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  coLLeccioNS         ^r^-^
 queeN's uNiveRsiiy
 AT kiNQsroN

                                 A                //V

                               O   F

           WHITE               and*)5)LaC3B

       A View         of thofe Gentlemen              who have
       given their Votes in Parliament

                For and Againfi

The     Proteftanc Religion,   and SucceH
   fion,   and the Trade and Liberties of
   their   Country ^ ever fince the Glori-
   ous %t\>Qluuon to the               Happy         Acccflion
   of King Gtorge,

 Recommended           to the Confideration of Eledors.

N. B, The Errors of all former Lifts          are here correftcd.

       Noverint Univerfiy
       Know     all   Men   by thefe Prefents.

  LONDON:                   Printed    for   S.   Po^^ing, at   the
BUck   Ra-jen    in    Pnicn'xfcr'Rovp-^      and Sold by the
Book'fellers of Lojidon and Weflminjier.                 1715-
                                                        Price 6d.
     To the            Freeholder? of              GREAf
                           BRITAIN.                 '   *'


     fis to     hk
                  Our joyfulCoftgratMlatiotis upon Kiftg
                   George's fcafonabh Jccefioft to the
                   Crown, exprefid in your late Addref
                     Majefty^ your dutiful Declaration,
     how yoH value thofe inejiimable
^                                     Blefflngs of
     Liberty and Property, which you now
^                                         begin to
     enjoy-.,     your   Due         Refentment,   exprefid a-
     gainji the late Managers,               who had almofi de*
^ privdyou     of both your jufi Commendation of

^: the ^refent wife and honefi
                               Miniflry:^ your firm
^ Rejolution to venture your Lives and Fortunes
   for hk Maje/ly, to whom, under God, you
Z  indebted for thoft dear Enjoyments
                                       5 your t-
n- nnnef^e Joy upon the Days       his Majefiy's
tpJcceJfzon, Arrival and Coronation*^ all
I extraordinary Jnjlances of Loyalty, feem asfo
^ many evident Tokens of your good Difpofition
^ tofendfuch Gentlemen   to reprefent you in the
^ enfning Parliament, as will have the tendereji
V Regard to hk
                  Majafly, Honour,                      and your
t lights and Priviledges.
             If ever there was a I^eceffity for you to
     exert your utmoft Abilities
                                      EleSions, 'tk
     en   this Occajion:,
                          for the fame            Men   who thefe
                     ^^^   ^^'^^ ^^^^ ^orkifJg the       Ruin of
^Jp.jlif^*^*^**^ ftil^ carry            on the fame Dejigns, as
    J^y.     ^PP^'^^'    fiom        their late infolent     Riotiy
^mth         whfch they have mobh'd the Government^


 And    the fedithut Sermons        and   traitorous      Lh
 hels^ xpith    which they have poyfond the Mind^
 of the FMgar.
    Neither need we quejlion that the FaUion
 will fpire any Coji to get thei^ Ringleaders
 chofe Members of Parliament, and if we may
 hdiei)e         Advices^ their Firiends the
French Bitlk^riire contiaually negociating
gMt Sums, for Bills of Exchange upon                     Lon-
don^ which  *tif                  made ZJfe of
                     fnppos^d are to he
to fupport the Pretender s Party, and to hrihe
Votes at Ele&ions for Parliament Men.     But
now ('thanks be to GodJ the Fa^ion cant
do thh with the fa^e Eaje as they did in
the      Ele&io»y for then it was /nfficient
fff      thi Returning Officer^ whereas now
they mujl apply dire&ly to your felves 5 but
we hope yon will be neither bribed cajotd
fior menaced to chnfe fuch Gentlemen as have
given pub/ick In/lances in former Parliaments
oj their Difaffe&ion to the Protejlant Religion
and SHCcejJijn^ or to yoHr Trade and Liberty.
   That yon may the better diflinguifh theje
from your Friends, I have here coUeUed the
Names of        both in the following Lifts,   And
as for farther Advi.e",        Vm
                               fure yon cannot have
any from a Great}; f or Better Hand than K.ing
Ocorije, xvho in hts Royal Proclamation for                   ^

r^ttifig\a"'n.ew Pdr^tament h'aS.^iven yon fitch.
whprejhnie Dir^^ction}^ as ("if folloirdj won'd
not fill to >}i.ik.e -as' a Happy at^d^ 4 QlQriQhj^^
                         '*'                       '-^
                    "-                    ^'   "
P^'pffe:                       '

                             (3      )

Of Thofe                  that were againft              ma-
        king the Prince and Princels
        ofOrangey            King and                Qneetty
        as  was printed
              it                         in the        Year,

                               John Specot
LOri Norris.                   Sir John Tredenham
               Bucking,        Henry Seymour                    p
Sir    Ralph Verny.            Sir John Coriton
          Cambridge,           John Prideaux
Sir    Levinus Bennct                    Cumberland*
Sir    Robert Cotton           Sir Chriftopher      Mufgta?e»
•Sir   Robert Sawyer.                      Derby*
             CornrvaL          John Coke
Sir Boucher Wrey                      Dtvonjhire,
Fran. Robarts                  Sir Edward Seymour
Sir John St. Aubya             Chrifto. Bale
Charles Godolphin              SirJohn Powell
Nich. Glyn                     Rawlin Mallack
John Tannec                    William Gary
Alexander Pendarvis            Henry Nortleigh
James Praed                       Sir Arthiir Chiehefter
John Ra(hleigh                    £dm. Walrond
Fr^n. Vivian                      Will. Hayn
                                  Will* Colematt            J^or^
                                                    (       4)                 "
F   Thomas Strangways
                     Vorfetjhzre.                                  NorthutnbcrlanL
                                                             William Forfter                -   -

    John Pole                                                Philip Bickerftaff
    Sir    Robert Napjpier                                   SifRalph Car
    Edward Nicholas                                          Roger Fenwick
    Rich. Fowns                                                             Nottingham
    Will. Okeden                                             Lord.   Eland
                      Durham,                                                   Oxon,
    Will.           Lampton                                  Sir    Robert Jenkinfon
    Robert Byerly                                            Sir Thomas Clar^^a
    George Morland                                          '^enry Berty
                Gloucefierjhire,                        Z^ir Join Doyley               .

    William Cook                                                       ^
    Thomas Mafter                                            Sir    Thomas Mackworth
    Sir Fran. Ruffel                                                          Salop.
                    f/erefordjhjrir,                         Edward Rynafton
    Hep.Gornw^U.                    _
                                                             Andrew Neyifpor(
                    HunUMgtqnJhire*                             Francis Edwards

                                                             Sif Edwar4;A(toii
                                                              George Weld
    S/VJohn^ Banks
    &> Roger Twifden                                          Sir    Rtchara Hart
     Caleb           Ba;})cs.       .
                                                             Sir Johr\ Kjjight
          /^.   :    Xincajhire,^           ^   I   I   *•    Edward Berkfev
     Fran. Cholmondley                                       Sir William Baffet
     Sir    Edward          Chifnal,                         Sir William Portman
                     Leicefierjhire.                          John Sandford
     SirThomas Halfotd                                        Sir Francis       War
     Thomas Babington                                         Francis Lutteiel
                    Lincolnjhire,                             Nathaniel Palmer
     Charles Bertie                                           Sir    Edward Windham
     Sir John l^rowlow                                        William Helyar
                     Middlefex,                               John Hunt
    Sir Charles            Gerard                             Thomas Sanders
     Ralph Hawtrey                                                  Southampton
                        Monmouth,                             Francis Morley
     Marq. of Worcefter.                                      Sir Benjamio Newland
                         Norfoli.                             SirRobert Holms      ^
    Sir William Cook                                          Earl of Ranalagh
    Sir Nevil Catlyn                                          Thomas Done
    Sir John Turner                                           Francis Guin
    Sir Francis            Guybon                             William Etrick
                I^OrtkamptOJtJhire,'                          John Pollen
    Edward Moan tape                                                       Staffordjkire,
    Gilbert Dolben                                            John Gray
    Sir Juftlnian Ifliiaj                                     Robert Burdet
     tori           Wcnman                                    John Chetwind-
                                                              Sir Hen, Gwgh                 Suffolk

                                                 U'HtJhhe.      .

 Sir    John Cordell                  Lord Cornbuiy
 Sir    John Rous                     Robert Hyde
 iSiV   John Barker                   Richard Lewis
 Thomas Glemham                       Peregrine Bertie
 Sir Henry Juhnfon                    Henry Chivers
 William Johnfon                      Walter Grub
 Sir John Foley
                                      Charles    Fox
 Thomas Knyvet                     Sir    Edmund Warnford
 Henry Poo ley                     John Dean
 Sir Roberc Da vers
                                   Sir John Ernie
 Sir Thomas Harvey.
                                   Sir George Willoughbjr,
 John Wefton                       Henry Parker
 White Ticnburne                   Sir    John   i^.Iatthe'vs.
 SirWilliam Morley                Earl 0/ Dan by
 John Alford                      Sir Jonathan Jennings
 Charles Goring, Jun.
                                  Chriftopher Tancred.
 William Morly.
                            *i                   Brecon^
           Warroi^kjlna^    «» E.        Jones of BucUand,
Sir  Richard Vcrney
ftV  George Cave                  Sir    Richard Middletoa
 Lord. Digby
                                  Edward         Brereton.
 William Colemore
           If^efimorland*         Thomas Manfeb.
Richard Lowther
William Chey^ie.
                                  .Sir   William Wogan.

A        LIST    of tbofe caird Touf
        fineen, who were laid to have
        been influenc'd by M. Poitfm^
        the French Agent,

                  Printed        in       1701.
WIHiara           Jennens        Will. Lord Cheyney
           Thomas Renda          James Herbert

oy^on.Hircourc                   Sir     Samuel Gerjard
                                         < 6    J
    JgJiit Bla^wett                        Charks    Ciiurchil
    Sit James Etheridg                     Michael Harrey
              Cambridge,                   Edward Nicholas
    AxM\iQ-Ry HamraorxJ                    Thomas Chafi::
                    Chejhire*              Richard Fownes
    Peter Shakerly                                 Durham,
                   C''rKwah                William Lampton
    Kenry Lord Hide                        Thomas Conyers
    lokn. tlablyn                                    Ejfex,
    Charles Godolphui                      Sir Charles Barringtoil
    Sydney Godolphin                       &r Thomas Cooke
    AtexaGd.er Pendarvrs                   WilKam Fytch
    Henry Mnnaatoa                         Sir Thomas Daval]
    Jclin.    Mouflfteveiss                         Gloucefter,      ^
    Francis Scotrll                        John     How
    Francis GodeJpBiit                     James Thyn
    Sij'   Henry Seymour                   Chalks Cox
     lokQ Tregagle                                   Hereford,
    Jaliii)                                Thomas Foley
    "William Beavr                         Jannes Bridges
I   Sir Richard Vivgaa                         Edward mrley
    Francis Stratford                                  Herif§rL
    John Prideaux                          Ralph Freeman
    Srr    J of.   Tredenham               Thomas Halfey
    joim Tredenham                              Gape
              Cumberland,                  Charles Caefar
    Wniiain Seymour                               Gulfton
    George Fletcher                                       ¥ient<t.

           Devon.                              Henry Lee
    William Co\irtena7                     Thomas     Blifs
    Samuel Roll                                      Mitche!
    Sir    Edward Seymour                             Lamajier^
    Sir    Bartholomew Shower              Richard Bold
    Francis        Gwin                    Thomas Leigh
    Tbonias Cou)ron                        Thomas Brotbefton
    CliirlesTrelawny                       William Clayton
    Henry Trelawny              ,   ..                Leicejler,
    Thomas Northmore                       John "Veaney
    Nicholas Hooper                        John Wilkins
    Frederick Hern                                   Lincoln.
    Nathaniel Hern                           John Belles
                   Dorftt.                 Edmond Boulter
    Thomas Freke                           Thomas "Vyner
    Thomas Strangways                      William Cecill
    "Nathaniel Napier                      Charles Bettie
    Htnpy Thynn

             MdiUfex*                     SufolL
Hugh    Smithfon             Sir    Samuel BarnaiiJulcia
Warwick Lake                 Earl (J/Dyfert
Sir   John    Fleet          Sii- Charles Duncomb

        I^rfolk.             Sir Cbarles Blois
Sir Jacob Aftley             Sir    Edmund Turner
Robert Daycy                 SirEdmuTid Bacon
Thomas       Blofeild        Henry JohnCon
Edmund Soam                  Sir Jolin Cordeil
        Northamptoru         Sir Robert Davers
Sir Juftifl Ilhara                       Stn iy^
 Gilbert Dolben              John Weflojn
Thomas Ekins                 Sir     John Paifons

—— — Sachfeverel
                             Sir Tl^o^^h. Oglethoii;"
Sir Willoughby Hickn^aa      John Miller
John Reyncr                  William F.lfon
                Oxon,        Henry Cowper
Sir Robert Jenkinfon                 Goring
Sir Edward Norreys           John GDnyers
Heneage Finch                      Seymour
William Bromely              Matthew Prior
James Bertie                                  ff'^arwick.
Charles North                Sir    John Mordant
Thomas Rowney                Sir    ChrHlopher Hales
Francis Norrcys              FriiKis Grevillc
              Rutland.       Sir    Thomas Wagdaff.
Sir    Thomas Mack worth                    WcJlmoYcicmd.
 Richard Holford             Henry Graham
                S«lop.       Sir Cliriftophei          Mufgrave
Sir    Edward Adon                            Wilts.
Sir    Thomas Powys          Sh George Hungerford
               Somerfit.     Thomas Phi^ps
Henry Poitmaa                Sir JamesHungerford
Sh Francis Warr              Robert Bertie
Jaracs Anderton              «9/V    Francis Child
             S-jutbMHfton,         roho declared kijnfilffor call-
 Thomas Jervoifc                   inji   hunie the Prince   of IVales.
 Ro«er Mompeflbn             Francis Merryweather
 Anthony       Sturt         John Lord Mordant
 William Ettick.             Charles Davenant
              St.iford.      Henry St. John, j«^.
 Thonus Foley                Henry Pinnel
 Sh John Levenfon Gowet      John         JelFerys.
 Si*   Heniy Gough.                           WorceJ^cr.
                              Sir John Paclsington
                              Samu4          Swift

                                                                          ^   i
TTiilip Fo]ev
Salow^i'/   Winnlngron           Thomas Hafley
       Torhfoh-e.                Sir Humphry Mackworth
S/V Roberc Bedingfield           Sz/ Jetfery ]etferys
Anthony Uuncomb                  Robeit Harley.
S^^Godfrey -Jopley
Jirjohn Bland

A     LIST             of tbofe who voted                          in
      S702             for      agreeing with the
      Lords Amendments to a Bill
      For the further Security of th^
      Protejlmt Succeffim,


THe Rt.
               Hon. Lord Ed- Hu?,h BofcjLwen
             RulTel.             Thomas Stanwix
Sir William     Godwick   Bar.   James Stau'hope£/"'7o
William Spencsr £/ji             William Cow'per i/^j
Kichard Nevill Ef^y^             Peitr King £//;
Richard TopHam Efq\              Tlioma, Bere Efqi
Sir Owen Buckingham Ki.          Robert     F'Urridi^e   B fq\
Sir Rich. Temple Bar.            Sir\Vm. Phij^patu A7.                  rj
Sir Edmund Denton 2?.ir          H-nry Healy Epj\
Charles Godfrey Efq\             Anthonv Hc»ly ffr-,
Fleetwood Dormer Efq\            Sir John   Cropley Bar.
Richard Hampden Efii;            Sirlfaac    Rebow       Kt.
1 imes ChnCe Efq;                ATiVnardColcheafr £fq\                 .;

Sir Kufhout Cullen Bm.           Kuh.     Dou'defu'ell Efq\
The Right Hon. Henry Boyle       'ilvc   Ri;>ht   Hon.        Thomat
                                    Lf>rd Conini's')^'.
Anthony Thompfou         E[q\    Gcurj/e Saytr hfq\
The Hon. Ruifa Robarts           The Hon. Chailes Stanley

Henry Vincent Efq^        Ambrofi PudfaV E[q\
The Hon.Francii Qodolphin Joljn Chaplain Ef^\
                          Sir William EUys Bat.
James Cragj^s Efq-y       Richard Eliys£"/f;

 Sir Gilbert   Heathcote Kt .Chailes Cox, Eff\
John Morgan     of Tiedegar JohnCholmley.f/j:
                             John Ward, Efq-,
 Sir Charles Turner Kt.      Sir Robert Clayton, Kt.
 Robert Walpole £/};         Stephen Harvey, £/£j
 Sir Thomas Littleton Bar. Denzil Onflow, E/j;

 The Hon. Sidney Wortley, Thomas Onflow,
^/j;7j Mountagiie Eff^       Thomas Felhatn, Efq.,
 The Hon. Charles Egcitoli Sir Nicholas Pelharn Kt.
                             Nathaniel Gould, £/ji
The Han.ThomasWent-                     Robert Eyre, E/f j
   worth £/j;                           SirJohn Hawles, Kt.r
Sir Francis Blake Kt.                   SirJames Alh, Bart.
Sir Henry Liddall Ear,                  Thomas     Jervoife, Efq\
WilJnm Can      Efq-,                   Edward    Afli, £/ji
Emanuel How Efq\                        William Monfon, Efq\
Sir John Delaval Bar.                   James Montague, £/ji
Samuel Ogle £/^;            Charles Momijeffon, f/'ft
Jonathan Hutchinfon E/ji William Welfli, £/ji
John Thornaugh Efq\         Thomas Wylde, £/"^;
Sir Francis Molyneux Bar. Charles Cocks, E/ji
George Gregory Efq\         John Rudge, £/f.
Sir Humphry Briggs          The Right Honourable

Sir \Vm. Forrefter Kt.         William Lord Marquii
George Weld £/jj              of Hartisgton.
Robert Yate Eff^           Sit William Robinfon.
Sit William Daines Kt.      Sir William St, Quintin.
Edward Clark Efq\           William Maifter, £/j;
George Bakh f/^i            Chriftopher Stockdale, £/j5
The Right Hon. Lord         Sir Will. Huftler, Kt.
   William Pawlet           Sir William Strickland, Bart.
George Rodney Bridges £/j*, William Jeflbp, £/fi
Anthony Morgan          Efq\                      Hotham, Bart.
                                        Sir Charles
Robert Mitchell f/j;                    William Lowther, Efq\
Thomas Dore     Efq\                    John Paltney, Efq\
Paul^urrard Efq\                        Matthew Aylraer, f/j;
Richard Woolafton £/f                   Philip Papillon, £/j;
The Right Hon. John                     Sir Henry Furnefe, Kt.
  Smith Efq\                            •Sir Arthur Owen, Bart.
Sir Michael Biddulph Bar.               Griffith Rice, £/ji
John Crew   Offley      £/"f,
Thomas Guy B/j;                                   In   all   xi8.
The Honourable Spencex
  Compton, Efq\                               Tellers for the Yea's,
Sir Jofeph Jekyll, Kt.
Sir Tho. Felton, Bart.                  Sh John     Holland.
Sir Richard Onflow. Bate,               5ii   Matthew Dudley.

A      Lift of thofe               who          voted in
       1702         againft            agreeing            with
       the    Lords Amendments                         ,to       a
       Bill   For         the farther Security of
       the    Hanover        Succefjion. ,

Sir   John Stonehoufe, Bar. Sir William Coryton Bar,
    WilJiam Jennens, Efi\   Sir Chrift. Mufgrave Bar.
Thomas Renda, f/ji          Richard Mufgrave £/j;
Sir Simon Harcourt, Kf,     Chriflopher Mufgrave E[q\
   Solicitor General        John Curzon Efq\
Simon Harcourt,    Ef^\ Ailef-   Thomas Coke- f/jj
  bury                           John Harpur £/ji
Sir   Henry Parker, Kt.          Thomas Coulfon      Efq^
Sir   Sam. Garrard, Bar.         John Woolcomb £/"f;
Richard Crawley, Efq\            Nicholas Hooper Serjeant
Granado Pigott, £/ji         at Law.
The Hon. Arthur Annefley Richard Hcle Efq\
                          James Bulteel £/j;               .

Sir George Warbutton Bar. Sir Thomas Lear Bar.
Sir Roger Moilyn Bar.     Richard Reynell f/j;
James Bailer f/y;         Frederick Heme Efq;
William Gary £/j;         The. Strangeways Efq'^
The Rt. Horioujabie Henry Thomas Chaffin Efq^
   Lord Hide              Nathaniel Napier Efq\
William Poleif/j;         The Hon. Henry Thynne Efq\
Francis Scobell Efq\      George St. Loe Efq\
Sir Henry Seymour ^jy.    Edward Nicholas Efq-^
Alex. Pendarves £/5              Richard Fovrnes Efq\
John Manley Efq^                 Sir Robert Eden Bar.
George Granville Efq-^           SixHenry Bellafyfe Kt.
Heniy Flemming £/jf j            Thomas Conyers Efq'y
Joiin Anftis Eff^                Sit Char.   Barrington Bar*
Sir Nicholas MoriceJ?jr.         William Fytche     Efq\
John Tredenham Eff\
   John Comyns

                     £/f 5
                                           William Levfnz,
                                                            ;     ;      i

  Kt. Hon. John How Ef^\                   SiiRobert Jenkinfon, Eart
  William Trye ^jj-                        William Bromley, £/£j
  Charles Cox E[^\ of Ciren-               Thomas Rowney, £/f
        cefter.                            Francu Norreys, ^jj
 Henry Gorges Ef^-y                        The Honourabk Charles
 Henry Com\«rafi f/yj                         North, £rf
 Ralph Freenlan Ef^\                      Richard Holford, f/^j
 John Gape Bf^\                           Roger Owen, f/f
 Charles Cafar E/f                        John Kynafton, £/<?;
 Richard Goulfton Efq\                    Richard Mytton,             %-
 Henry Lee £/jj                           5it Edward Afton.
 Idtv. Knatchbiill £/^i                   Nathaniel Palmer, Effy
 WiUiam Cage     £/ji                     Sit Francis Warr, Bart.
 The Hon. Heneage Fiach                   .Sir   Thomas Wroth, Bw. j
                                          SixJacob Banks, Kt,
 Thomas Blifs Efq\                        George Pitt, £/j;
 Thomas King £/j*,                        Henry Holmes, £/|9
 Richard Fleetwood £/j;                   William 5tephens, S/jj
 Robert Heyftiam Efq\                     Francis      Gwyu,    E/^>
John Ward £/ji of Newton. Edward Bagot, Ef^;
Thomas Leigh of Lyme, £/}i Jofeph Girdlcr, Serjtam
The Hon. John Verney Efq^-^   at LifP,
Sir George Beaumont iar. Sit Robert Davers, Kt.
James Winftanly £/j;        Morgan Raiidyl, £/f j
The Hon. Lewis Dymoke £jf j Thomas Gery, £/f,
5ir John Thorold, Kt.       Henry St. John, £/fi
Sit     Thomas Meres, Kt.                 Robert Byerley, Efy;
Arthur Moore, EJq\                        The Right Hon. LordVift
The Hon. Williaia           C«cil,          count Bulklcy.
                                          The Right MonouiaMe
The Hon. Charles                            Thomas Manfet ot

                                            Morgan,      %
Thomas Crofs, £/jj                                In   all 117.
•S'ir   Francis Child, Kt,
Thomas       Blofield, f/j;                      Tellers fox the t^os's
Six Juftiniaii Ifliam, Bar.
Francis Arundel, £/ji                     SiiWi!loughbyHickmiH,JCf,
John James, f/jj                          Richard Crawley, £/f,
A Lift             of      thofe          Members, who
      in      1   708 voted                      for the A6i
      for NatHralis(tng                          Foreign Fro-
      teflamsy             as       it     was printed                  in


 iV. J?.   Thofe   in   Black brought the         Bill into the     Houfe.

           Bedfordjhire.                             Chejhlre.

RT     H»n.   Edward            Hon. Langham Booth £/f,
     5zV William Goftwick 5. John Crew Efq'y
William Farrer £/"^;                     Comwd,
William Hillerfdon Efq\         John Dolben Efq\ ice.
           ffrh.        '       Robert Furnefs Efq:,
IBtcbatD meWl, Efq;             Henry Vincent Efy\
Rt. tdon. Vij count Fitzharding Hon, Ruflel Robarts Efq'y
Richard Topham Ejq\             John Evelyn Efq',
Owen Buckingham            Efq'-,        Thomas Scawen      Efqr,
Grey Nevill Efq\                         Anthony Nicoll Efq;
William Hucks Efq\                       Samuel Travers Efq:
            Bucks.                        Francis Foot Efq;
Sir Edmund Denton Bar.                   John Borlace Efq;
Richard Hampden Efq'y                    Henrv Vincent ^un. Efq;
Sir Richard       Temple    Bar.         Sir William Hodges Bar.
Alexander Denton Efq;                             Cumberland.,
Charles Godfrey Efq-^                    Sir3amcs ig^ountas"^ Kt.
Fleetwood Dormer £fq!                    Thomas Stanwix Efq;
Simon Mayne Efq;                         Hon, Albemarle Bertie Efq;
Thomas Ellis £/y;                                  DerbyJJnre.
SirRoger Hill Kt,                        Rt. Hon. Thomas Coke Efq;
James Chafe Efq\                         Rt, HonourahU Lord. James
       Cambridgefhire,                            Cavendifh
Bir Ruflioui Cullen Bar^                 Sir   Thomas Parker      Kt.
         Devonjhlre,           1                Kent.
]ohn Harris £/^;                    Sir   Thomas Palmer            Ear.
John Dibble £/^;                    SirStephen Leonard
George Treby f/^;                   Hon. Edward Watfon               Efq',
Sir Walter Younge, Bar.             Thomas D'Aeth >«.               Ejq'y
Sir John Cope Jun. Kt,              Sir Stafford Fairborn Ki.
Roger Tuckficfd EJq'y               Sir Thoivias Colepepyr Bar*
Robert Balle Eff,                   Sir Robert Marfham Bar.
Sir^ctetftin^Kt.                    Sir   John Jennings Kt.
Spencer Cowpcr Ej'q'y                         Lancaflnre.
Thomas Bere Efq',                   i7o«.   Charles Stanley Efq\
         Dnrfetjkire.               Arthur Manwaring ff^;
Thomas Ridge   £/^;                 Henry Bradfhaigh Ejq'y
Awnfham Chuichill Efq\              Richard Norris         Efq'y
Thomas Freke £/>;                             heiceflerfnre.
John Burridge Ejq\                  Sir Gilbert    Pickering Bar.
Hon. Maurice Afliley        Efq'^              Lincobiflnre.
Anthony Henley Efqi                 George Whichcot           Efq-y
William Coventry Efq\               William Cotefworth             Efq'y
Sir John Cropley Bar.               Sir William Elivs
Sir   Edward   Earle                           Middlefex.
          Durham.                   John Aufiin Efq'y
Hon. William Vane Efq\              Scorie Barker Efq'y
James Nicholfon Efq\                Hon. Henry Boyle Ef^y
           E(fex.                   Sir William Afhhurft Kt.
Thomas Middleton Efq-y              Sir Gilbert Heathcote Kt.
Sir Ifaac Rebow Kt.                        Monmouthfnre.
Sir Thomas Webfter Bar.             John Morgan //Tredegar E,
Thomas Richmond Efq\                           Norfolk.
Thomas Frankland Efq'y       Sir]dhn Holland Bar,
       Gloucefierjhire.      A(h Windhan) Efq'y
Matthiw-Ducie Morton Eff-, Waller Bacon Efq'y
Sir John Guife Bar.          John Chambers f;/^;
Francis Windham Efq'y        Sir Charles Turner Kt.
Richard Dowdefwell Efq-y     Robert Walpole Efq-y
Henry Ireton Efy'y           H. Roger Townfend Efq-^
        Herefotdjhire,       Robert Baylis Efq;
Hon. James Brydges Efq'y     Thomas de Grey Efq-^                          .

Hon. Thomas Ld. Coningsby. ^o«. William Feikiing Efq:,
John Birch Efq\ Serj. at haw       tJortkatnpionfoire,
       HertfordJJ)ire,       Hon. fij'pDac^ tJ3.c%x\zi^ alias
Jofhua   Lcmax      Efq-y                 fl^ountague     Efq-,'
Sir   Thomas Clerk       Kt,        i/ow.   George Weuntague                   j?/"^;

William Monfon Efq'y       Bon. Charles Egertcn E/^j
John Pocklington Efq'y            Northumberland.
Edward Wortley aliai Moun- William Carr Efq-y
      tague Efq'y          Sir Henry Lyddel Bar,
f fancis Page    Efq'y

                                               ~^^                          '
     Sir   Riciard Sanford B.n*                     Cifw Offley
     Sir Jo. Bennet Kt.          Serj. at      L.   John Lawton
                                                    "-,_    ,,i
     Samuel Ogle       £/"^:                        Richard Swinfen     .

     Jonathan Hutchinfon Eff^                                  Suffolk.
               NotUn^hatjip^ire                     "William Churchill
     John Thorn ha gh Ej'q'-,                       Sir Richard Allen
     John Plumtree Efy\                             Daniel Harvey
     Robie Sherwin Efqt,                            William Thompfon
     Thomas White Efq\                              Hon. Spencer Corapton
     Htn Richard Sutton E/g';                       Sir 3lorcpl; IJet^tli
                 Oxon.                              Aubrie Porter
     Francis    LL        Rialton
                      Vi(c.                                        Surrey,
     Sir   Thomas     Wheate Bar,                   Sir   William Scawcn
              RutJandJJh-re.                        Charles       Cox
     Philip Sherrard £/j;                           John Cholmley
                    Salop.                          Thomas Onflow
     Henry Lord Newport                             George Evelyn
     Sir   Robert Corbett Bar,                      James Cocks
     Sir   Humphrey      Briggs Bar,                DenzU Onflow
     Sir William Forrefter Kt.                             Carey
     Thomas Weld        £/?-,                               Supx.
     Richard Harnage            Efq'^               Sir   Henry Peachy
     Charles Mafon       Efq-^                      Peter Gott
              S'imcrfeijhlre,                       Lieut. Gen. Mercditi
 Robert Yate Efq-^                                  Samuel Gott
 Sir William Daines Kt,                          Thomas Pelham
 William Blaithvvait Ej\-^                       Gregory Page
 "William      Coward         Efq-^              Richard Lloyd
 George Dodington               £/"^j            SirCleve Moor
 George Balch Efq-^                              William Hale
Sir        Thomas Travel Kt.                     Lord Lumley
              Southampton.                       Richard Ld. Vifl. Shannon
lord mtUtam |£iat3Qlett                                        (Varwickjhire.
George- Rodney Bridges                      Eif; SirOrlando Bridgman
 Thomas        Erie                              Edward Hopkins
ffan.Norton Powlett                                          WelitTJOrland.
Sir Edward Lawrence                              Daniel Wilfon
James Worfley                                    Nicholas Lech mere
flenry Worfley                                               Wihfi)irs,
Paul Burrard                                    IRobcrt (Slyxi
Richard Ch^undler                               SirLambert Blackwell
Richard Woalafton                               Charles Mompeffon
George Bridges                                  John Eyre
John Smith                                      Reynolds Calthorp
William Guidott                                 Edward Afhe
              Staffordjhire,                    "William Alhe
"Walter       Chetwynd                          Edward Baynton
George Duckett                ^"    William    Jeflbp
Jofiih Difton                       Sir Charles Hotham
Paul Methuen                        Sir William Hufticr
James Mountague
Thomas Farrington                   William Lowther
Edmund Dunch
James Vernon                         Barons of    the Cin^uc'Ferts,
Bon. Robert Cecill                  John Pulteney
Sir   Edward   Earle                Matthew Aylmer
         jyoTceflerjhire.           Philip Papillon
Sir   Tho. Cookes Windford          Sir    Henry Furnefe
Thomas Wylde                        Jofias Burchet
Sir Edward Goodere                  Hon. John Fane
John Rudge                          John Brewer
            Torkjhire,              Walter Whitfield
Sir William Strickland              Philip Gibbon
Sir William Robinfon                Thomas     Briftol
Sir William St. Quintin                       Dafhwood
                                    Sir Ftancis
William Maifter                     iSiHimn ILotxmDes
Chriftopher Stockdale               George Nailor
William Thompfon
Thomas York                                    WALES.
Hon, Henry Mordaunt
William Pulteney                                ^a>marth£nt
Hugh Cholmeley                      Griffith   Rice
Craven Peyton                                  Glamor^ait.
William Palmes                      Sir    John Aubrey
Will am Strickland                             Pembfoke.
Sir Thomas Frankland                Wiriot Owen
Robert Monckton                     &> Arthur Owen.

A       Lift of thofe                Members^ who
        voted for              Dodor            Sacheverel;
        printed in 17 lo.

           Beiforijhirf.            tfir Johs Stonehoufe

N       Ot one in
        the IDOttor.
                    this   County for Anthony BJagrave
                                    Thomas R«nda
                           t   1«?

            Bucls.                             Dorfetjhlre,
Francis    Duncombe              Thomas Strangeways
.S'V   Samuel Garrard            Thomas Chaffin
Sir    James EtheriJge           William Lewen
          Cawbridgejlme.         Thomas Strangeways            j««.
John Bromley                     Edward      Nicholas
/Jtjn. Arthur Annefley           George Fitt
Bon. Dlxey Windfor               John Banks
John Hynde Cotton                Richard Fownes
Samuel Shepheard                          Durham.
             Cheshire.           Sit Robert Eden
S'r    Henry Bun bury                          Eifex,
Peter Shakerlv                   5/r Richard Child
         Comwal.                           Gloucejlerjlnre.
James Buller                     Thomas Webb
J?. Hon. Henry LA. Hyde          Allen Bathurft
William Gary                     Charles Cox
John Trevanfort                            Herefordflnre.
Sir Chomley Deering              R. Hon. James Lord Vifcount
Alexander Pendarves                Scudamore
John Man ley                     John Price of VVifterton
John Conyers                     Thomas Foley
Sir    Renry Seymour             Edward Harley
Harrv Trelawny                   Henry Gorges
Thomas Hcrnc                             Hertfordjhlrt.
John I-Taed                      Ralph Freeman          )««.
John Borlace                    Thomas Halfey
G-'orge Grandville              John Gape
F-dward     F.Iiot                         Hunting i onjhi ve»
Francis Scobell                 John Prob?v
Sir Nicholas Mi^rice                           Kent.
Sir Willijm Pole                 Not one in    this County for the
           Derbyjlnre.               S>0(tor
John Curzon                                    Lancajhire.
           Devonjhire.           Richard Shuttleworth
   William Courtenay
.'vV                             Henry Fleetwood
Robert Rolle                     Robert Heyfham
Nicholas Wood                    William Heyfham
Sir Edward Seymour               John Ward of Capefthorn
George Courtenay                 Edward Heme
Richard Ackland                  Chriftopher Parker
Nicholas Hooper                            Leiceflerjhire*
Sir William Drake                jefFeryPalmer
Henry M ana ton                  Sir George Beaumont
Nathaniel     Heme               James Winftanly
Frederick     Heme                         Lincobijbirf*
Richard Mervia                   H. Hon. Peregrine Li. Wil-
                                     (oughby of Eresby                Si^
                                   .                                                                               .

    sirThomas Meres                    Kt.                     Sontli'amptoh.
    Thomas Lifter                                   Simeon Stewart
    Richard Wynn                                    Henry Holmes
    Arthur Moor                                     Leonard Bilfon
    //on.Charles Cecil                              William Stephens
    Hon. Charles Bertie                             Francis    Gwyn
              Middlefex.                            William Ettricke
    Thomas Medlicotc                                          Stafordlhhre.
    SirWilliam Withers                              ffan,   Henry Pagett
    John Ward                                       7ohn Wrottefly                                             y.
          Monmouihjbzre,        John Cotes
    Thomas Ld. Vifcoimt Windfor Thomas Foley
    Clayton Milbbm              Jofeph Girdler
             Norfolk.                                          Suffolk.
    Richard Ferrier                                 Sir    Thomas Hanraei
    Horatio Walpole                                 Sir Robert Davers
            Northamptonjhire,                       Sir William Barker
    Sir Juftinian Ifliam                            Clement Curranc«
    Thomas    Cartvrright                           Sir Henry Johnfon
    Sir Gilbert   Dolben                            William Johnfon
    Francis Arundel       j««.                      Jofeph    Weld
    Hon. Thomas Wentworth                                      Surrey,
         Northumberland.                            sir John Parfons
    Thomas Forfter jtt«.                            Morgan Randyl
            Nottingkarnjlnre.                       Sir George Newland
    V/illiara Levinjs                               Paul Docminique
    ;   .      Oxon.                                Theophilus Oglethorp
    Sir Robert Jenkinfon                                        Supx.
    Sir William Whitlock                            Sir    Richard Farrington
    William Bromley.                                Charles Eveisfield
    Sir ]ohn Walter                                 Lawrence Alcock
    Thomas Rowney                                   Henry Campion
.   ^rj. Charles North                                        Wnrmckjbire.
             Rutland/hire.                          Sir    John Mordaunt
    Richard Hal ford                                Andrew Archer             .

             Salopl                                 Hon. Francis GreVille                     _

    SirThomas Powys                                 /foM.   Dodington     Gteville
                                                                                      '       '"
    Afton Baldwyn                                            Wejlmorclani'.
              Somerfet.                             James Grahme
    "Henry Portraan                                 Edward Duncombe
John     Prowfe _.                                          mUJhire.   _^                              ;

    Samuel Trotman                                  iSSrRichard Hove
    Edward Colfton jwn.                             Robert Hyde      \
    Sir Francis   Warr        .'
                                                    Charles Fox                                            X   f
    .?!rJohn Trevelyah                              Si^ Charles Dunoomhe                           .
    ^ir Jacob Banks                                 Edmond Lambert                ;       uilli'/'
    Edward Fhelips        .                         Hon. Henry Bertie                     •
'^atnes     Johnfon                          C                                                 Francis
     Francis Anneflcy                               4^ Edward Williams
     S\v   James Long                               Lewis Price
     R, Hon, Charles t^, Bruce                      Sir   Simon   Hjircotirt
     Hon, Robert Bruce                              William     Griffith
     William Haivie                                 Sir   Richard Middleton
     Robert Pitt                                    Sir   William Williams
     Francis Popham                                 Sir   John Conway
     Hon, James Bruce                               Sir   Tho. Manfell of Margani
             Jf^orcefierfhire,                      Richard VaugHari
     5i>John Packington                             Edward Vaughah
     Samuel Swift                                   John Laugharne
     Edward Foley                                   Thomas tiarley
     Edward Winnington                              Rt, Hon, ROtiert    Hailcy
     Henry Ld.         Vifc,     Down                           Scothntl.
     Robert Benfon                                  William Johnfton
     Robert Byerly                                  Geo. Lockhart of CarnWath^
     John Hungerfoid                                Robert Urquhatt junior of
     John Aiflabie                                    Burdfyeards
     John Sharpe                                    Sir   James Abercrombie
     Thomas York                                    Sir   John h\\^i\lt\itx junior of
     Sir   Brian Stapylton                                Anflruther
     Sir   Michael Warton                           John Garnegte o/Boyftck
                                                    Mr, Robert Roger Merchant
                                                    John Houftoun junior of
     John Botelcr                                     Houftouri
                                                    Dugald Stewatt o/Blairhall
                      If^aler,                      Jofeph Auftiii
     RichardX*/. Vifc, Bulkley                      Sir   John Shaw o/QrenOck
     Hm, Henry Bertie                               Hou, Lieut, Genl Rofs,

     A       Lift              ojf   thofe                who       voted        ^i.

             gainft              Dr. Sacheverel;                            Priri*
             ted         ill     1710.

      tj*.   Thbre
                         markM       witti a *,
                                       ]   I   II   ———
                                                      were the Hon. Managers,
                                                                W^i——   ———      ^M^W

                  JBedfordjhzre,                                  Beris»

     RT      Hon. Ld. Edw.
         55r William Qoftwick
                                     Riiffel.       Richard Nevill
                                                    John L</.'f^i/f. Fitzharding
     William Faner                                  Richard Topbam
     ^iVilliam HHteifdon                            Owen Buckingham
Grey Nevill
William Hucks                John Harris
               Bucks.        Sir George Byng
SirEdmund Dentoii            John Dibble
Richard Hampden              George Treby
                  Temple     Sir Walter Younge
Sir Ri-hard
                             Sir John Cope J!/n,
Alexander Denton
Charle, Godfrey
                             Roger Tuckfieid
Fleetwood Dormer             Robert Balle
                             *Spencer Cowper
SirJohn Wittewronge
Simon Mayne.                 ^Sir Peter    King   ReiQtdfr of
Harry Grey Nevill              London              ''t'"'*

SirRoger Hill                Thomas fiere             '

James Chafe
         Canihridgejhire,    Thomas Rid^e
Sir   Rulhout CuUen          Awnfham       Cnurchill
           CheOnre,          Thomas Freke
Hon. Lapgham Booth           John Burridge
               Qprrmal.      Edward Clavell
                             Hon. Maurice Aftiley
John    Dolben
Francis Robarts              Anthony Henley
Robert Furnefs               William Coventry
                             Sir johnCropley
Henry Vincent
Hon. Ruffel Robarts          Rt. Hori'   Thomas Erie
John Evelyn
Sidney Godolphin                        Vane
                             Hon. William
James Craggy                 Thomas Conyers
Thomas Scawen                James Nicholfon
Rt. Hon. James Vernon-
Anthony Nicoll               Sir Francis    Mafliam
Samuel Travers               Thomas Middleton
Francis Foote                Sir Ifaac Rebow
Henry Vincent pn.            Sir Thomas Webftet
Hugh     Fortefcue           Thomas Richmond
Sir   William Hodges         Henrick Edisburf
           Ciimherland,      Thomas Frankland
Gilfrid Lawfon                   GbuceJltrJhiTe.

^Sir James Mountague Attor- Matthev Ducie
  ney General               Sir John Guife
*James Stanhope              Francis Windham
Hon. Albemarle Bertie        Henry Ireton
               Thomas Coke   //on. Jatnc*   Bridges
Rt.   //o7t.
  Vicc-Chamberlam             ^Rt. H. Tho. U. Conin^sby
                                          Serj.at Lsv
Rt. Hon. Li. James Cavendifli John Birch
Sir Thomas PaiKei Scrj, at ^
      l^                       Jofhua l-omax
                                  *" ^

Sir    Thomas Clark                Sir Charles    Tamer
William Monfon                     *Robert Walpole
          Hunting tonjbire,        Hon. Roger Townfliend
John Pocklington                   Robert Baylis
Edward Wortley aliia          Mon- Thomas de Grey
  tague                            Hon. William Fielding
Francis Page                       Horatio Walpole
             Kent.                         Northamptonjhire,
SirThomas Palmer                   Hon. Sidney Wortley alias
David Pq^ni                             Montague
Hon, JEdward Watroa                Hon. George Montagu^
Thomas D'Aeth )««.                 Hon, William EgerCon
Sir    Stafford Fairborn                 Northumberland.
SirJohn Leake                      Rt. Hon, Alger noon Earl of
SirThomas Colepepyr                  Hertford
SirRobert Marlhara                 William Carr
SirJohn Jennings                   Sir   Henry Liddel
Henry Withers                      Sir Richard Sandford
            Lancajbire,            Sir John Bennet Serj. at Lava,
Hon. Charles Stanley               Jonathan Hutchinfon
Arthur Manwaring                           No t tinghamjl^ire,
Sir Roger Bradfhaigh               John Thornhagh
Henry Bradfhaigh                   John Pluqitree*
Chriftopher Parker                 Roby Sherwin
Sir    Thomas Johnfon              Thomas White
Richard Norris                     Hon. Richard Sutton
          Leiceflerjhhe,           Hon. James Sanderfoa
Sir Gilbert Pickering                         Oxon.
          Lincolnjhire,            Rt. Honourable Francis Lord
George Whichcot                      Vifcount   Rialton
Hon. Peregrine Bertie             Sir    Thomas Wheate
'William Cotefworth                         Rutlandjhire^
Sir William Ellys                 Philip Sherard
          Aliiilefex''                           Salop.
John Auftin                       Henry Ld, Newport
Scorie Barker                     S;r Robert Corbet
*Ru    Hon. Henry Boyle           Sir Edward Ley ton
Sir William Afliurft                        Jones
Sir Gilbert Heathcote             Sir    Humphrey Briggs
John    Ward                      Sir William Forefter
          MQnm0utI:fiire.         Thomas Weld
John Morgan 0/ Tredegar           Richard Hairnage
           Norfolk.               Charles   Mafon
*Sir Jqhn Holland                          Somerfetjbire,
Afli   Windham                    Robert Yate
Waller Bacon                      Sir Williani Daines
]oh^ Chambers                     William Blathwait
 William Coward                                 Suffex,
 George Dodington                   Sir    Henry Peachey
 George Belch                        Peter Gott
 Thomas Smith                        Sir   Richard Farington
          Southampton.                Thomas Carr
 Charles Marq. of          Winchefter fohn Wicker
 *JJ.^. Ld, William Powlec           Lieut. Gen, Meridith
        «- Jarvis
                                     Samuel Gott
 George Rodney Bridges              Thomas Pelham
 Adam     de Cardonnel              John Page
Sir Charles    Wager                Richard Lloyd
Anthony Morgan                      William Hale
Hon. Norton Pawlett                 Sir Cleve Moor
Sir Triftram Dillington             Henry Goring
*Sir John    Hawles                 Hon. Rich, Lumley
Sir   Edward Lawrence               Lord Lomly
James Worfley                       Richard Ld. Vifc. Shanon
Henry Worfley                                  IVanvickJh'ire,
Paul Burrard                        SirOrlando Bridgman
Richard Chaundler                   Edward Hopkins
Richard Woolafton                             Wellmorland,
George Bridges                      Daniel Wilfon
*Rt. i^on. J^.hn Smith              ^Nicholas    Lechmere
William Guidott                               WiJtJhire.
         Staffor djhire.            Robert Eyre
•Walter Chetwynd                    SirLambert Blackwell
Crew Offley                         Charles Mompeflbn
Jokn Law ton                        John Eyre
Richard Swinfea                     Reynolds Calthorp            •
          Suffolk.                  Edward Afhe
William Churchill                   William Aflie jun.
SirRichard Alkn                     Edward Baynton
Daniel Harvey                       George Ducket
•William Thorapfon                  Jofiah Difton
Philip Skippon                      Paul Methuefl
Sir   Harvey Elwes                  James Montague
*Hon. Spencer Compton               Thomas Farrington
'"'Sir Jofeph Jekyl                 Edmund Dunch
            Surrey.                 James Vernon
Sir   Richard Onflow                Hon. Robert Cecil
Sir   William Sea wen              Sir Edward Erale
Charles Coxe                                 W^orcefierfoire.
John Cholmley                      Sir    Tho. Cookes Windfoid
Thomas Onflow                      Thomas Wylde
George Evelya                      Sir Edward Goodcre
James Cocks                        John Rudge
Denzil Onflo-^                                 Torljhire,
      Carey                        Sir William Strickland        Sit

sir   William Robinfon
                           T^ J
Sir William St. Quintin
William Maifter
Chriftophcr Stockdale        Sir    Alexander   Cummin
William Thomfoi>            Hon. John Gordon
Thomas York                 Hon. Francis Montgumery ;-
*Hon. Henry Mordaunt        Hon. Jaa)es Campbell       ^
William Pultcney jM^?.      Hon. James Campbell )"«• of
Hugh Chomley
Craven Peyton                Alexander       Aberc^ombie       %
William Palmes                 Glaffaugh
                             George Bailie0/
William Strickland
Sir Thomas Fraakiand         John Mongomery           \
        Smalt                Hon. William Dairy rapls (f
William Jellbp                 Glenmuir
                Hotham       John Campbell of      Mamore
&V    Charles
Sir William Huiller          William Greir
Roger Oale                   SirPatrick Johnfisn
William Lowtlvcr             Hon. Col. Patrick Ogilvie of
Sir John Bland
                             James Ab^rcrombic
 Barons of the Cinque-rcris. John
johB Pukeney                 J. Cockburn of
Matthew Aylmej               ^Sir David Dalrymple of
Philip Papillon
Sir Henry Fucncfe
                             Alexander Grant of Grant
                             Alex.       DufFo/Drumuir
Jofias Burcl^ictt
                             Sir David Ramfay o/Ba|main
Hon. John Fane
                             Lieut. CoU. John Steuart 0/
W^tcr  Whitfield
lohn Brewer
                             Ru  Hon. Li. Archibald Ha-
Philip Gibbon
                                milton of Motherwell
Thomas     Briftol
                Dafhwooi     Hon. Col. George Donglafs
Sir Francis
William Lowndes
                             Hugh Rofg \un. o/Kilravock.
                             Sir Alex. Douglals 9/ Egil-
George Nailor
           WALES.            William Moi^'i^o"

                             Robert Duglals
           C.armarthan,      Sir Gilbert Eliot of Stobs

GriffinRice                  John Pringle of Haning
                             Hen. Cuningham iun. Boou-
Richard Vaughan
                             Col.    John Erskin
Sir   John Aubrey
          Pembroke,          ^^V Will.Gordon of Dalpoly
                             Hon. John Stewart of Sorby
Wiriot Owen
                             William Cockran o/KUma-
«r Arthur Owen                                                 A
                               ranock                      <
                               C        ^3    J

VV        Lift         of      thofe           that voted in
      .1715              For the Fremb                            Com-
        merce           Bill,           according to the
        trueft           Lift           Printed             in          that
                                     SzV^Viniam Carew
            BedfordJJ}ife.           Jonathan Elford
Not        one
        the Bill.
                 in   thU County for Sir Bouchier Wray
                                         Ht, Hon, T.    Coke      Vice- Cham*
             Beris,                      Alexander Pendarves
SirJohn Stonehoufe                       Edward Southwell
Robert Packer                            John Manley
Charles A Id worth                       Henry Campion
John Dalby                               Henry Vincent ]un,
Thomas Rcnda                             Bernard Granville
              Bucks,                     Abraham Blackmore
Thomas Chapman                           John Anftis                       *
Charles.Godfrey                                 Cumberland*
Simon Harcourt                           Not one in this Counti         (or the
John Drake                                    Bin
f rancis Duncembe                                   Derbyjhirem
George Bruere                            Edward Munday
          CaHtibriageJhirf..            Nathaniel Curion
Sir   John Hyade Cotton                             Devonjbirf,
          Chepire.                      John Snell
Not one in thU Ounti for           J^   Jt^rancis   Gwin
                     *    •"
  Bill,                                 S'/rNicb.Hooper        5'^r;.   at liTw^
            Cor/noaL                ,   James Shepherd
John Trevanion                          James Buiteel
Sir   Richard Vyvyan                    Andrew Q&icke
George Gierke                           Frederick HeriiS
Ma]or-Gen. John HiU                     Sir   Edward Norticy
Ruflel Robarts
R«berc Chili                            Edward Bingham
                           T~^        y-
sir Nathaffiel
             Nappler            Sir   Thomas     Croffe
William Hcrvy                   Sir   William Withers
Sir Thomas Hardy                            Monmouthjhirci
Edward Nicholas                 Clayton Milborne
Rich. Fown«s                                 Norfolk.
         Durham.                SirJohn Woodhoufe
Sir Robert Eden                 Richard Bemey
Thomas Conyers                  Richard Fcrricr
            EJfex.              Horatio Walpole
SirRichard Child                           Northamptonfhirc.
William Gore Merchant           John Burgh
John G>mins Ser\, a: Law                   Northumberland.
Thomas Bramfton                 Thomas       Forfter jun.
Kertdrick Edisbury              Sir William Bracket
         Ghuce/ierjhire.         William Wrightfon^^
"Not one in this chathing County       Not tinghamfiifri.
   for the Bill.                 Richard Newdigate
         Herefordjhire.                       Oxon.
Sir   Thomas Morgan             Sir   William Whitelocfc
Hon, James Brydges             Sir    John Walter
Thomas Foley                    Thomas Rowney
Edward Harley                   ^o«. Charles North
         HenforJ.Jhire,                    Rutlandjl)ire.
John Gape                       Richard Halford
Charles Caefar                               Salop.
Richard Gulfton                 Edward       Creflet
        Huntinponjinre,         Richard Crelwel
Sir   John Cetron               Afton Baldwyn
           Kent.                Sir Robert Raymond
Percival Hart                              Somerfetjhire.
John Hardres                   Sir William Wyndhaci
Henry Lee                      Edward Colfton ym»
5Vr   John Leake               Henry Portman
William Cage                   NathanieJ Palmer
James Herbert                  Sir John Trevelyan
         Lnncafiirg.           Sir Jacob Banks
Henry Fleetwood                Sir j5me$ Bateman
Thomas Legh                     Edward       Phejips
iSWRoger Bradfhaigh                         S'Aithampton*
George Kenion                  Richard Fleming
        Leicejierfhire.        Roger Harris
Sir   George Beaumont          .?/> James Widiart

          LincoJnJhire.        Sir William Giffard
Thomas     Lifter              Hon. William SeymOUt
Arthur Moor                    William Stephens
         Midilefex.            James Worflcy
ThoVAV Medlicot                Henry Worfley
                               WiJJiam Etterlck^               Sir
   Peter Mew^
.9;r                          Samuel Pytts               -^
Fredericke Tilney             Samuel Swifc
Thomas Vernon                 E4ward JefTc^ries
          Staffordjhire.      Edward Foley
William Ward jm«.             Sir Edward Goo^ere
Charles Bagot ;««.            Salwey Winnington
William Burfleiu                        ToriPnre.
Jofeph Girdler                Rt. Hon. Robert Ben fon
Samuel Bracebridge            Robert Byerly
           Su§olh             John Hangerford
Sir Robert Da vers            John Sharpe
tfir Edward Turncs-           Craven Peyton
Clement Corrance              Robert Monckton
Sir Henry Johnfoa              Barons of the Cintjue-rortu
John A^Kfi                    Sir Jofer^h    Martyn
Robettjiklyn                  John Mitchel
           Siirrer,           William Lowndes
John    Ward
Theephilus Oglethorp            •           W AL£        S.
             Sujfex.                        jin^lefey,
Charles Eversfieli            Rt. Hon. Lord Bulkeley
John Middleton                Hon. Henry Bertie
William Shippea                              Flint.
Henry Goring                  Sir   John Conway
Robert Leeves                                 Radnor,
John Conyers                  Thomas Harley
Leonard Gale                  Rt. Hon. Edw. Zd. Harley
 5ir William Boughton                 SCOTLAND.
 Sir Chriftopher Hales        SirAlexander Cymmiog j««-
 HoH' Dodington GrevHIe       Charles Oiiphanc M. D.
                              Alexander Abercrombie of
 Hon. James                         GlaiTaUgh
 Thomas Lutwyche               Alexander Reid
             WiUjhire,         Hon. James Murray
 Sir Richard     How           Geo-. Lockhart of Carnwartt
 Edmund Lambert                Sir Alexander Areskinet
  Henry Lee- Warner            George Hamilton
  Samuel Robin fon             John Carnegie e/Boylacke
  Thomas MHlington             William Levingfton
  John Webb                     Sir James Hamilton of Rof-
  Thonaas Pearce                    chall
  Will. Harvey j««.            John Houfton ]»n.
  Hon, Robert Brace            Lord James Murray
            Worceflerjhire,    hieut. Getu Charles Rols
  Sir   John Packingoon.        John Pringle
                               5'/r   Hugt    Paterfon*
                                     D        -               h
A     Lift of the            Members          concern'J in
      Tra3e,          who         -voted    For the       French

      Obert Child                   Samuel Swift
  k    |ohn SncU                     Sir Jofeph Martytt
Frederick Hern                       Sir William Withers
Sir James Bateman                    Sir Thomas Crofs
Thomas Vernon                        Sir Robert Davers
John Ward                            William Gore
John Mead

A      Lift of            thofe   Members          wh^made
       Speeches For the French                    Bill.

Sir   Robert Vivian                  Mr. Baldwin
        Richard How
      Sir                            Mr. Foley
Sir Jofeph Martyn                    Mr* Manley
Sir William Whitleck                 Mr. Edward Harley
Sir Alexander Cuming                 Mr. James Murray-
Mr. Campion                          Mr. Arthur Moar
'Mr.   E vers field                  Mr. Caefar
Mr. A Id worth                       Col. Byerjy
Mr. Gore

 A          Lift of thofe               Members              that
        voted Jgainfi the                     F'R.ENCH
        Gommerce                   Bill in        17 13.      ^c-

 g      cording to                  the      trueft        Lifts
        printed in that Year.
            XedfordJInre.            James Jennings
Sir      Will   am Goftwicke                     Burhs.
    John Cater                       Sir Richard  Temple
 William Farrer                      Sir   Thomas Lee
                Herlcs.              SirRoger Hill
 Richard Topham                      Henry Grey Nevill
 Owen Buckingham                     Sir James   Ethcredge
           Camhriiiaejb'irt,    Thomas Frankland
 John Bromley'                            Glouceflerjkire.
 John Jennings                  Matth. Ducie Morton
 Boh. Dixie Windfor             William Bromley
 John PaskeL. L. D.             William Dowdefwel
 Samuel Shepherd j««.                    Hereforifi)ir€.
              Cheshire.         John Birch     Ser]. at    Laro
 Sir   George Warburton                 Hertford/hire,
 Charles Cholmondely            Ralph Freeman
 Peter Shakerly                 Will. Luckin Grimftone
             Cornxeal,          John Pocklingron
James Craggs                    Edw. Wortley      aj.   Montague
Thomas Smith                    Francis Page
Samuel Trefufis                           Kent.
George Robinfon                &V Robert Mafham
John HopMns                                Lancajbire,
John Knif ht                   Hon. Charles Stanley
 Richard Bellafyfe             Richard Shuttleworth
Sir Richard Onflow             Robert Heyfliam
 Henry Manaton                 "William    Heylham
          Cumherland.*         John    Ward   of Capefthorn
James Lowther                  Edward Harvey
Gilfrid Lawfofl                Thomas Lifter
SirJames Monr.tague            Sir Thomas Johnfon
Nicholas Lechmere              John Cleveland
James Stanhope                           Lei^eflerfoire,
           Devonjhlre.         James Winftanley
Sir    William Courtnay                  LituoJnJhire.
Sir Copleftcne      Warwick    Lewis Dyraflcke
   Bamficld                    William Coatfworth
Richard Edgecombe              Charles Bertie
George Treby                   Sir   John Thorold
Sir John Cope ]un,             Sir   William Ellys
Richard Reynel                           Middlefex'
Nath.    Heme                  Hon. James Bertie
Sir Peter                      Sir Richard Hoare
Lawrence Carter                Sir   George Newland
John Worth                     Sir   John Cafs
          DorfetJJnre,                  Monmouthjlnre,
Sir  William Lewen             John ^torgan of Tredegar
John Burrldge                  Thomas Lewis
//O'Z. Maurice Afhley                     Norfolk.
Reginal Mariot                 Sir Jacob Aftley
A^'illiam Coventry             Sir Charles Turner
           Durham.             John Tmrner
Robert Shattoe                 idon.   William Fielding
Thomas Middleton
          T^or thaftipl onjhtre.         Onflow
     Jphn Fitz-Williams
Iffia.                             Morgan Randyl
George Mountague                   William Ne-vvland
Bon, William Egerton               Paul Docminique
i^on.    Thomas Wentworth          Sir John Glerk
          Korthitwberland.                     SuJJ'ex.
Sir   Richard Sandford             Sir   Richard Faringtoa
Zd. Vifcount Caftlc-Coraer         Thomas Pelham
Hon. ^'^ilUam Ker                  GregoBy Page
Richard Hambden                    Nathaniel Goull
          Nottingharnjinre,        Richard Lord Lumley
William Leviaz                     Earl of   Thomond
John Plumtree                                 JFnrveukJhire,
Brian Cooke                        Bon. Charles Leigh
Francis Lewis                                JFeJlmoY eland.    ^
               Oxon.               Daniel Wilfon                 I
Francis Clerk                      Edward Duncombe
Sir    Thomas Wheat                          If^iltjbire.

            jRutlandJhhe,          Robert     Pitt
Daniel Lord Finch                  Charles Mompeffon
                                   Peter Bathurft
Robert Lloyd                        John Eyre
            Somerfetjhire,          Edward      Aflie
Jofeph Earl                        William Afhe ]un.
George Dodingtori                  Francis Annefly
Sir Thomas Travel                  William Hedges
James Medlicot                      Thomas Webb             Ser], a:   Lav
       Sonthanipon,                Jofeph Addifon
 George Pitt                       Sir Joho Rufhout
 Norton Pawlett                     Edmund Dunch
 jfames Earl of Barrymorc           Thomas     Pitt
 George Dafhwood                              7rorceJ}erJ}}ire»

 l.ord William Pawlet               Thomas Wylde
 William Guidott                    John Rudge
 John Smith                                      Torlijhire,
            StafoYdCoire.           Henry Lord Vifcount Down
 Walter Chetwind                    Sir Arthur Kay
              Suffolk.              Sir William Robinfon
 Sir     Thomas Hanmer              SirWilliam St, Quintin
 William lohnfon                    William Maifter
 Thomas Maynard                     William Thomfon
 Aubrie Porter                      John Aiflabie
                Surrey.             John York
 Bon. Heneage Finch                 William Pulteney
 iS^r Charles Cox                   Hugh Cholmcly
 George Evelyn                      William Palmes
 Thomas Onflow                      V/illiam Strickland
 Sir     John Parfons               Ralph Bell          -Worfley
                                      7    y^
           U'orfley                       Richard Vanghan
William JelTop                                          Flint.
Sir Michael Waiton                    Sir       Roger Moftyn
Robert Raikes
Roger Gale                                       SCOTLAND.
Robert Fracks                         John Montgomerie
 Barons of the Qn^ue-Vorts,           George Baillie
Sir William Afhburnhara                Rc.be It Monro
Philip Pa pillion                      Thomas Smith
llori Vifcount     Shannon             Sir Patricke  Johnftown
Hon. Edward Watfon                        Alexander Grant
Sir John Norris                           Henry Cunningham jim,
Philip Gibbon                             James OfwaJd c/" Dnnekeir
Sir Francis Dafhv/cod
                               ^          George Yeaman
Robert Briftow                            John Cickburn of OtmiHonn
              WALES.                      John Steuart of Steuartfield
                 Brecon,                  Alexander Murray
 Edward       Jefferys                    Sir Robert Pollock
            Cftrmartketi.                 Sir Gilbert Elliot
 Sir   Thomas Powel                       Sir   David Dairyanple

 A     Lifl of the Members concerned in Trade,                        who
       voted Jf^air.jt the French Bill.
 0"Ven           Buckingham               Sir Charles      Cox
         Samnel Shepherd                  SirJohn Parfons
 John Bromlc^'                            William Newland
 Nathaniel Hern                           Piul Docmiaique
 Sir William Lew in                       Gregrry Page
 John Bnrridge                            Nathaniel Gc-ald
 Pobert Heylham                           Thomas     Pit
 William Heyfhain                         Robert Pit
 Sir Thomas johnfon                       John Rudge
 John Cleveland                           Philip Papillion
 Sir Richard Hoare                        Sir Francis      Dafhwcod
 Sir   George Newland                     Robert Briftow
 SirJohn Cafs                             Edward     Jefferys
 Jofeph Earl

 A     Lift      of thofe Members who made Speeches                    A-
       gair.fi   the French   Bill.

 Sir       Arthur   Kay                   lA:.   Cholmondley
        Sir Peter   King                  Mr.    Stanhope
 Sir    David Dairy mple                  Mr,    Docminique
 Sir Thomas Hanmer                        Mr.    Gould
  Mr. Robert Hevfham                      Mr.     Poulteney
                              —         n                                            —
     IVfr.   Hambden                                           Mr. Smith o/Glafgow
     Mr. Baily                                                 Mr. Aiflaby
     Mr. LawCon                                                Mr. Wortley
     Mr. Johii Smith                                           Mr. Francis Annelley

     A       Lift of                        Members who                             refus'd           the
             volunury Affociation in 1695. ta-
             ken from a Copy printed in 1701,
     Sir    J   es Eth                                   dge   Sir    E         d   N             lis
          Lord H-de                                           Th            s   R           ley

 J           .n       M_^                nil                 nj           es    B          rty
     H        —y              irl                ng            J          nK               ftoa
     3_               n Tr                       m             :iir
                                                                      J    r~nTr                  aq
 Fr                       sGw—                                 H           y    H           mes
 Anth— y H-                                  nd                Sir    J— n L         Ton   G-re         -;

 Sir Ed. S                              ur                     Sir    H             yG            gh
                      n Gr                                                nL             knor

                      Fr kQ of Dorset

                                                               W          -m Br           —     ley

 R                    d F     -nds
 J                    n    n                 w
 R                    d       H                  vf
 Th                       s   Br                  ton
 p                    rSh                    ly
 5fr J                         n    B                 lies

A         Lift                of the                    Members who voted
          /fgciinji                 the Expulfion of                            Mr.        Stale^

1 Ohn Harvey                                                 Peter Shakerly
J John Cater                                                 John TreUwny
iT   '   Thomas Lee                                                    Wager
                                                             Sir Charles
S;r      John Witt -wrong                                    Hugh Bofcawen
Sir Roger Hiii                                               James Craggs
James Stanhope                                               John Hopkins
John Bromlev^                                                Edward       Elliot
Samuel Shepherd                                              John Knight
Humphry Morrice        Paul Methuen-
James Lov/ther         Thomas Went worth
GilfridLawfon          Earl uf Herttord
Thomas Stanwix            John Germain

Sir   John Rogers      Oley Douglafs
Sir   George Byng      Ricliard Haiiibden
Richard Edgecomb       Lord Sherrard
George Treby           Lord Newport
Sir John Cope          William Whitmore
Roger Tucktield        John Weaver
George Treiichard      James Medlicot
John Burridge          Norton Pawlet
Daniel Harvey          Thomas Broderick
John Baker             Lord William Pawlet
James .Littleton       Walter Chetwind
William Betts          William Thompfon
William Coventry       Sir Harvey Elways
Thomas    Erie         Thomas Maynard
George Pitt            Edward Hopkins
John Hedwith           Carr Harv'ey
Sir Thomas Webfter     Aubrey Porter
Sir Ifaac Rebow        Sir Richard Onflow
Thomas Stevens         George Evelyn
William Dowdefwell     Thomas Onflow
Benjamin Bathurft      James Cocks
William Grirafton      Paul Docminique
William Hale            James Brudenel
Sir Matthew Dudley     Thomas Felham
Robert Piggot          John Morley Trevor
Lord Hinchinbrook      Nathaniel Gould
Sidney Wortley         Francis Chamberlayn
Sir Robert Mafljam     Spencer Compton
Sir   Samuel Ongley    Lord Thomond
Robert Heyfham         Lord Lumley
Sir   Thomas Johnfon   Daniel Wilfon
Lord Willoughby        Sir Richard Sandford
Sir John Brownloe      John London
Sir  JohnThorold       Thomas Pitt    jityu
William Coatefwoith    John Fryes
John Morgan            Reynolds Calthrop
Sir Charles Turner     Edward Afhe
Robert Walpole         Pierce a Court
William Fielding        John Eyks
Horatio Walpole         Su John Rufhout
John Fitzwilliams       Jofeph Addilbn
George Mountague        •Sir Thomas Read
^yilIiam F.geitoa        Thomas   Pit t/9
Thomas              Vv'ylde               George Niylot
John U-udge                               Thomas |ones
Air William Robinfon                      John Montgomery
S:r William St. Qiiintin                  Sir   James Cam^-^bell
SJ>      Charl-s       Hotham             Geo;ge Bayiie
Thomas York                               Co!. John Campbell

William Pulteney                          Charles Oliphaiit
Hugh Cholmley                             Sir William Johnftown
r.umund Dunch                             Sir James Stewart
Williami Strickland                       Sir John Anftruther
Thomas Frauklaad                          Henty Cumaingham
Ralph Bdl                                 John Mi(3dleton
Henry             Prater                  John Cockburne
Leonard Smelt                             Sir David Daitymple
Archibald HuLchinCon                      Sir John Steward
Philip Papillion                          Sir James CarmLchad

tdward Watlbn                             Thomas Smith
Sir Robert Fumefe                         Sir Gilbert Elliot
   John Norris
                                          Robert Monroe
Philip Gibbon                             Alexand. Grant
George Doddinoton                         William Steward
 Robert ^riftow

 A           Lift   of thofc pvlembers      who     in    1   704   ^'^^^^   ^"^^

             tacking the Bill for vrevenhng Occafwnd Conformi-
                                                        its paf-
             ty, to a Money Bill, in Order to fecure
             iingintheHoufe     ofLords. Firft printed in 1705.
                    Bedfordjlme.           William Gary

Not                 one lacker for this
                                           John Hoblyn
                                           John Rolle
                       Berls.              William Pole
 Sir         John Stonehoufe               Charles Seymoui
                       Sticks.             Henry Poley
 Sir H-nry Parke i                         Francis Scobel
 John Drake                                Sir    Henry Seymont
 Sir Samuel Gerratd                        Jof. Sawle;n«.
 Sir         James Etheredge               John Manley
                  Camh'idgsjJnre.          James Praei
  Granado             PigS'^t              Johri Anflis
  Arthur            A nhefley               John Spark
  M          Tickers for this County        Wilfrid LawiTon
  Sir Geoij^e
  Sir Roi^er                                JohnCuraoa
  Sv Henry Buubuty
  Peter Shikerly                            Si>Edward Seymour
„,       -    •       CcfiiiwaU.            John Snell
  ,<^I>"     "Richard Vivian                William Seymour
  James BuIUt                                                           Thomas
                                      ( 33     f
Thomas Coulfon                           Charles         Bfertie
Arthur Champneys                                 ^idUefexl
Sir William Drako                        "Warwick Lake
Nathaaael Heme                           Hugh Smithfon
frederick     Heme                       Sir Walter Clargis
              Dirfetjhire^                      Momnjufh^ire'
Thomas Strangeways                       Not one Taker               i'ox   this
Thomas Chaffin                               County
Henry Thynnfi                                              NurfolJ^.
Richard Bingham                          Thomas Palgrave
John Banks                                         Sorthamptonihire..
Kichard Fownes                          John James
          Durham,                                      UjrthumherUnd,
fir   Henry    Bellafyfc                 Bartram         Score
                mx.                                    Ntttinghamjbifi.
sir Charles Barnngton                   Sir Willougby Hickman
William Fytche                          William Levinz
John Comyns                                                Oxon.
          Gloitcejiir/hire.             All Tuckers         for    this     County^
Not  one Tack,er tor           this          known by        the   Name
                                                                  of the
  Cloathing County.                          Oxfordshire Nine. u\.
           Beref«rdpnrt,                Robert Jenkinfon
Henry Gorges                            5ir Edward Norreys
^Thomas Price                           Sit William Whi clock
          Hertfcrdfhlre.                William Bromley
Rtlph Freeman                           Thomas Rowney
John Gape                               Francis Norreys
Charles Caifar                          James Bertie
Richard Goulfton                        57> William Glynn
          J/unti/igtOBfhjre.            Clurles North
Not one Tac^r          tor     this              BMUndlhirc.
  County.                                Richard Halford
             Kent.                                          Salop.
Sir Francis Leigh                        Sir   £dward Afton
William Cage                                   .
                                                   *    Somerfetfhirel
Heneage Finch                            Will. Coward, Serj. At Ii#;
Robert Crawford                          Henry Portman
            Lancajhire.                  ^jr Jacob Banks
Thomas Leigh of Lyme:,                   James Anderton
Orlando Bridgeman                                       SoHtba»ptait.
          Leicederjhire.                 Henry Holmes
SirGeorge Beaumont                       Leonard Bilfon
James Winftanley                         William Stephens
            Lincolufbire,                Francis Gwy'nq.
ILfewis   Dymoke                                         Staffordjhirt.
Sir John Thorold                         Richard Dyoc
.Willisim     CtciU                      Jof. Girdler, Sirj. af L^rf'              ,
                                    C 34
                                          Robert Hyde
Earl of D;/<>#                            Charles Voy:
John Bencc                            >   Sir James     How
gir Charles Blois
                                          Robert Bertie
Robert Kemp                               Henry Chivers-
      Edmond Bacon                        William Harvey
firEdward Turner                          Henry Pinnel
George DaOiwood                                     Worcffterjh'ire.

S/r   Robert Divers                       5jVjohn Packington
              Sttrrj,                     Hugh    Parker.

Leonard' VVcflel                                        Torl^(hire.

Sir John Parions                          Robert Byerley
George Vernoh                             James Darcy
Thomas Heath                              Sir   Bryan Stapylton
                                                       cinque Forts.
John Toke                                 John Michell
yvilliam Elfon                                            Wales,
                                          sirHumphrey Mackwofth-
Sir   John Mordaunt                       Thomas Bulkeley
59rChriftopher Hales                      Henr/ Lloyd
Thomas Gery                               Sir   John    Wynne
Francis Greville                          SirThomas Hanmer
Algerncon Greville                        Thomas Moftyn
            Wiltihire.                    Edward Vaughaa
Sir Richard   How                         John Vaugkan

A Lift of thofe Members of the fame
      PaFliament^ who are not NumberU
      among the Tuckers nor Sneakers ;
       Printed in ryo^.
           BedforeKhire^                  William Jennens
                                          Thomas Renda
LOrrf Edward             Rivfiell
                                                Simon Harcourt
     Sir William Goftwick-                Sir
William Spencer                                           Bucl^s.
Edward     Carteret                       Sir Richard       Temple
             Berks*                       SirEdmcuid Dentoa
Richard Neville                           Roger Price
Ld. Pitzharding                           Charles GodtVy
Richard Topham                            Fleetwood Dormer
SirOwen Buckrnghafn-                      Richard Hampden
Taniield Vax:hel                          Richard Crawley
                             \ ^1 /
James Chafe                     Richard Edgcumbe
        Cambrtdeefbin.          Richard Hele
Sir RuTiout CuUen               Sir Walter Young
Henry Boyle                     James Bulteel
SirHiiry Pickering              Henry Mannatoa
Antt. Thorn pfon                  SirThomas Leare
          CornveaU'               Richard Reynel
William Bridges                   William Cowpcr
Thomas Dodlon                     Sir Peter King
RuiTel Roberts                    Thomas Bcre
Sir John Mojefworth               Robert Burrid^e
Sir Philip Meadows                             Dorfitfhirei
Henry Vincent                     Sfr William Phippard
Francis Roberts                   William          Jolliffe
Francis Godolphin                 Nathanael Napier
Sidney Gndolphia                  Henry Henly
Thomas Carew                      John Burridge
James Crages                      Anthony Henly                            '

Sir John P^ile                    Charles Churchill
Samuel Trefufis                   Alexander Pitfield
Alexander Peitdarves              5irJohn Cropley
Hugh Bolcawen                     Edward       Nicholas
William Hooker                    5/>Thomas Ernie
John Pitt                         Thomas Erie
John Hicks                                          DMrh£m»
Hemry Flemming                    Sh Robert Eden
Renatus Bellott                   Sir William Bowes
Francis BafTett                   Thomas Conyers
Sir Nicholas   Morice
Samuel Rolle
                                  ..     r     •

                                  5'/r   Francis     Mafham
Sir William Coryton               Sir Ifaac    Rebow
         Cumberland.              Sir    Thomas Cook
Thomas St^nwix                    Sir    Thomas Davall
James Stanhope                    John     Ellis
Thomas Lamplugh                             Gbuctfletfhire,
          Darbyfliire,            Maynard Colchefter
Thomas Coke                       William Trye
John Harpus                       John Hanbury
Thomas Stanhope                   William Mafter
         Devon\hire,              Richard Dowdefwel
Sir William Courtenay             Edmond Bray
Robert Rolle                                  Hertfordfhire,
Charles Trelawny                  James Bridges
John Woolcomb                     Thomas Foley
Sii Simon Lee^h                   Ld. Coningsby
Thomas Northmore         ,        Edward Harley
Set], Hooper                      Henry Cornwali
                              ^   *-
                              Robert Benfon
Thomas Hales                  Edmond Soame
George Churchill
                              5ir   Thomas     Littleton
                              Horatio Walpole
]ohii   Dryden                           Nt)rthampt0nihhf'
                              Sidney Wortley Montague
WiHiam Nayler
                              9ir Gilbert Dolben
Eajl of Orrery
                              Sir Matthew Dudley
Anthony Hammond
               Ktnt-          Francis Arundel

   Thomas Hales                   Charles   Egertort
Hen.y Lee                         Thomas weiitworth
George Sayer                             Nortk¥mberland*
Edward .Knatchbull                Sirprancis Blake
th.mas Kmg                        Sir Henry Liddel
             LaniJtjhire.         William Carr
 Richard AOiton                   Emanuel HoW
 Rkh-rd Fleetwood                 Sir John Delaval

 Charlei Stanley                  Samuel Ogle
 SfrCynl Wfch                     Jonathan HutchAifon
 Koh'zn Heyiham                             Nottinghawfhire^

 Sir William
             Lowther              John Thornhatigh
 5tr Roger Brad(haigk             gir Francis Molyneux
 Thoma's Stringer                 George Gregory
 Ambrofe Pud fay                  William P:errepoint
 Wilhani Clayton                   Sir   Matthew Jenifon
 Thomas      J
               hnfon               James Saunderfon
             Lekelierlhire.                      Sahp
 •John Verney                      Roger    Owen
  John Wilkins                     Richard Cofbett
             Lincoln jhire-        John Kynafton
  sir   Edward Hufley              Richard Mytton
 Sir    Edward Irby                Sir Humt'rey Briggs
  John Chaplain                    Sir   Thomas Powys
  Arhur Moore                      Francis Herbert
  Sir   William    Ellis           George Weld
  Richard El      is               Charles Mafon
                                   Henry Brett
  Sir Gilbert Heathcotc                     Someyfetfhirt,
           Mwrnoit^hlHire'         Nathanael Palmer
  John Morgan                      Sir Phillip Sydenhami
                                   Robert Yate
 Sir John Holland                  Sir William DaineS
 Sir Jacob    Afdey                William Blaithwaic
  Thomas     Blofield              Alexander Popham
 Robert Walpole                    5/r Fran CIS Waff-
 Benjamin Engitnl                  Edward Clark
  John    N.choltonk              Sir    Thomas Wro:h
George Bakh                  John Chomley
Alexander Luttercl            John Ward
SirFrancis    Wyndham        Sir Robert ClaytOft
SirThoraas Travel            Henry Harvey
John Hunt                    Morgan Randyll
             Southamft4if.   Denzill    Onflow
Richard Norton               Maurice Thompfon'
George Pitt                  Thomas Onflow
   William Pawlet
JLrf.                                      Sujjex.
Geo. Rodney Bridges          Thomas Pelham
Frederick Tilney             Henry Lumley
Adam de Cardonntl            John Millef
William Gifford              Henry Cowper
Sir George Rooke             John Wicker
Anthony Morgatx              John Lewkener
Robert Mitchel               Lawrence Alcocfc
Lord Cutts                   Sir Nicolas Pelham
Anthony Burnaby              Richard Paine
Henry Killcgrcw              John Perry
Sir     Thomas Hoptoit       Nathanael G«uld
John Leigh                   Samuel Sambrokc
William Etricke              John   Afgill
Thomas Dore                  Sir   Edwird Hungerford
Paul Burrard                 Charles Goring
Richard Woolafton            John Conyers
John Shrimptoa               Edmond Dummer
John Smith                   Carew Weekes
Francis Shepheard                       WefltmrUnd,
            Staffordjhiret   William Fleming
Henry Paget                  Henry Graham
Edward Bagot                 Lord Pierrepoinc
Sir Michael Biddulpfi        Jacob Graham
Thomas Foley                             [Wilt[hire»
Walter Chetwyrid             Robert Eyre
John Crew Omey               Sir John Hawles
Rowland Cottoa               John Gauntlett
Thomas Guy                   Sir James A(h
                             Thomas Jervife
Sir Dudley Culluni           Edward Afhe
Ser). Whitaker               William Monfoa
Sir Gervas Elves             Henry Bertie
Spencer Compton              Sir Charles Hedges
Sirjofeph Jekyll             Fran(;is
Sir Thomas Felton            John Methuen
                Surrji       Lord Mordaunt
SirRichard Onflow            James Montague
Charles Cox                  Thomas Bowchcr
                               X Ts   T
 Edward Pauncefoit                Robert Monckwn
 Thomas Webb                      William Jeffop
 Samuel Barker                    Sir Charles, Hooham'
 James Bruce                      William Gee         .

 rraiKis    S^onehoufe            Robert Dormer
 Edmond Webb                      John AiCaby
 John    Webb                     Sir Joh» Bland
 Charles Mompefloa                William Lowther
 Henry     St.   Joha                       Ch^ne-Portf.
 Robert Bruce                     William Afliburnhana
 Edward      JefFerys             John Pulteney
        Worcederfahe.             Matthew Aylmer
 William Walflx                   Phillip PapiUon
 Samuel Swift                     Sir Henry Furnefe
Thomas Wylde                      Sir Phillip Boteler
Edward Foiey                      John Border
 Charles Co:^                     Walter Whitfield
John Rudce                        John Brew«r
Salway Winnington                 Thomas Fag
                 Tori^(hire,      Edward Southwell
Lord Hartington                  George Clarke
Sir John Kay                     James Hayes
Sir William Robinfqn             Sir William Thomas
Tobias Jenkins                   William Lowndes
Sir William St.Quintin
William Mai/ler                  Lord Bulkeley
Chriilopher Stockdal*            Conningsby Williams
William Tompfon                  John     JefFjreys
John Hungerfiord                 Sir JefFery JefTerys
John Sharp                       Griffith Rice
Sir WiUiam Huftler               Richard Vaughan
Thomas Yorke                     Sir Richard Middleton
Henry Guy                        Edward Brereton
Sir Henry Good rick              Thomas Manfel
Sir William Stnckland            Sir Arthur OWcn
William Palmes                   Tohn Lanj^horn
Sir Godfrey Copley               Thomas Harley
$ir   Thomas Fxunkla nd          Robert Harley,


A Lift of thofe Members^                                      who made
       Speeches for^ and againft                                             the
       Schifm Bill in 1714.
     Sir    William Wyndham,                       Againft.
now one ot the Candidates for                 Sir Jefepb   Je^yU
the County of Somerfet ; who                  Sir Peter    King
propos'd the Billjand brought                 Mr. Secretary Stanhope
it   in   with                                Robert Ifalple, Efq;
Mr. Collier                                   Nicholas Lechnere^ Ef^
Mr. Hnngerford) and
Mr. Brtmlej.

                       The     CONTENTS.
           Lift of the    Members    thatVoted againft making the Prince
            and      Princels of Orsn^e,  ^^"g ^^^ Queen.        page 5.
tift of thofe         who refus'd   the Voluntary Affociation.
                                                                     J®«     P*
tift of the Pouirineers.                                                      p.       ^
Lift of thofe      who Voted for the Mamver Succefllon.                       p, g.
Lift      of thole who Voted againft the f/anover Succeflion.                p.    i   o.
Lift of the Tackers.                                                         p. ja.
Lift ot thofe         who Voted againft Tacking                               P-54»
Lift of thofe that          Voted   ior the Naturalization A(S.              p. ii.
Lift of thofe         who Voted for Dr. Sicheverel.                          p.    i   ^.
Lift ot thofe         who Voted againft Dr.Sacheverel,                       p. 18.
Lift of thofe that          Voted   tor the   French Comerce Bill. p. a j.
Lift ot the          Membeis concern'd        inTrade, who Voted for that
     Bill.                                                                   p.,f.
Lift of thofe         Members who made Speeches             for that Bill,        jyjj.
Lift ot thofe that       Voted againft the French Comerce Bill, ibid.
Lift of the          Members concerned in Trade, who Voted a<jainft
     that Bill.                          ^                                   p.    19.
 Lift ot the Members who made Speeches againft that Bill.      ibid.
 Lift ot thofe who Voted againft the Expuliioii of Mr.^teele- p.jo^
 Lift ot thofe who made Speeches for the Schifm Bill.         p. 55.
 Lift ot thofe        who made      Speeches againft that Bill.                   jbid^

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