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									                               Entergy OASIS Conversion

Important Announcement: OASIS Conversion Scheduled for September, 2009
As previously communicated, Entergy will migrate from the current e-terrasolutions OASIS system to
the webOASIS application hosted by OATi and configured for Entergy. This conversion is scheduled
for September 28, 2009. This updated announcement highlights the activities Transmission
Customers and other users should complete before the OASIS conversion date. If you have any
questions or concerns about the OASIS conversion, please contact Perry Faver at Entergy (501) 823-
1604 or the OATI Help Desk at (763) 201-2020.

Update URLs
Transmission Customers and other users must update website addresses (URLs) used for Entergy’s
OASIS to the OATi webOASIS website address. This includes areas such as:
    Any Transmission Customer or user applications (API) that link to Entergy’s OASIS website.
    Any automated communication processes with links to Entergy’s OASIS website.
    Any automated process or application that depend upon data from Entergy’s OASIS website.
    Any other procedural or programmatic process that references Entergy’s OASIS website.

The following URL(s) may be used to reference the new Entergy OASIS from OATi:

       The common OATi webOASIS URL is: https://www.oatioasis.com.

       The Entergy Home Page URL on OATi is: https://www.oatioasis.com/EES/index.html

Please note that Transmission Customers and users will not be able to logon to the webOASIS
application until your OATi account is registered with OATi and cooresponding activities are completed
on the Entergy side. This account must be set up prior to the OASIS conversion date.

Access to Transmission Customer Testing Site
Registered users are encouraged to visit the Entergy home page on OATi’s “demo” webOASIS to
validate user access prior to the transistion date. In addition, the demo webOASIS will be available for
the users from 1pm to 3pm CDT Sept 8-11 and Sept 14-18, 2009. Access will be allowed at other
times though users need to be aware that preparations for the conversion date may result in
unannounced interruptions in the demo site availability.

Please see other announcements regarding additional user training to be held in September.

A good way to confirm user account setup is to visit this demo site and logon at least once prior to the
conversion date. Validating access on the demo site will help ensure that account will be configured on
the production system.

The Entergy Home Page URL for the demo site is: http://demo.oatioasis.com/EES/index.html.

OASIS Certificate and Registration
You must have an OATI certificate and register that certificate prior to the conversion to the OATI
OASIS. If you do not have access to OATI's webOASIS system, please contact the OATI Help Desk at
(763) 201-2020 for assistance or email support@oatiinc.com. If you are not sure what your username
or password is on the OATI system, the OATI Help Desk can assist you. For more information about
certificate registration, refer to https://www.oatioasis.com
                               Entergy OASIS Conversion

Pre-requisites to access Entergy’s OATI site:
    Must have a certificate, username, and password registered with OATI.
    Must register for the OASIS product with OATI.
    Must be registered with the Entergy site administrator.

Planned OASIS Outage
The conversion plan calls for an OASIS outage beginning after midnight in the early morning hours on
September 28. The outage is expected to be completed by 8am CDT on Monday, September 28,
2009. Additional announcements will be provided as this plan is updated.

Submit Service Requests Prior to Outage
In preparation for the OASIS conversion date, please make every attempt to submit all requests for
service prior to the outage time stated. During the outage, requests will be accepted by fax but will be
limited to the next hour’s non-firm service with one hour duration only. We anticipate this will impact
only current day, non-firm customers.

Have a Copy of the Fax Request Form Available
Please ensure that you have a current version of the fax request form printed and available prior to the
outage. Click on the link http://oasis.e-terrasolutions.com/documents/EES/FaxForms.htm and then
click on the OASIS Down Fax Form. It is important that you print this prior to the outage since the
OASIS system will be unavailable during the outage.

Access to e-terrasolutions OASIS following Entergy’s OASIS Conversion Date
Entergy’s current OASIS site, http://oasis.e-terrasolutions.com will continue to be available for queries
and other support for a 90-day period following Entergy’s OASIS conversion date. Following the
conversion date, this website will be available in read-only mode. No additional transactions will be
allowed via the current OASIS site following conversion to the OATi OASIS.

Contact Information
We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have questions about the conversion, please contact Perry
Faver at Entergy (501) 823-1604. The OATi Help Desk at (763) 201-2020 can help with user account
setups and other access issues.

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