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Welcome back to another exciting year at Clearpoint Elementary and a special
welcome to all our new families. The start of the school year is always a good
time for us to explain the benefits of Home & School.

                        What is Home & School?
We strive to enrich the educational experience for all the children by providing
fun social activities and fundraisers, in school volunteers and of course financial
support. Throughout the school year, H&S offers Pizza and Subway lunches and
coordinates a wide selection of lunchtime activities. Families are encouraged to
come and enjoy the Holiday Fair, the Family Movie Nights, the winter Skating
Party and of course the annual Spring BBQ. These along with other fundraisers
(Entertainment Books, Magazine Subscriptions, Vesey Bulbs and the very
successful Garage Sale, to name just a few) allow us to give back to many areas
of the school. The Library, Dance Room, Music Room, Phys. Ed dept. (including
Juggle Sports, Outer’s Club and Gym equipment) and a donation to all the
teaching and resource staff are just a few of the annual areas we contribute to.

                    Would you like to get involved?
Home and School is a great way to get involved just a little bit or a lot and all of
it makes a difference in your child’s Clearpoint experience.

Clearpoint Home & School cannot exist without volunteers. This year, there are
critical volunteers missing in order for us to get started. We need a President
and Vice-President (or Co-Presidents) and a Secretary.

The good news is that a great group of volunteers (new and returning) have
stepped forward to organize some of our big activities like Pizza Lunch, Subway
Lunch, Entertainment Books, Lunch Activities and the Birthday Board. So, as
long as a few people step forward to make up our executive – we will be off to a
great start!

Please contact Alexya Heelis (514-426-1718) if you are interested in helping out
in one of the executive positions or in any other capacity.
            Clearpoint Home & School Activities
Every year, Clearpoint Home and School organizes a number of activities to
raise money in order to improve the lives of Clearpoint students. We
understand that every family is not in a position to participate in all of these
fundraisers. All fundraisers & activities are optional. Please participate where
you can.

Here is an outline of our year’s events to help you plan:

Pizza Lunches:                  Sep. 24, Oct 16, Nov 13, Dec 11, Jan 15,
                                Feb 12, Mar 12, Apr 16, May 14, Jun 11

Subway Lunches:                 Oct 6, Dec 1, Jan 26, Mar 23, May 25

Lunch Activities:               Fall & Winter sessions

Entertainment Books:            September

Magazine Subscriptions: Fall

Children’s Hospital:            October
(Halloween boxes)

Holiday Fair:                   December

Holiday Baskets:                December

Garage Sale:                    May

Family BBQ:                     June
         Clearpoint Home & School Membership
Now that we have reviewed all the benefits of Home & School and all the
wonderful ways it can enrich your children’s experience at Clearpoint, it’s time
to explain membership!

                        Why become a member?
Your membership in your own local association is a membership in Quebec
Federation of Home & School Associations (QFHSA). This organization is one
of only two parent groups that the Ministry of Education solicits for briefs on
educational topics. QFH&SA co-ordinates lobbying efforts to put the rights of
children and their parents first. Membership fees go directly to QFH&SA to
support their sponsorship of workshops and information sessions and the costs
associated with keeping an office running.

              What do I get for my Membership Fee?
The cost of membership for 2009-2010 is $16.00 (no fee increase from last
year!). For this you receive voting rights at our monthly meetings, giving you a
voice in how Home & School dollars are spent! You also receive QFHSA
Home & School News, published 3 times per year and are eligible to represent
CPHSA at the Annual General Meeting.

If you are already a member of a Home & School at another school, you can
select an associate membership for $2.00, which still allows you to vote at our
meetings (please provide the name of the other school on your membership




   The Clearpoint Home & School Association is made up of parents, teachers and
   other concerned adults who believe in being involved in the school lives of our
   children. Our efforts focus on coordination of volunteers for helping in the
   school, raising money for use by the school and its teachers and providing a
   forum for parents with great ideas. We are a group of “do-ers” who truly
   believe what research has shown: children benefit greatly when parents are
   involved in school life.

   Yes, I would like to become a member of the Clearpoint Home & School!

                   CLEARPOINT HOME & SCHOOL
           MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION 2009-2010 (Please print)

 Name:                                                               Phone:

 Address:                                                            Full ($16)                     *Assoc. ($2)

 City:                            Postal Code:                       Amount Enclosed:


 Name of Child:                                                      Grade/Class:

 *Name of other school if selecting Associate
*E-mail is a great way to receive information from H&S (Meeting announcements, agendas, minutes,
newsletters, etc…)
         On behalf of all the children and the Clearpoint Community, Thank You!
  Make cheques payable to “Clearpoint Home and School” - There will be a $10 charge for any returned NSF cheques