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					International Swine Flu Conference
Conference: August 19-20, 2009 Workshop: August 21, 2009                                                  Washington, DC
Show you care. Meet your planning deadlines. Engage staff & suppliers and learn how to work with community, state &
federal agencies to survive & recover from a pandemic.
Know How To Respond                                                 How to Plan
Recognize problems earlier. Make the right decision faster.         Make everyone a stakeholder. Spell out roles and responsibilities
Plan To Continue                                                    Protect Your Community
Maintain cash flow and work flow. Keep the learning                   Know your resources. Test them against your toughest scenarios.
process alive.
 Top leaders and key decision-makers of major companies               Concurrent Breakout Session #1
 representing a broad range of industries will meet with              Mass Fatality Management Planning
 distinguished scientists, public health officials, law enforcers,     Develop and maintain plans, procedures, programs, and
 first responders, and other experts to discuss pandemic               systems
 prevention, preparedness, response and recovery at the 1st
 International Swine Flu Summit.                                      Develop and implement training and exercise programs

At the summit, attendees will be able to draw on first-hand            Direct fatality management tactical operations
best practices to create the solid business continuity plans          Activate fatality management operations
that their companies and organizations need in order to
                                                                      Conduct morgue operations
prepare for, respond to, and survive a pandemic.
                                                                      Manage ante-mortem data
The summit draws on the success of the seven previous
Bird Flu summits which featured as speakers several                   Conduct final disposition
distinguished personalities such as Dr. David Nabarro, the
United Nations Coordinator for Avian and Human Influenza,              Concurrent Breakout Session #2
Alex Thiermann of the World Organization for Animal Health            Psychological Issues
(OIE) and Dr. Wenqing Zhang of the WHO Epidemic and                   Public’s distress of exposure and safety
Pandemic Alert and Response.
                                                                      Breakdown of public services, utilities
Well-known emergency responders, heads of hospitals from
around the world, and hog/swine industry leaders will speak           Medical supplies shortage
in this summit.                                                       Unwillingness to follow government orders

Topics Include                                                        Concurrent Breakout Session #3
Mass Fatality Management Planning                                     Business Continuity Planning

Country Report & Situations Update                                    Allocate resources to protect your employees & customers
                                                                      during a pandemic
Surveillance and Data Management
Preparing Communities Strategies; Local Partnership and               Find out which business risks are insured
Participation                                                         Ensure safe travel during the pandemic
Delivery of Vaccine and Antiviral Medication                          Identify when to reduce or even close operations
National Pandemic Influenza Medical Countermeasure
                                                                      Concurrent Breakout Session #4
Socio-Economic Impact on Hog/Swine Industry                           Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Continuity
Benefit-Risk Assessment: Public Health, Industry and                   of Government Planning
Regulatory Perspectives
                                                                      When 50% or more of employees are out sick or taking care
Prevention Education Efforts and Risk Communication                   of their sick ones
Command, Control and Management                                       When H1N1 flu pandemic unfold in two or three successive
Emergency Response Management                                         waves in a calendar year
Business-Based Planning                                               Disruptions to public, private and critical infrastructure under-
School-Based Planning                                                 mining your essentials functions
Community-Based Planning
                                                                      Concurrent Breakout Session #5
                                                                      Emergency Management Services

    “                                      “
         Very high quality papers & presentations.
         A very good overview of different kinds
         of information - a lot of knowledge.
                                                                      Prioritize antivirals & personal protective equipment for
                                                                      essential workforce
                 Koos van der Velden                                  Overcome reduced response capacity caused by mechanical
                 Chairman                                             failure & a possible 30-40 percent drop in staff, to maintain
                 European Influenza Surveillance Scheme                continuous operations
 International Swine Flu Conference
International Swine Flu Conference
Conference: August 19-20, 2009 Workshop: August 21, 2009                                                      Washington, DC
 Protect the emergency management response operations center             Concurrent Breakout Session #7
                                                                         First Responders: Fire Department
 Manage interruptions in food, fuel & essentials supply chains
 & establish stockpiles                                                  Protect fire department first responders from falling ill &
                                                                         from being hurt in civil disturbances
 Manage panic caused by sudden disruption of services &
                                                                         Continue to respond to routine fire outbreaks while
 interruptions in essential goods & services                             responding to pandemic-related calls
                                                                         Effectively transition into All-Hazards Incident Management
Concurrent Breakout Sessions                                             Responders
   to choose from...                                                     Effectively undertake mass vaccinations
Breakout 1: Mass Fatality Management Planning                            Enforce quarantines
Breakout 2: Psychological Issues
Breakout 3: Business Continuity Planning                                 Concurrent Breakout Session #8
Breakout 4: Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Continuity               First Responders: Public Works
            of Government Planning                                       Protect public works first responders from falling ill or being hurt
Breakout 5: Emergency Management Services                                in civil disturbances
Breakout 6: Law Enforcement Agencies
                                                                         Control traffic, evacuation & mass transportation
Breakout 7: First Responders: Fire Department
Breakout 8: First Responders: Public Works                               Ensure the minimal delivery of clean water & sanitation services
Breakout 9: 911 Call Center Services                                     Ensure the stability of vital communications networks
Breakout 10: Hospital and Emergency Medical Services                     Overcome an overwhelmed telecommunications network
Breakout 11: Workplace Planning                                          caused by a surge in telework employees, homebound calls, &
Breakout 12: School/University Pandemic Planning                         the increased search for public services
Breakout 13: Airlines, Travel, Airport, Quarantine and
             Border Health Services                                      Concurrent Breakout Session #9
Breakout 14: Infectious Medical Waste                                    911 Call Center Services
Breakout 15: Swine Flu: Agriculture Perspective & Interventions
                                 and many more....                       Effectively manage the 911 call center during the crisis
For more info please visit                                               Develop call center surge capacity                                                      Secure call center operations
                                                                         Anticipate technical problems
                                                                         Ensure that frequent, honest & reliable information is
                                                                         released to the public

                                                                         Concurrent Breakout Session #10
                                                                         Hospital and Emergency Medical Services
                                                                         Prioritize the use of antivirals for the essential workforce
                                                                         Anticipate interruptions in food, fuel and essentials supply
                                                                         chains & establish stockpiles
                                                                         Plan for reduced response capacity due to mechanical
                                                                         failure & lack of personnel
                                                                         Maintain continuous operations during a pandemic
Dr. Jon Kim Andrus, Chief Immunization Unit                              Plan for 30-40 percent drop in labor force
Pan American Health Organization
International Swine Flu Conference, August 19-20, 2009, Washington, DC   Protect the emergency operations center
 Concurrent Breakout Session #6                                          Concurrent Breakout Session #11
 Law Enforcement Agencies
                                                                         Workplace Planning
 Protect police forces from falling ill & from being hurt in civil
                                                                         Effectively work with 30-40 percent less employees.
                                                                         Account for your employees.
 Protect the delivery of vaccines & essential goods & services.
                                                                         Establish remote offices & flexible work plans; identify the
 Manage a surge in crime & meet routine                                  business functions that can be outsourced.
 requests at the same time
                                                                         Secure your workplaces.
 Control & diffuse social unrest & public disorder
                                                                         Train your workers to screen for symptoms & know what to
 Isolate prisons & other facilities                                      do when workers fall ill.

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 International Swine Flu Conference
International Swine Flu Conference
Conference: August 19-20, 2009 Workshop: August 21, 2009                                                                   Washington, DC

Participants By Job Function

 CEO/VP/COO/R&D Director
                                                                 13%                   Decision Making Authority *
                                                                                 30 %
 Chief Epidemiology/Medical Officer/Doctor                  6%            20%
                                                                                                  Of attendees
 Commanding Officer/Rescue Services
 Emergency Management Services Director/Chief
                                                                                                  make the   Final Decision

                                                                                 35 %
 Risk Officer/Senior Pandemic Officer                   14%                                         Of attendees
 Global Sales/Marketing Manager/Food Safety                               21%
 Health Minister & Hospital Heads/                                                                make the Recommendations
 Public Health Director                                                                           tot he final decision maker
 Senior Government Officials                                 9%

                                                                                 ISFC 09
                                                                   15%   2%
 Senior Manager/Director of Business Continuity Planning
                                                                                                            Focuses on latest prevention,
                                                                                preparedness, response and recovery measures being developed

                                                                                to address the deadly human-to-human transmission of swine flu
                                                                                H1N1. The speakers and exhibitors are selected to represent the
   Team                                                                         widest possible range of perspectives, including not only human
Discount                                                                        factors, bust also physical, environmental and socio-cultural fac-

FACT             This is the place where you can ask the
                                                                                >     Real
                                                                                      Cases                  >        Role Playing

                                                                                >                            >
tough questions to doctors who have treated some of the
fatal human cases of swine flu.
                                                                                      Panel                           Best
                                                                                      Discussions                     Practices

                                                                                >     Break-out
                                                                                      Sessions               >        Saving

Dr. Adewale Troutman, Louisville (KY) Metro Public Health & Wellness Director
International Swine Flu Conference, August 19-20, 2009, Washington, DC

Top Five Reasons to Attend the Summit
Gain a broad bird’s eye view of the global swine flu situation.
                                                                                  Dr. Samuel Bogoch, Replikins Disease Forecasting & Vaccine
Get the freshest updates from hard-to-reach country experts.                      Chairman
                                                                                  International Swine Flu Conference, August 19-20, 2009, Washington, DC

Learn how your company / organization can prepare for a

Establish contacts with key local, federal and international                             Job-Alike

agencies involved in the fight against swine flu.                                                            Table Top Exercise Workshops
Draw on first hand best practices from top companies to create                                      Role Playing Break-out Sessions
solid business continuity plans.                                                         Organization-Alike
 *    Based on the 7th Bird Flu Conference

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 International Swine Flu Conference
International Swine Flu Conference
Conference: August 19-20, 2009 Workshop: August 21, 2009                                                 Washington, DC

                                                                 2        Workshops
 Concurrent Breakout Session #12
 School / University Pandemic Planning
 Train teachers to screen for symptoms & know what                         to choose from...
 to do when students / teachers fall ill                        Workshop 1: Learn How To Plan
 Transport ill students                                                     Make everyone a stakeholder. Spell out roles and
 Identify when to reduce or close down your school
                                                                            Protect Your Community
 Effectively transform school facilities into shelters                      Know your resources. Test them againts your
 Continue learning through alternative routes like the web                  toughest scenarios.
 telephone, mail, radio and TV                                  Workshop 2: Know How To Respond
 Communicate effectively with staff, parents and students                   Recognize problem earlier. Make the right
                                                                            decisions faster.
 Four-Stage Incident Management                                                 Plan To Continue
 Process is Provided and Discussed.                                             Maintain cash flow and work flow. Keep the work
                                                                                process alive.
 Learn How To Plan
 Make everyone a stakeholder.                                   Concurrent Breakout Session #15
 Spell out roles and responsibilities.                          Swine Flu: Agriculture Perspective &
 Protect Your Community                                         Interventions
 Know your resources.
 Test them against your toughest scenarios.                     H1N1 sources and transmission

 Know How To Respond                                            How do animal pathogens evolve?
 Recognize problem earlier. Make the right                      How to protect the public from exposure to zoonotic pathogens
 decisions faster.
                                                                Analytical methods to detect, quantify, identify, monitor and
 Plan To Continue                                               control processes
 Keep the business process alive.
                                                                Sources & human exposure control management

 Concurrent Breakout Session #13
 Airlines, Travel, Airport, Quarantine and Border
                                                                       Great event, very informative.

 Health Services
                                                                       Dr. Brit Oiulfstad
 International & Federal guidelines                                    Los Angeles County
                                                                       Department of Health Services
 Measures to prevent the spread of communicable diseases
 Apprehension, examination and release                          Register Now!
 Aviation & Transportation Security Act, 2002 (49 U.S.C. 114)   SPACE is LIMITED
 Are tools available to ensure patient does not pose risk to
 fellow travelers?

 Concurrent Breakout Session #14
 Infectious Medical Waste
 Infectious waste management
 Packaging disposable infectious waste
 Engineering controls
 Pathological waste management
 Exposure control plan
Will feature comprehensive agenda packed with
breakout sessions- more than 15 in all.
                                                                 Darrell Darnell, Washington, DC Homeland Security &

Strategies & Solutions
                                                                 Emergency Management Director
                                                                 International Swine Flu Conference, August 19-20, 2009, Washington, DC

      Prevention, Preparedness, Response & Recovery
 Register Now! Call: 202.536.5000 Email: Website:
International Swine Flu Conference

  the Debate
Chief Diagnostics & Therapeutics              Emergency Preparedness Officer
Head of National Center of Disease Control    EMS Chief
Head, Department of Epidemiology              Environmental Health Program Manager
Director General for Public Health & CMO      Epidemiologist
Director Business Continuity Planning         Global Product Director, Influenza Vaccines
Director Immune Biology                       Head, Clinical Reviews & Investigation
Director of Emergency Planning                Health Disaster Coordinator
Director of Health and Safety                 Medical Director, Flu Respiratory
Director of Infectious Disease                Medical Epidemiologist
Director, Global Microbiology & Food Safety   Pediatrician - Infectious Diseases Specialist
Disaster Preparedness Coordinator             Wildlife Biologist
Division Chief, Contingency                   Regional Pandemic Flu Coordinator
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                                                                                 Dates, Conference: August 19-20, 2009
Conference: August 19-20, 2009                                                   Date, Workshop: August 21, 2009
Workshop: August 21, 2009                                                        Venue: Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill
                                                                                 400 New Jersey Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C., USA 20001

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Company Size                                                                     Full refunds for all cancellations received 60 days or more prior to the starting
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 Workshops 1&2
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