Andheri khola by cuiliqing


									                          Invitation for Quotation (Bid Call Notice)

       Supply, Construction/Erection, Installation, Supervision and Testing &
     Commissioning of Adheri Khola I Micro-hydro Project 13 kW,Hansapur VDC

                                           02 March 2012
Adheri Khola I Micro Hydro Project Users’ Committee through Regional Renewable Energy Service
Center/Rural Empowerment Society Damauli Tanahun is requesting sealed bids for the Supply,
Construction/Erection, Installation, Supervision and Testing and Commissioning of Adheri Khola I
Micro-hydro Project.

Sealed Bids marked “Bid for Adheri Khola I Micro Hydro Project” in the envelope will be accepted at
the office of Regional Renewable Energy Service Centre, Rural Empowerment Society Damauli Tanahun
until 16 March 2012 at 5:00 pm NST.

The Adheri Khola I Micro Hydro Project Users’ Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any or
all bids and cancel the invitation deemed in the best interest of the users of Adheri Khola I Micro Hydro

The following terms & conditions are to be followed.

1.      Adheri khola I MHP is to be developed by Adheri Khola I MHP user’s committee designed
        output of 13kW with subsidy of NRs. 1625000.00(In words Rs. Sexteen Million Twenty Five
        thousand only) under GoN,Alternative Energy Promotion Centre/ Energy Sector Assistance
        Program AEPC/ESAP. The project will be electrifying 114 households of Hansapur VDC of Gorkha
        District. The users’ community intends to apply this subsidy or part of the subsidy to the eligible
        payments under the contract for which this invitation for quotation (Bid Call Notice) is issued.
        The remaining fund sources will be raised from loan, cash, kind and other sources of community.

2.      Invitation for quotation (bid call notice) is open to all pre-qualified installer/manufacturer/
        construction companies by AEPC/ESAP for the Supply, Construction/Erection, Testing and
        Commissioning of the micro-hydro/mini-grid projects.

3.      Regional Renewable Energy Service Center (RRESC)/RESDTN, on behalf of the users committee,
        forwards this bid call notice against the formal request from the users’ committee dated 02
        March 2012. In addition to the email circulation to all pre-qualified companies, this BID NOTICE
        ( and AEPC/ESAP ( and also posted in the notice board of
        DDC Gorkha.

4.      All works for the project shall be carried out in a single package. The contract includes all
        necessary work, supply, supervision of civil works and services for the completion of the works.
5.       Applicants shall have to submit the Closed tender with the following documents as per the
         provided formats annexed in this bid notice:
         5.1 Legal documents of company (Registration, VAT, tax clearance certificates)
         5.2 Work Plan Schedule of activities to be incorporated for the completion of the project;
         5.3 Manning schedule (Personnel Schedule) with CVs of proposed personnel for installation of
             the project;
         5.4 Company turnover of last three years;
         5.5 Equipment capacity of the company;
         5.6 Company’s experience in similar works; and,
         5.7 Formal quotation (Filled BOQ form) of Adheri Khola I MHP in Company’s letter pad with
             duly signed by authorized personnel.

     6. Applications must be submitted to the below given address on or before 5:00 pm NST on 16
        March 2012. Documents received after this deadline will not be accepted. Applications will be
        opened at 10:00 am NST on 18 March 2012 at RESDTN office, in the presence of
        representatives of the participating companies, users’ representatives, RRESC officials and
        available other representatives from RRESC located district. The opening process will not be
        hampered even if applicants' representatives are not present. If the last date of submission and
        opening falls on a public holiday then the next working day shall be considered the last day.

     7. Bids must be valid for a period of minimum 90 days after the deadline for bid submission date.

     8. The Bids through email or fax will not be accepted or included in the bidding process.

         Adheri Khola Micro Hydro Project
         C/O Regional Renewable Energy Service Centre
         Rural Empowerment Society Damauli Tanahun
         Vyas-11 Simaltar Damauli Tanahun
         Phone no: 065 560539, 065 691085

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