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					                                          Alternative Energy Promotion Center /Energy Sector Assistance Programme
                                                                   Micro Hydro program (MHP)
                                Regional Renewable Energy Service Centre/ Rural Empowerment Center Damauli Tanahun RESDTN
                                                             Bill of Quantities and Specifications of
                                                        Electro-mechanical Equipment and Installations
                                               Adheri Khola I Micro Hydro Project , Hansapur VDC, Gorkha, 13kW

      Gross Head : 73.5 m                                          Location : Hansapur VDC, Gorkha
      Design Flow : 30 Lps                                          Installed Capacity : 13 kW
      No. of Households : 114                                       Headrace Length : 673.5 m

SN             Particulars                              Specifications                    Unit   Qty     Rate   Amount
 1    Mechanical Equipment

                                       The turbine runner should be of mild steel with
                                       jet off system, having manual flow regulations
                                       and rated to continuously deliver adequate
      Pelton Turbine , Double Jet with shaft output at the operating condition of site:
1.1                                                                                       set        1                   0
      Magnetic get deflector 17kW      30 l/s design flow and 73.5 m gross head to
                                       generate 13 kW from generator. The set should
                                       be complete with base frame, foundation bolts,
                                       inlet adaptor etc and accessories all complete.

                                      Drive system with necessary pulleys, flat
      Power Transmission System: Flat
1.2                                   habasit endless belts (Type A3), bearings and       set        1                   0
      habasit belts
                                      other necessary components all complete.
                                       Mild steel penstock pipes 160 mm ID and
                                       Various wall thickness, with the provision of
                                       flanged joints and with necessary accessories
                                       such as 'C' clamps, 'O' ring rubber gaskets,
                                       anchor, tarpaulin sheets, nuts and bolts all                 0
                                       complete. The pipes should be pressure tested
          Penstock Pipes: Mild steel
1.3                                    in the workshop to withstand the total head
               penstock pipes
                                       (including surge head). With Provision of Bell
                                       M.S. Penstock Pipe 160mm Dia. of 3.5 mm
                                                                                        m.    105   0
                                       M.S. Penstock Pipe 160mm Dia. of 4 mm
                                                                                        m.    99    0

                                       GI vent pipe 50 mm ID, 1.5 m in length, with
1.4   Vent Pipe: GI vent pipe                                                           set   1     0
                                       necessary accessories for fixing, all complete

                                       A.1 Coarse trash-rack of length 550mmx 350
                                       mm consisting of iron flats with section 5x50
      A.1 Coarse trash-rack for intake                                                  set   1     0
                                       mm2@ 50 mm c/c distance and 10 mm bar for
1.5                                    bracing.

                                      A.2 Fine trash-rack of length 800 mm x700 mm
      A.2 Fine trash-rack for forebay
                                      with iron flat plates of section 5x 30 mm2 @ 15   set   1     0
      cum desilting basin
                                      mm c/c distance with 8 mm bars for bracing.

                                       160 mm ID butterfly valve with gear mechanism
1.6   Valve : Butterfly valve          and manual hand wheels with necessary            set   1     0
                                       accessories for fixation

                                       Expansion joints of dia 160 mm, made of ms,
                                       should be able to accommodate min of 50mm
1.7   Expansion joints:                                                                 set   9     0
                                       length for expansion/contraction, with all
                                       necessary accessories, all complete
                                           Leaf of gate with (0.3*0.25)m opening and
                                           1.25m high, MS 6mm thick, with frame made of
                                           angle bars with anchors embedding in concrete
1.8   Flusing gate                         having the opening/closing provision. The         set   2   0
                                           sluice gate should have proper mechanism for
                                           hand regulation, adequately rubber sealed, all
                                                 Sub Total (1)                                         0
2     Electrical Equipment

                                      Synchronous generator 25 kVA, brushless
                                      rated to contineously deliver 40 kW, 400/230
                                      volts, 50 hertz, 1500 rpm, 3 phase 4 wire
      Synchronous generator 25 kVA, electrical outputs at the generator terminal at
2.1   brushless rated to contineously 0.8 load power-factors at the operating                set   1   0
      deliver 13 kW                   condition of site. The generator should be self
                                      excited and self regulated type. The set should
                                      be complete with base frames, foundation
                                      bolts, couplings and accessories all complete

                                         3 phase electronic load controller (ELC),
                                         thyrister type, 13 kW in vermin proof metal
      3 phase electronic load controller cubicle with resistive ballast loads 18 kW (water
2.2                                                                                          set   1   0
      (ELC):                             heaters) ELC extention type, to continuously
                                         regulate and dump the load at the given site
                                         condition,all complete

     Control,           instrumentation,
     protection     systems:    As     a
     minimum, the instrumentation
     should      be    for    generated
     voltage/frequency, load current
     ballast voltage, kW and kWh.
                                          Control, instrumentation, protection and
                                        switchgear in a free standing steel cubicle for
      A) Main switch HRC fuse type, 3      manual start, adequate monitoring and             set   1   0
      phase 60 amp.                        protection of generator with necessary
                                      incoming/outgoing terminations for interphasing
                                             to other components, all complete.

                                      Control, instrumentation, protection and
                                    switchgear in a free standing steel cubicle for
                                       manual start, adequate monitoring and
                                       protection of generator with necessary
      B) 1. MCCB 45 Amp, 10 kA    incoming/outgoing terminations for interphasing
      breaking capacity (L&T) for        to other components, all complete.               set     1     0
      Generator side
      C) 2. MCCB 40 Amp, 10 kA
      breaking capacity (L&T) for ELC                                                     set     1     0

      D) 3. MCB 0.5 Amp                                                                   set    114    0

                                     16 mm2 4 core cupper armored cable 12 m, for
      Control and power cable inside
2.6                                  interconnecting generator, control panel, ELC,       m.     12     0
                                     ballast, sensors etc, all complete
                                       25 mm2 4 core aluminum armoured cable 12 m
2.7   Power cable:                     from control panel feeder terminals (main          m.     12     0
                                       switch) to the first pole, all complete
                                       Power house wiring with copper conductors,
                                       exposed wiring in PVC conduits, with light         l.s.    1     0
      Materials for power house wiring points and power points, all complete.
2.8   including necessary lighting and 4'*40 watt tube lights-2 nos, 75 watt bulbs with
      power fixtures                   holders-3 nos, and single phase power socket-
                                                                                          l.s.    1     0
                                       2 nos with necessary number of switches and
                                               Sub Total (2)                                            0

 3    Transmission/Distribution Systems

                                        ACSR conductors, suspended overhead with
                                        minimum of 4.5 ground clearance, having
      Conductors: ACSR conductors
                                        clearance of 300 mm between them. These
                                        should have approved current rating by NS
      a. Squirrel                       Resistance :> 1.374 ohms/km                       m.     9540   0
      b. Weasel                         Resistance :> 0.9116 ohms/km                      m.     3270   0
      c. Rabbit                         Resistance :> 0.5449 ohms/km                      m.       0    0
      d. Dog                            Resistance :> 0.2745 ohms/kW                      m.       0    0
3.1.1 Service wire                      6 mm2 concentric cable                            m.     3420   0
      Insulators (shackle) with 'D' irons a. Large (110mm*110mm)                          Nos.    0     0
3.1.2 with necessary nuts, bolts, etc. all b. Medium (90mm*75mm)                          Nos.   354    0
      Insulators (shackle) with 'D' irons
3.1.2 with necessary nuts, bolts, etc. all
      complete                             c. Small (55mm*55mm)                                Nos.   0    0

3.1.3 Disk insulator for HT line                                                               Nos.   0    0

3.1.4 Pin insulator for HT line                                                                Nos.   0    0

        Stay sets

        1.8m(rod) for HT line                 should include guy wire, turn buckle, rod,       sets   0    0
                                                 insulators and plates, all complete

        1.5m(rod) for LT line                                                                  sets   24   0

                                           a) Lighting arrestors to be provided at every
        a) Lighting arrestors: 0.5 kV with
                                           500 m for current carrying conductors. All joints
        necessary stand and accessories,                                                       Nos.   9    0
                                           along the earth path should be able to carry a
        all complete
                                           lighting strike of 20 kA.
                                          b) lighting arrestors to be provided at every 700
        b) Lighting arrestors      9   kV m for current carrying conductors. All joints
                                                                                               Sets   0    0
        including cross arm               along the earth path should be able to carry a
                                          lighting strike of 20 kA.
                                           8 SWG copper earth wire, 600*600*3mm
                                           copper plate (10 nos) and Earthing wire (300m)
3.4     Earthing arrangements                                                                  sets   9    0
                                           with necessary coke, lime, salt, nut, bolts,
                                           washer etc. all complete
                                           MS tubular pole 9m hight 3.15mm thick 140mm
3.5                    Pole                bottom 115mm middle 90mm top with cross             Nos.   0    0
                                           arms and bracing.
                                                  Sub Total(3)                                             0
 4      Spare parts and tools:
4.1.1                                       Clamp meter                                        Nos.   1    0
4.1.2                                       Open wrench 6mm to 30 mm                           Set    1    0
4.1.3                                       Ring wrench 10mm to 30mm                           Set    1    0
4.1.4                                       Slide Wrench                                       Set    1
4.1.4                                       Allan key wrench                                   Nos.   1    0
4.1.5                                       Screw driver                                       Nos.   1    0
4.1.6         Spare parts and tools:        Hammer 2.5 LBS                                     Nos.   1    0
              Spare parts and tools:
 4.1.7                                    Insulation tape                           Nos.   1   0
 4.1.8                                   Pipe Wrench                                Nos.   1   0
 4.1.9                                   Slide Wrench                               Nos.   1   0
4.1.10                                   Grease Gun                                 Nos.   1   0
4.1.12                                    Volt Meter                                Nos.   1   0
4.1.13                                    Thyrister                                 Nos.   1   0
4.1.14                                    Glass fuse and HRC fuse                   Nos.   1   0
                                                Sub-total ( 4)                                 0
  5      Packing, Installation and Testing Comminnising
         Installation, erection, testing, a. Mechanical Equipment Installation      l.s.   1   0
         commissioning           including b. Electrical Equipment Installation     l.s.   1   0
         maintenance for one year all c. Civil Supervision                          l.s.   1   0
         complete                          d. Testing/Commissioning, Mainenance     l.s.   1   0
                                                      Sub- Total (5)                           0
                  (A) Total Taxable Amount              Sub-total (1)+(2)+(3)+(4)              0
               (B) Vat 13 %                                                                    0
              (C) Sub- Total (5)                                                               0
                Grand Total (A)+(B)+C                                                          0

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