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					                        Andrew Carnegie: Prince of Steel
                               50 minute video

1. What did Andrew’s father William do for a living in Scotland?

2. How was William affected by the Industrial Revolution?

3. Where did the Carnegies immigrate to in 1848 when Andrew was just twelve
   years old?

4. Describe the conditions on the ship across the ocean.

5. What was the nickname for the place where the Carnegies lived?

6. What was Andrew’s first job? How much was he paid?

7. What kind of experiences and things was Andrew exposed to while he worked as
   a messenger?

8. Who was Tom Scott and what did he teach Andrew?

9. What did Andrew collect instead of art?

10. Andrew Carnegie once said, “Put all your eggs in one basket and watch that
    basket.” What was he referring to when he said this?

11. Who was the recipient of Carnegie’s first library?

12. What were the conditions like in the mills that Carnegie and others owned?

13. What happened in Homestead during the summer of 1892 while Carnegie was in
    Scotland? Describe these events in detail.

14. What famous landmarks were built with Carnegie Steel?

15. Who were the Robber Barons?

16. What is Andrew Carnegie’s legacy today?

17. In a short paragraph on the back of this sheet tell me how you view Andrew
Carnegie after this video? Was he a good man who did good or a ruthless owner who
profited off the labor and misery of his workers? Please provide examples from the
video to support your opinion.

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