on-               already reflected in the pre-requisites for NCS (see
line training for Safe Swim Defense is in the            next section).
process of being updated with all new video clips
and a broader discussion of the Qualified                M-91 which applies to Cub Resident Camps that do
                                     . Targeted          not have an Aquatics Instructor BSA available,
release date is early May.                               allows the use of a Cub Aquatics Supervisor. While
                                                         Cub Aquatics Supervisor training is no longer
                         *****                           available, current cards are still valid until they
Safety Afloat DVD -- Any unit participating in an        expire.
on-the-water boating activity must be supervised by
at least one adult currently trained in Safety Afloat.                          *****

The Safety Afloat on-line training has been              National Camping School -- Prerequisites for
available since the spring of 2011. A DVD version        Aquatics Section For the 2012 NCS season it is
of the new Safety Afloat training is now available.      mandatory that participants in the Aquatics section
This DVD is for local trainers to use during face-to-    be able to successfully complete the following on
face training sessions. Councils and districts are       opening day:
encouraged to provide this training at least annually
through roundtables, special training sessions, and         Must present evidence of completion of Safe
at resident camp during the summer.                         Swim Defense and Safety Afloat training.
                                                            Acceptable evidence will be the on-line Safe
The DVD also contains videos which demonstrate              Swim Defense or Safety Afloat certificates of
the skills required for Paddlecraft Safety in both          completion or signed Safe Swim Defense and
canoes and kayaks.                                          Safety Afloat pocket cards.
                                                            Immediately after completion of the swimmers
One copy of the DVD has been sent to each                   test, swim continuously for an additional 450
council. The DVD can also be ordered from the               yards.
                                                            Immediately after completion of the 450 yard
National Distribution Supply Group, through local
                                                            swim, tread water for two minutes.
council Scout Shops, or at                                  Starting in the water, swim 20 yards using a
                                                            front crawl or breaststroke, surface dive 7 to 10       SKU#612934       $3.99
                                                            feet, retrieve a 10-pound object, surface, swim
                                                            with the object 20 yards back to the starting
                                                            point, and exit the water within one minute and
                                                            40 seconds.

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                                                                                                        Pat Noack
                    National  Aquatics  Task  Force                                             Task Force Chairman
                                                                                                   Joe Glasscock
                    National Outdoor Programs Team                                                Task Force Advisor
                                                                                            Frank C. Reigelman
                                                                                     Outdoor Programs Team Leader


Beginning in 2013, the camp Aquatics Director will       the current BSA Lifeguard course requires
also need to hold a valid lifeguard certification as a   instruction in skill and knowledge areas not
BSA Lifeguard, American Red Cross Lifeguard or           included in the American Red Cross Lifeguarding
equivalent. Also beginning in 2013, holding a valid      course. The BSA Lifeguard course includes
lifeguard certification will be a pre-requisite for a    instruction in basic prevention strategies such as
participant to enter the Aquatics Section of a           swimmer classification tests, use of the buddy
National Camp School.                                    system, assigned swim areas based on swimming
                                                         ability, interaction with unit leaders, and the use of
                           *****                         rescue watercraft as well as other skills specific to a
                                                         waterfront environment. The review that is currently
BSA Lifeguard and the American Red Cross                 underway will evaluate the continuing need for
Lifeguarding Update -- The BSA Lifeguard                 those skills and knowledge as well as how to
course is under review as a result of the American       supplement any BSA-specific areas not adequately
                                                         addressed in the American Red Cross Lifeguarding
Red Cross release of an updated Lifeguarding
                                                         instructional materials.
course at the end of January 2012. No changes are
expected to the BSA Lifeguard course until after the                              *****
summer of 2012.
                                                         Kayaking Merit Badge
Many of the skills required for BSA Lifeguard are
similar to those used in the American Red Cross          With   Kayaking     being        the     fastest       growing
Lifeguarding course. In fact, there is a long-
standing partnership between the Boy Scouts of           Kayaking ranks near the top of the BSA Innovation
America and the American Red Cross with regard                     survey of youth member interests.
to aquatics safety and training. The current BSA         Innovations has been working with the National
Lifeguard Instructor Manual was written to make          Aquatics Task Force on developing and introducing
use of the compatible videos and student texts           a new Kayaking Merit Badge. The Aquatics Task
produced for the American Red Cross Lifeguarding         Force has received significant support in this effort
course. By leveraging existing materials, with the       from kayaking experts from the American Canoe
permission of the American Red Cross, the Boy            Association. Expect to see the new Kayaking Merit
Scouts of America is able to deliver professional        Badge book and patch in your Scout Shop in May
lifeguard training designed to meet the specific         2012.
needs of Scouting. BSA Lifeguard will continue to
be recommended for aquatics staff lifeguard              So that local councils can plan for the introduction
training and for those who wish to work as               of Kayaking Merit Badge in their camp programs
lifeguards for BSA year-round aquatics programs,         this summer, an advane copy of the merit badge
for those who are supporting council aquatics            requirements are attached to the newsletter.
committees, or as the next step beyond the               Please note that youth cannot begin to earn the
Aquatics Supervision programs for unit leaders. In       merit badge until the merit badge book is available
addition, use of American Red Cross Lifeguarding         in Scout Shops in May and the requirements should
materials will help insure the Boy Scouts of             not be posted on-line or distributed before then.
America maintains quality training and an                This advance copy is being made available to you
acceptable standard of care for aquatics activities.     for council level planning only.

The BSA Lifeguard course was designed                                             *****
specifically to address the skills and knowledge
required in a BSA aquatics environment. As such,

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                                                                                                  Pat Noack
                    National  Aquatics  Task  Force                                       Task Force Chairman
                                                                                             Joe Glasscock
                    National Outdoor Programs Team                                          Task Force Advisor
                                                                                        Frank C. Reigelman
                                                                                 Outdoor Programs Team Leader


Aquatics at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree            Hepatitis B Vaccines for Aquatics Staff
In, On and Under the Water. Registration for
adult staff members for the Jamboree is now open.       Recently, there has been a question whether camp
The Jamboree includes many aquatics activities
requiring a 400 person staff. The Aquatics area will    Pathogens standard, and therefore, must be
                                                        offered the Hepatitis B vaccination series?
never experienced, deepen skills in areas of current
aquatics interest, encourage lifetime recreation and                                                       to
fitness through aquatics activities, promote aquatics
                                                        be in compliance with OSHA requirements, council
personal safety and the safety of those around
them, and most importantly, having fun in, on and       camps are required to offer all protections of the
under the water. This is truly a unique opportunity     Bloodborne Pathogens standard, including the
for key council aquatics resources to meet with,        hepatitis B vaccine, to all employees with
share with and learn from 400 other aquatics            occupational exposure. Because the emergency
interested individuals from across the country.         response duties of occupationally exposed
Encourage your council resources to sign-up, help       lifeguards are not considered to be collateral, the
out and return to you with new ideas and
                                                        vaccine must be offered to lifeguards after training
experiences. Check out the Jamboree application
weblink                                            at   and within 10 working days of initial assignment.
px                                                                              *****

                                                        Regional Aquatics Chairs -- Aquatic Chairs have
                                                        now been appointed for each Region. The general
                           *****                        role of this person is to provide support to the
                                                        councils and serve as a liaison to the National Task
National Aquatics Workshop Save the Date.               Force. The current Regional Aquatics Chairs are:
The 2012 National Aquatics Workshop will begin
after dinner on Wednesday October 31st and will          Northeast Region   --   Trey Shupert
conclude after breakfast on Sunday November 4th.              Email:
The National Aquatics Workshop is held every
other year and attracts a wide range of participants     Southern Region     -- Jay Fox
interested in Scouting Aquatics from Council                  Email:
Aquatics Committee members, National Camp
School staffs, High Adventure Base staffs and            Central Region       --    Steve Terrell
outside agencies like the American Red Cross, the             Email:
American Canoe Association and PADI to name a
few. The Workshop will be held at the Reynolds           Western Region    --  Jeff Cannon
Scout Training Center on the Gus Blass Scout                 Email:
Reservation     near      Damascus,       Arkansas.
Reservation information will be sent out in the next    All of the Regional Chairs are on the National
few months but space is limited to the first 100        Aquatics Task Force, so feel free to ask questions
attendees so begin your planning now.
                                                        or express concerns.
                           *****                                                *****

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                                                                         Pat Noack
                    National  Aquatics  Task  Force              Task Force Chairman
                                                                    Joe Glasscock
                    National Outdoor Programs Team                 Task Force Advisor
                                                               Frank C. Reigelman
                                                        Outdoor Programs Team Leader


Southern Region News             --   The Aquatics
Committee of the Southern Region is looking
forward to an outstanding summer of Scout
aquatics at all its summer camps. We are prepared
to support camps, camp staffs, professional and
unit leaders with available resources and answer all
their aquatics questions. If you have any questions
please contact Jay Fox, Southern Region Aquatics
Committee Chair ( The
names of the Southern Region committee members
by area are as follows:

Area 1:         Open
Area 2/3:     Wes Cochran           806-790-7603
                     South Prairie Council
Area 4:       Carl Fox         434-409-8148
                     Gulf Stream Council
Area 5:       Derek Harbin          757-759-7371
                     Mecklenberg Council
Area 6:       Mike Allen            931-261-5018
                     Middle Tennessee Council
Area 7:       Bob Morgan            540-293-0813
              Blue Ridge Mountains Council
Area 8:         Open
Area 9:       Charlie Pineo         404-520-2716
                     Atlanta Area Council

If you know of an Aquatics Instructor in Areas 1 and
8 who may be interested in joining the committee
please have them contact me.

Have a great, wet, summer!

Jay Fox                  434-924-0050

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