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					                                                                                         Principal’s Letter
9-28 Homecoming Week               October 5th Orchestra
9-29 8th Grade Explore Test        Fall Concert at FMS at
10-1 School Advisory Meeting              7:30 pm                 Welcome to Fruita 8/9 School! I would like to thank all of the students and their
10-3 Homecoming Dance                                             parents who attended our registration days and the Back to School Night. As we
10-15 End of Quarter                  October 6th High            begin the new school year, I would like to let parents know how they can become
10-16 Teacher Work Day              School Fall concert at        more involved in their son/daughter’s education.
                                      FMS at 7:30 pm
10-22 Teacher In Service Day
10-23 No School                                                   First of all, our parent School Advisory Council (formerly known as Parent Ac-
                                                                  countability Committee) meets the first Thursday of every month in the Fruita 8/9
                                                                  Library at 6:00-7:00. Our officers for this year are Cheri LeFevre-President, Mi-
Please Keep in mind that if you know in advance about an          chelle O’Donnell-Vice-President and Harriet Carpenter- Secretary. Our meeting on
upcoming absence for your student, please send a signed           October 1st will inform parents and the community about the school’s crisis plan
note, stating the dates and reason for the absence at least 3     and review our School Improvement Goals for this year. The November 5 th meet-
days prior to the absence. With this advanced notice, your
student will be given a Pre-Approved Absence Form which           ing will include a presentation on the new math curriculum. Everyone is invited to
he/she can take to each teacher to get assignments for the        attend!
absence period.
You may also call the attendance line at 254-7621.
                                                                  We need volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering at our school, please con-
                                                                  tact Yvonne Hall at 254-6720. She can assist you with the process.

Counseling Corner                                                 Fruita 8/9 school is committed to communicating with our parents and community
                                                                  as effectively and efficiently as possible. You will find information in our bi-
EXPLORE test for 8th Graders                                      monthly newsletter, on Parent Bridge and on our website. For the most current and
                                                                  in-depth information please see our website at
All 8th grade students will be taking the EX-
PLORE test on the morning of September 29.                        Fruita 8/9 teachers are expected to update their grades weekly. We will continue to
It marks an important beginning for a student's                   run eligibility every week for all students. Any student with a ―D‖ or an ―F‖ will
future academic and career success. The con-                      receive extra time in study hall and extra help from their teachers. Please feel free
tent of the EXPLORE tests is closely tied to                      to contact a teacher if you have questions regarding grades or assignments.
that of the achievement test ACT, which is
broadly used for college entrance and place-                      We have had a great start to the new school year and look forward to working with
ment decisions. To learn more about this                          you and your student.
resource visit We
will use these results to guide students in de-                   Sincerely,
signing their 5 year plan- which will take them
through graduation and into their future career.                  Cristal Loehr
                                                                  Fruita 8/9
Freshmen: Planning the High School Years

For freshmen, the important focus is on the                                                                                            Parent Bridge News:
                                                                Fruita 8/9 School has an Automated Calling System which
high school years ahead of you. During this                     notifies parents in the evenings on the day their student has            Parents, please
time, you can take the right courses, try to get                had un-excused absences. We don’t expect any techno-                   remember to update
good grades, and become a well-rounded                          logical glitches to occur, but in the event that you are
                                                                called in the LATE night or early morning hours, please               your e-mail address in
Plan your courses so that you take the prereq-                  notify us of this problem and we will notify the company               Parent Bridge if you
uisites you need for college. We will discuss
                                                                immediately. We certainly apologized if this ever happens.              have changed your
the 4-year plan in your Geography class in                      If you wish to check the validity of the reported absence,                    e-mail.
October.                                                        please email that teacher from Parent Bridge by clicking
                                                                on the teacher’s name on the CLASSES tab. Do not call
Become involved with a team, club, or activ-                    the office to clear up a questionable absence – leave a              The kitchen staff would
ity to develop your extracurricular interests.                  phone message for the teacher if you cannot email the                like to remind you that
                                                                                                                                     per District Charge Pol-
F8/9 COUNSELORS                                                 In order to report the reason for a full-day absence, please         icy, we @ the Fruita 8/9
                                                                call the Attendance Office line at 254-6721.                         follow the High School
Your counselor is available to help you with                    In order to ensure that messages actually reach the parent/          Policies, therefore no
academic, career, and personal issues. You are                  guardian, you may want to request that your personal cell            lunch charges will be al-
                                                                phone number be used as the default number for the system            lowed. If your student
assigned a counselor based on the first letter in               to call.
your last name:                                                                                                                      does not have enough
                                                                Please check the INFORMATION tab on Parent Bridge to                 money in their account
           Mrs. Weber A-K                                       verify that your general information is correct. It is impor-        they will be provided
                                                                tant that we are notified about any telephone number
                                                                changes and home residential and/or mailing address                  with a ½ sandwich & a
           Mrs. Stabolepszy L-Z                                 changes so that phone calls are made to the correct families         milk. If you have any
                                                                and also so that quarterly newsletters are mailed home and           questions please email me
                                                                report cards and can be mailed home in June.
We are happy to deliver messages to students when an emergency arises, however, when you know in advance that your student will need to leave
school early please send a note with your student stating the time and purpose for early check-out. Your student should show the note to the teacher
at the beginning of class and come to the office, using the note as his/her hall pass, at the appropriate time to meet the parent to be signed out. If you
want to write the note stating the time a couple minutes earlier than your arrival, your child should be ready and waiting for you to sign him out at
the office. Some days we have a hundred or more phone calls forcing us to interrupt classes. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
                                                                                                                  Fruita 8/9 Staff
Mesa County Valley School District 51                                                                                                                             U.S. Postage Paid
Fruita 8/9                                                                                                                                                        Non-profit Organization
2115 Grand Avenue                                                                                                                                                 Permit No. 207
Grand Junction, CO 81501                                                                                                                                          Grand Junction, CO

                  From the Health Office:
           Medications: Over the counter medications may only be                                                                                Yearbook
           given at school if they are in the original container and we have
           a signed permission form. Prescription medications may only be                                                                            Congratulatory Ad
           given if they are in the original pharmacy-labeled container,                                                                             Business Ad
           with a permission form signed by both the parent and the phy-                                                                             Group of Friends Ad
           sician, giving information and directions to school personnel                                                                        Please contact us for sizing, and
           administering the medication. The forms are available at the                                                                         prices. Early deadline: 1-19-10;
           school office and most physicians offices. Medication taken                                                                          late deadline: 2-14-10
           three times a day such as antibiotics, does not need to be given                                                                     ~Ms. Greb & Yearbook Staff
           at school. They can be given before and after school and be-
           fore bedtime.
           Reminder: 8th Graders must have their T-dap shot recorded
           by October 1st.                                                                              DRESS CODE
                                                                                                        A student’s appearance shall not disrupt the educational process or consti-
                                                                                                        tute a threat to safety.

                                                                                                        Clothing, hairstyles and accessories will not be allowed that:
                                                                                                        Are too extreme, provocative, or immodest; threaten the safety or welfare
                                  Greetings from the Fruita 8/9 Library!                                of any persons; e.g. spikes; Degrade any race, creed, or gender; are ob-
                                                                                                        scene, profane, vulgar, or lewd; promote tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or weap-
                            Parents, remember—if you need to update                                     ons; advocate sex or sexual activity; denote membership in a gang by
                                                                                                        virtue of color, arrangement, trademark, or other attributes; e.g. ICP attire,
                            your computer’s software, students and staff
                                                                                                        hairnets, and bandanas that represent gang affiliation.
                            members of District 51 can get a software
                            discount. Just go to the Fruita 8/9 Library’s                               Specific examples of inappropriate dress include, but are not limited to:
                            homepage, and follow the “Great Software                                    Clothing that exposes any undergarments; clothing that is transparent; Low
                                                                                                        cut tops that expose cleavage; strapless tops, spaghetti straps, one shoul-
                            Deal” link. You can update to Microsoft Of-                                 der tops, halter tops, tube tops, and muscle shirts; short mini skirts, or
                            fice for under $50! The address to the library                              short-shorts, clothing that includes holes in inappropriate places. Clothing
                       homepage is:                                     that exposes the torso including side, back or middle – this applies to
                                                                                                        males and females; pants that sag excessively; sleepwear; trench coats;
                       departments/library/index.htm.                                                   hats.

                          Oc t ob e r 2 00 9                                                                             Nove m be r 2 009

Sun Mon                      Tue           Wed Thu Fri                                 Sat          Sun           Mon             Tue           Wed Thu                        Fri              Sat
27           28              29            30            1              2              3            1             2               3             4             5                6                7
             Homecom-        Explore                     V-Ball         V-Ball         V-Ball
                                                                                                                  Boys B-Ball     Teacher In    Talent        Boys B-Ball
             ing Week        Test                        Tournament     Tournament     Tournament
                                                         Bonfire        Pep Assembly   Homecoming                 HF @ F8/9       Service Day   Show          GMMS @
                                                         School         Homecoming     Dance                                                    Auditions     F8/9
                                                         Advisory Mtg   Game

4            5               6             7             8              9              10
             1st Boys B-     H.S. Fall                                                              8             9               10            11            12               13               14
             Ball Practice   Concert                                                                              Washington      Boys B-Ball   Talent        Boys B-Ball
             Orchestra                                                                                            Meeting         F8/9 @        show          F8/9 @
             Fall Concert                                                                                                         RMS           Rehearsal     MGMS

11           12              13            14            15             16             17
                                                         Boys B-Ball    Teacher        Service      15            16              17            18            19               20               21
                                                         PV @ F8/9      Work Day       Learning
                                                                                                                  Boys B-Ball                                 Parent/
                                                                                                                  WMS @ F8/9                                  Teacher
                                                         End of         FMS Rock-      Fundraiser                 Canned Food                                 Conferences
                                                         Quarter        A-Thon                                    Drive

18           19              20            21            22             23             24
             Red Ribbon      Boys B-Ball                 Teacher In     NO School                   22            23              24            25            26               27               28
             Week            BMS @ F8/9                  Service Day                                              1st Girls B-                  No School     No School        No School
                                                                                                                  Ball Practice                               Thanksgiving

25           26              27            28            29             30             31
Daylight                     Boys B-Ball   H.S. String   Boys B-Ball    Door           Halloween    29            30
Savings                      F8/9          Clinic        F8/9 @EMS      Decorating
Time                         @OMMS                       Senate         Senate
                                                         Conference     Conference
                                                                                                                                                            *See, List of Events & Activities, for more