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									        Trinity Presbyterian Church Newsletter

                                                                                               ALAN’S LETTER:
                                            Dear friends
                                            Something of a ‘mixed bag’ this month.               Because the sinless Saviour died
                                            i. Money Matters.                                    My sinful soul is counted free
                                                                                                 For God the just is satisfied
                                            The congregation unanimously approved
                                            the upgrade of parking and necessary                 To look on Him and pardon me.
                                            maintenance to preserve the integrity of our
                                                                                              iii. Administrative Matters
                                            buildings. This was a heartening step of faith
                                            for which I am most grateful. Gratifying, too,    Trinity has always been well served with
                                            has been the sacrificial giving of congregation   competent and capable folk sharing the weight
                                            members, enabling us to meet budget this past     of leadership. Noël Haupt has agreed to serve
                                            half-year amidst economically hard times. I am    as Treasurer thereby alleviating the load of
                                            constantly reminded that a church’s Balance       Wendy Musto who has borne the brunt of
                                            Sheet is as much a Confession of Faith as our     balancing our books for the past six months.
                                            theological Statements of Faith.                  Paul Draper takes over as Co-chair of the
                                                                                              Trinity Church Trust, the body tasked with the
                                            ii. Worship Matters.
                                                                                              maintenance and up-keep of the buildings. His
                                            The series on worship has been an eye-            presence has already been felt in the gleaming
                                            opener for me. After 25 years in the pastorate,   new woodwork in the courtyard and steering
                                            preaching and leading worship Sunday after        the proposed parking project from planning to
                                            Sunday, at times one has felt dry and arid, but   implementation.
                                            then the corporate worship of the congregation
                                                                                              iv. Life Matters
                                            has lifted one into a fresh awareness of God’s
                                            presence. None of us feel adequate for the        For all the unheralded faithful folk who make our
                                            task, but then we were never meant to be.         corporate life at Trinity possible – from pouring
            TriniTy                         Discovering the heart of worship is a life-long   cups of tea, to balancing the sound system,
            ChurCh                          journey as we encounter the goodness and          from making glorious music to ensuring our
                                            greatness of God together.                        computers work – ministry at Trinity would not
  A Congregation of the Uniting
                                                                                              be possible without you. With the apostle Paul,
Presbyterian Church in Southern             The hymn ‘Before the Throne of God Above’ is      ‘I thank my God every time I remember you….
                 Africa                     so appropriate in this regard:                    because of your partnership in the gospel from
 459 Lovers Walk • Lynnwood • Pretoria                                                        the first day until now.’ (Philippians 1:3-5).
                                               When Satan tempts me to despair
Tel: (012) 348 9469 • Fax: (012) 348 6622
                                               And tells me of the guilt within               Until next time, with gratitude,
                                               Upward I look and see Him there                Your minister and friend,
                                               Who made an end of all my sin                  Alan
Trinity Presbyterian Church Newsletter




                                     THE EXECUTIVE COMMISSION OF 2009
One 4 All + All 4 Christ



The Commission which met from 28th – 31st July, was upheld in               our Union and its progress, congregational integration, church
prayer by Trinity. I thought it would be good to give you some feedback.    associations, stipends and assessments, and the purchase and sale
This year’s Commission was dedicated to the celebration of the 10th         of land.
Anniversary of the formation of “The Uniting Presbyterian Church in
                                                                            Decisions needed to be made in all these areas, and the decision-
Southern Africa” and the 500th Anniversary of the birth of John Calvin.
                                                                            making process was as follows: conveners briefly introduced their
The Executive Commission is a standing commission constituted by            reports, time for questions for clarification followed, then the reports
General Assembly. It is authorised to exercise all the functions and        were sent for discussion, amendment or additions in ‘insaka’ sessions
powers of the General Assembly in the period between meetings of            (small groups of about 12 people). Proposed changes were reported
General Assembly which take place every two years (subject to certain       to a drafting committee that formulated them for the third part of
provisos).                                                                  the process: the decision making session. During this session
                                                                            commissioners declared themselves for or against proposals, and
This is General Assembly’s Vision:                                          then had time to discuss tthe substance of the proposals.
The UPCSA is a Church which is One                                          I knew that thorny issues would be raised. They were handled with
 In obedience to its Sovereign Lord                                         care and consideration, even while great attention was given to detail.
                                                                            As commissioners listened to each other making points or countering
 In celebrating its living heritage as a Reformed Church
                                                                            them, there was a straining to bring God’s truth to issues. It was God’s
 in Southern Africa                                                         lenses through which issues were viewed, and there were times when
 In celebrating its cultural diversity                                      commissioners urged or even admonished each other to keep this
 In addressing injustices and poverty in Church and Society                 focus. There were times when minds were changed as discussions
                                                                            took place and in some matters agreement was reached. There were
 In providing a model of racial reconciliation
                                                                            also times when no agreement was reached and grace was requested
                                                                            and extended in order to find a way forward.
This is General Assembly’s Mission:
  Bear witness to the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who do           We are constantly urged, commanded and encouraged to do and to
  not now believe in Him                                                    be many things, and that will always continue. But I think something of
                                                                            Philippians 2:1-5 was in the “here and now” at the Commission, and I
  Build up the believers in faith, hope and love through the ministry       think it brought joy to the Lord.
  of the Holy Spirit
                                                                            Philippians 2:1-5: If you have any encouragement from being united
  Be faithful through our teaching and practice in proclaiming the          with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship with the
  sovereign rule of God in all social, economic, political and ecological   Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, 2then make my joy complete
  relations.                                                                by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and
The General Assembly is the supreme Council of the Church. Its              purpose. 3Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in
members are the office bearers (the retiring Moderator, the incoming        humility consider others better than yourselves. 4Each of you should
Moderator, the Clerks and Business Convenor of the Assembly,                look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.
and the General Treasurer) along with commissioners appointed by
                                                                              Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus:”
Presbyteries as set out in the Church Manual. At each meeting of the        There is always much work to be done. But while we work hard at
General Assembly a Moderator is elected. The Moderator presides             being God’s agents in the world, let’s not forget those things that can
over the meetings of the Assembly and acts officially on its behalf.        and should be celebrated.
Our current Moderator is The Rt. Revd. Chris Makandawiri, from
Livingstone, Zambia. His theme for his term of office is the text ‘Arise,   Trinity organised the function at which the Commission celebrated
shine for your light has come…’ (Isa.60.1.)                                 the 10th birthday of our Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern
                                                                            Africa, and it was good for us to be part of that. Let us not forget what
 At the last General Assembly two ‘prophetic listeners’ were associated     Nehemiah said, “This day is sacred to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the
with the Assembly. They were to listen to the Assembly’s proceedings        joy of the LORD is your strength” Nehemiah 8:10b
and during the closing devotions each day report briefly on what, if
anything they had heard from God. This procedure was repeated at            On a practical note – The Presbyterian Church Office has moved to
July’s Executive Commission and I was asked to be one of these              Parktown, Johannesburg, on a property was bought for this purpose.
‘listeners’. It was a privilege and a humbling experience. Many difficult   The office has been named Tiyo Soga House, honouring the first
issues were dealt with during the Commission’s sessions, including          African minister to be ordained into the ministry of the Presbyterian
                                                                            Church in South Africa. Tiyo Soga was born in Gwali in 1829, but
                                                               Trinity Presbyterian Church Newsletter

completed his schooling and theological studies in Scotland. When he       FELLOWSHIP GROUPS
left South Africa, Tiyo’s mother did not know whether she would see
                                                                           On Saturday morning, 22nd August, fellowship group leaders
her son again, but she let him go with the words: ‘My son belongs to
                                                                           watched parts of the DVD “ReGroup”, presented by the Willow Creek
God; wherever he goes God is with him ... he is as much in God’s care
                                                                           Association. Exciting and helpful insights were gained. It is our prayer
in Scotland as he is here with me’. Read more of this remarkable man
                                                                           that, as we learn, play, pray, worship and grow together, our walk with
                                                                           the Lord will grow deeper and stronger.
Sue Hay
                                                                           The leaders of Trinity fellowship groups that meet regularly are listed
                                                                           below. Contact any one of them if you would like to chat about joining a
                                                                           group, or contact Louise Ruch or Mildred Roux if you would like to start
                                                                           a new group. For more details call the office (012 348 9469) or go to
                                                                           the Fellowship tab on our website at

                                                                           John & Maggie Home:
                                                                           [Waterkloof, Monday evenings]
                                                                           Francois & Mildred Roux:
                                                                           [Garsfontein, Wednesday evenings]
                                                                           Gordon & Sue Hay:
                                                                           [Brooklyn, Wednesday evenings]
                                                                           Louise du Plessis
                                                                           [The Church, Tuesday mornings (seniors)]
It was a real joy to celebrate Dickie and Annette’s 50th Wedding
Anniversary with them. They were joined at the morning service by          Valri and James Lamont
their children and Annette’s sister and brother-in law. It was a truly     [Queenswood, Monday mornings]
golden affair and we are grateful that we celebrate their lives and        Jenn Hurlin
witness on an ongoing basis.
                                                                           [Lynnwood Ridge, Thursday afternoons]
                                                                           Riaan and Kathy Van Deventer
                                                                           [Wapadrand/Silverlakes, Monday evenings]
                                                                           Pierre and Lorna Fourie
                                                                           [The Willows, Wednesday evenings]
                                                                           Wendy Musto
                                                                           [Garstfontein, Thursday evenings]
                                                                           Paul and Debbie Draper
                                                                           [Lynnwood, Wednesday evenings]
                                                                           Michele Hau
                                                                           [Meet at members’ homes, Tuesday evenings young adults]
CHARISMA DROP-IN CENTRE                                                    YOUTH
We have been able to help two Drop-In Centre families in a very            There is a combined Anglican and Presbyterian Youth move a-foot!!
special way. Both families lived in inadequate dwellings. Under Dave       The activity centers around the green ZoZo hut in the garden on the
Turner’s leadership, members of Trinity and Charisma Churches have         Eastern side of the Church. All the youth are joining forces to re-do the
made                                                                       hut and enjoy it as a “youth only” zone. Keep an eye for developments!!
donations of prefabricated structures and other materials, as well as      In the meantime all our youth activities are in full swing. JUMP meets
their time and their efforts. They dismantled the existing dwellings and   on Friday evenings at 16h30 and High School Youth meet on Friday
re-erected the pre-painted and prepared new structures in their place.     evenings at 18h00.The varsity students and the young adult fellowship
Those who were involved were blessed and we pray that the families         groups have combined for the duration of the series on sermons on
will be blessed as they enjoy the benefits of living in more comfort,      worship. Pierre Fourie is leading their study during this time. They
warmth and security.                                                       meet in the Upper Room on Tuesday evenings at 19h00.

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