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Santa Clara Valley Koi
& Water Garden Club
    April 18th 2008
     Office of President Va-
                                                        Time to Step up &
     cant - Volunteers need-
     ed to fill the position
•    Time to Replace Your
     UV’s A Quick “How To”
     by Ken Snarr

     Pondkeepers Toolkit -
     What every pond owner
     should have

•    The Better Keepfull

                               Visit our Web Site at www.sckoi.com
     March Meeting Minutes                                Meetings & Events                            April Presentation
Our March meeting hosted a number of guests                                                             Stupid Koi Tricks
and new members for the night, all set to partake         Monthly Club Meetings - 7:30pm                   By Gregg Steed
in the presentation by Mike Perret and the famous          Willow Glen American Legion Hall During the spare time in running his busi-
SCVKWGC Pizza. Since there were many Latin
scholars present, this months meeting minutes will
                                                               1504 Minnesota Ave., San Jose ness, Gregg has developed a conplete set
                                                                                                  of tricks that you can teach your Koi to do,
be provided in Latin. Good Luck!
                                                                                                  including roll over and play dead. Don’t
                                                             •	    April 18th, 2008               miss it!
Vel eugiat lore magna augait ut praestrud magna
faccum ing eugiam, cor ilit la ad dio doloreros
                                                             •	    May 16th, 2008
niscilit ut vullam, commodi atummolor irit aliquat.          •	    June 20th, 2008                 2008 Club Calendar Available
Min velisse quipsum iriustis acil ipit, suscill uptate       •	    July 18th, 2008                For the past few months, Carole Bruch has
diamet at.                                                   •	    August 15th, 2008              been working on a 2008 Club Calendar to
                                                                                                  distribute to all of our members. A PDF of
Irit et lum quismolesto con eu feuis dolorper                                                     this calendar is now available on the club
iriusci er inciduipsum zzriusto consequamet num           April Meeting                           web site, unfortunately without the pho-
dolor seniat. Im ipiscidunt irilit wis euis nullam        April 18th, 7:30pm                      tos because of the large file size. Anyone
quam, consequat aci tie magniat ilit wismod dui
                                                          Presentation: See the column to the     wishing a copy of the full calendar should

eu feum venis accum zzriurem zzrilit, consed
do odolortinci ea con hent utat. Em dolore tie tat        right                                   contact Carole Bruch at the next meeting.
aliquissed dolorper autat.

Duis nonumsan velit accummo luptat, conse
dionummodit am, velessectet lan henis nim aliquat         Pizza Fest for refreshment break!
eum vel ero dolobor erilit la faciduisi tat acin
vullamc onsecte dolor autate ver sequati onsequat
voloborer sent augait aliquam commodo lenismod            Election for President. Attendance
doluptat, quisi exerit ing eu feum dolut eum vele-        Mandatory
nisis nos ea facincipit adit wiscin henis enisi.
Ting euip er sequatue etuer sissenim illa ating ea
feugiam in volore ex esse tet, venit loborero conse
                                                          Board of Directors Meetings
dolore veliquis nulla facidunt praessed magna fac-        Each month on the Thursday follow-
cum numsandiam, se ex etuerostrud dunt verosto            ing the monthly club meeting
od duipis ea alit at.

Unt wis nonum duis nim zzriuscip euis amcor-              Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival
perilis non et pratum dolobor eriureet wis am, quis       April 25th-27th
num quamet ex ea core molobor sustrud magnim              Cupertino Memorial Park
ipit nullam ip elis dolobor se et am, conse tat
nonsed tio do odion ute eu feuisi.
                                                          Camellia Koi Club
Ullam, se ming ex euguerit, sed tat, veliquis             Annual Koi Auction
nonulput am, verosto odolesequisi tem quam,
corper si ea con ulla consendit la feum dolore del        April 27th
ipit il ilit ilis am iril ut velit non et, vel duis am,   www.camelliakoi.org
quisl ipsuscidunt aliquipit wis at velit wiscipsum
zzrit prat. Ullumsan henit vendre do od mincing er
acip enim in utatinibh er alit am doloreriure duis
                                                          First 2008 Monthly Pond Social
nullaore conullandrem dit alit alit am.                   May17th, 1pm to 4pm

                                                          17th Annual SCVKWGC
Attendance Incentive Drawing                              Pond Tour

 Win Just           for     shoWing up!                   July 19th, 9am to 4pm

                                                          For information check our web site at
                                                          www.sckoi.com or call 650-969-0715.

                                                                  “We never know the
                                                                     worth of water
Another month passes with no one present to ac-
cept this great prize. Oh well, April’s lucky winner,             ‘til the well is dry.”
should there be one, will be about to truck home                  ~English Proverb~
$110. Be sure to bring a large suitcase.

Santa Clara Valley Koi and Water Garden Club                                                                                            Page 2
                                   950 S First Street • San Jose
                                     Mari           pecialists
                                     Marine & Reef Specialists
                                      • 6,00 Sq. Ft Showroom
                                        6,000              room
                                      • 500 + Live Coral in Stock
                                      • Ove 2,000 Japanese Koi
                                        Over              ese
                                      • Fulll Line Water Gardens
                                      • Cus Exhibits for Aquar
                                        Custom                    riums
                                                          or Aquariums
                                      • Koi Ponds & Waterfalls

                                     40         8
                                        ww           koi com

Santa Clara Valley Koi and Water Garden Club                              Page 7
                                   New Shipment
                                 of Japanese Tosai
                                 and Water Plants
                                     for Spring
     E Large selection of hand picked
         Japanese Koi & Fancy Goldfish
     E Authorized Dealer For;
         Aqua Ultra Violet UV filters and Ultima filter
     E W.Lim Corp,
         Wave I, II, and Dragon Pumps
     E ShoKoi "Impact" Koi Food
         recommended by Dr. Erik Johnson
     E Pond and Koi Supplies
     E Large selection of Plants,
         Waterlilies and Lotus
          Cherry Hill Koi & Water Gardens
     Established in 1986, Cherry Hill is owned and operated by Gregg
            Steed, master water gardener, author, and lecturer.
                              351 Spar Ave.
                           San Jose, CA 95117
                             (408) 260-1445
          Open 11:00am to 5:00pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday

                Store Now Open!
                       3095 Jefferson St.
                        Napa, CA 94558
                       fax 707-251-3735

                       VISA, MC, AMEX
                        • Pond Maintenance
            • Distributor of Enviro-Reps “Superbugs™”
                           • Pond Supplies
                          • Quality Koi Food
                • Pond Aeration System Installation
          • Scottish Barley Straw-Reduces Stringy Algae

         The affordable & natural method to clear water!!!
           From small ponds to million gallon ponds!!!

Santa Clara Valley Koi and Water Garden Club                           Page 8
                   (Sometime Former Member)

Santa Clara Valley Koi and Water Garden Club   Page 9
                              Club Resources                                                  Club Officers - 2008
                                                                                          President                                                   Open
                   The following items are available from the club on loan.
Videos (DVD)                                        (Cowley)                              Vice President                           Barbara Snarr
1. 2003 Year in Review - Photos and             11. Ulserative Disease (Hedrick)                                                    650-969-0715
   Videos of Club Activities                    12. Filtration for Koi (missing)
2. Japan Koi Buying Trip- 2002                  13. Koi Treatment (Galen Hansen)          Secretary                                                   Open
                                                14. Selecting Tategoi (Spindola)
Videos (VHS)                                    15. How To Select Quality Koi (Norihira   Treasurer                           Julaine Mullaney
1. Koi Care and Disease (UK)                        Nagata)                                                                       408-266-1791
2. Koi Classification (Finnegan)                16. AKCA Seminar Pond Tour, June
3. Koi Classification (Spindola)                    25th 1995                             Program Director                                            Open
4. Breeding Koi in Japan
5. Koi Handling                                 Books/Publications
6. Health Care for Koi (Galen Hansen)
                                                1. Aquariology, Tetra Press Master
                                                                                               Committees - 2008
                                                                                          Koi Person of the Year                                  Ken Snarr
7. Building Koi Ponds (William Lim)             2. Pond Care (Aquarium Pharmaceu-         for 2007
8. Medication and Their Uses (UK)                   ticals)
9. First Annual Santa Clara Koi & Wa-           3. Aquascaping Your Landscape             Pond Tour                                                      Open
    ter Garden Koi Show                             (Wemco)
                                                                                          AKCA Rep                                                       Open
10. Patio Ponds (Equipment)                     4. Koi Keeping (Fujita)
11. English Koi Show (1990)                     5. Kokugyo (Kodama)                       Koi Health Advisor                               Sanjiv Kapoor
12. Building a Fiberglass Filter & Con-         6. AKCA Practical Koi Keeping Vol.1                                                         408-242-7929
    crete Pond                                  7. AKCA Practical Koi Keeping Vol.2
                                                                                          Annual Banquet                                                 Open
13. English Ponds, Filters & Gardens            8. AKCA Practical Koi Keeping Vol.3
    (missing)                                   9. Basic Koi Ponds, Filters & Water       Club Equipment                                        Ken Snarr
14. Tetra Successful Koi Keeping                    (Koi USA)                                                                                650-969-0715
15. Building a Filter, Walton Pond &            10. AKCA Guide to Koi Nutrition II
                                                                                          Librarian/Videos                                 Terry Denevan
    Christopher Pond (missing)                                                                                                              408-279-4567
16. Part 1 - Japan                              Equipment:
17. Patio Ponds (Equipment)                        • Oxygen Tank                          Hakone Gardens                                                 Open
18. Tetra Successful Koi Keeping (Spin-            • Aquarist Master Test Kit
                                                                                          Friendship Gardens                                     Jim Gate
    dola)                                          • Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit                                                               408-867-4738
19. Living Jewels / English Ponds &                • 1/6 HP Teel Pump
    Filters                                        • 1 HP Vacuum Pump                     Guadalupe Gardens                                              Open
20. Create a Paradise                              • 2 Speed Self Priming Pump
                                                                                          Membership/Host                                    Carole Bruch
21. Health Care for Koi (Galen Hansen)             • Water Meter
    (original)                                     • Enviroshade Gazebo                   Cherry Blossom Festival                                2008 Open
22. Koi Health and Disease (Erik John-             • 1 Microscope
    son)                                           • 1 Small pump                         Refreshments                          Bill & Marifran Mundy
23. Koi Health and Disease (Erik John-             • 1 Cyprio (green)
    son)                                                                                  Pond Emergency
24. Kokugyo                                     30 Day Loan Limit on the following        Contacts                                              Ken Snarr
25. History of Koi (Kaz)                        tanks:                                                                                       650-969-0715
26. History of Niigata Nishikigoi                   • 4-6’ Portable Show Tanks                                                                 Mike Perret
                                                    • 12’ Diameter x 3’ Steel Tank                                                           408-226-7802
VHS tapes from the 1995 AKCA Koi                    • 2-24” Diameter x 11” Blue Han-
Seminar - SJ:                                          dling Tubs                         Webmaster/Newsletter                                              N/A
1. Q&A 1995 Seminar                                 • 1-12 ‘ pool
                                                                                          Les Inanchy resigns from all Koi Club duties due to harassment from
2. BQ&A 1995 Seminar                                                                      CIGNA insurance company.
3. 1995 AKCA Ecology (Ben Plonski)                 Contact Terry Denevan for Videos
4. Koi Nutrition (William Sadler)                  and Books, Contact Ken Snarr for
5. Control of Algae (Kelly Rusch)                  Equipment loans.
6. Koi Husbandry (Sanchez)
7. 1995 Lunch and Exhibitors
8. Recirculation Fundamentals (Ma-
9. Tategoi Koi (Megumi Yoshida)
10. Alternative Materials for Koi Ponds
Santa Clara Valley Koi and Water Garden Club                                                                                                        Page 10
                                                                       1504 Minnesota Ave., San Jose, CA - Google Maps                                                                        06/10/2007 05:08 PM

     Newsletter Advertising Rates                                                                              Meeting Hall Map
                                                                                                            Address 1504 Minnesota Ave
                                                                                                                         San Jose, CA 95125

Business Card                                12 Issues @ $35.00
Quarter Page                                 12 Issues @ $95.00
Half Page                                   12 Issues @ $175.00
Full Page                                   12 Issues @ $325.00
Now all ads will appear in both the club Newsletter and on
our web site! You will get the increased exposure that our
web site offers, with no increase in price.
Advertising copy must be received by the editor on or before

                                                                                                                                Willow Glen
the 20th of each month. Copy should be in the form of either
JPEG (preferred), or PDF files. Ads will run for the specified
number of issues unless other arrangements have been made
with the Club’s Treasurer. Checks are payable to: SCVK-
WGC and send to:

                 P.O. Box 9006
                 San Jose, CA 95157
                                                                           Directions: 1504 Minnesota Ave. San Jose. From 280 Take
                Membership Dues                                            Meridian Ave. exit going south. Go about 1.5 miles down
Membership Dues are $100.00 per household if you don’t come to             Meridian to Minnesota Ave and turn left. The American
meetings, and $30.00 if you do. (Just Kidding) Dues are tax deduct-        Legion Hall is in the first block on your right. Parking in the
ible. Make checks payable to SCVKWGC and send to:
                                                                       http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=1504+Minnesota+Ave.,+…ll=37.299849,-121.909146&spn=0.015396,0.018153&z=16&om=1&pw=2     Page 1 of 1

                 P.O. Box 9006
                 San Jose, CA 95157
As per by-laws dues are from July to July. They become delinquent
after 08/31. If they are not paid by 08/31 your name will be taken
off the roster unless some other arrangements have been made.
Anyone joining the club in mid-year will be asked to pay $2.00 per                      The Killer...
month until the next July then they will be put on an annual renewal

                                        Membership Application form
 Street Address

 City                         State                                                                                                            Zip
 Pond Details (If applicable)

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