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andheri-east by cuiliqing


									Andheri East

Andheri (Marathi: अंधेरी) is a district of the city of Mumbai. It's also a railway station in suburban
Mumbai, the Western line. It's the fifth largest suburb in the western suburbs. Like many other
parts of Mumbai, Andheri too is divided into an eastern and western part, separated by the
railway track.


The oldest settlements in and around Andheri were those of the East Indians, the natives whose
villages survive in the neighborhoods of Pump House, Marol (See St. John the Baptist Church),
Chakala, Gundowli, Sahar, Saki Naka etc. The name comes from Udayanagari, the name of a
mountain near Mahakali caves. Other concentrations of East Indians were located on the islet of
Versova old, also known as Vasave. In early 19th century, with the spread of urbanization north
of Bombay Marathi, Gujarati and other settlers began to colonize the area.


In the 1950s the English built Versova Causeway (Versova Road) between Andheri on Sashti
island and the islet of Versova. The area on both sides of the construction were completed
quickly to develop the areas now known as Colony Dhake, DN Nagar, four Bungalows, seven
bungalows etc. One of the first colonies was colony Dhake on Versova Road, Andheri West.
The five buildings of the dhake colony were built around 1950 and they served as a benchmark
until recently. The area is now known as DN Nagar.


Another of these early settlements are Bhardawadi. This course provides an important link with
SV Road for residents of Versova Road. It has been inhabited for the last 90 years. In the past
there were bungalows on this road, these gave way to buildings, but there are still some old
bungalows, which is rare in Mumbai. This is a lively track with the constant noise of traffic
passing through it to reach SV Road. The popular Ganesha temple, Siddhivinayak temple,
which was established in 1926, also contributed to the settlement of Andheri.

Andheri East


From 1935 until early 1980 Andheri East boasted many movie studios, namely Prakash Studio,
Nataraj Studio, Modern Studio, Studio M & T and Mohan Studio. All these studios were located
from the junction signal of Telli Gully to Chakala Junction on Andheri-Kurla Road. All the big
names of Bollywood from the moment have their headquarters in it. Prakash Studio gave way to
Vishal residential complex. Modern studio had to close in the mid-1960 so that the Western
Express Highway could be built. M & T studio was ravaged by fire early in the 1960s. Its
location was used by German Remedies which is a pharmaceutical company. Mohan Studio
also had to make room for Mota Nagar and Padam Nagar. Small hotels run by Sindhis who
migrated from Pakistan and Udipi restaurants run by entrepreneurs from Mudradi Village Udipi
(Karnataka) have been servicing these studios day and night.




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