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					Student Government Association
      Senate Orientation

     Duties of each Senator

• Attendance
• Cell Phones
• Bills
      Duties of Senate Officers

•   Senate Speaker
•   Speaker Pro Tempore
•   Parliamentarian
•   Sergeant-At-Arms
Motions to be
• A typical motion: I move to…..

•     Motion to Vote Upon the Previous Question
              Non debatable; requires a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of members present
            • is only in order after the affirmative and negative floor leaders have each
              consumed at least 5 minutes of time

    • Motion to Postpone (Table)
       – A motion to Postpone indefinitely is debatable for a period of ten minutes equally
         divided in open debate. Any motion which is postponed indefinitely may not be
         taken up again during that meeting.

•     Motion to Postpone to a Certain Day or Time (Special Order)
       – A Motion to postpone to a certain day or time may be amended but may not be
         reconsidered. It is debatable for a period of four minutes equally divided in open
                        More Motions
• Motion to Suspend a Rule
    – A motion to suspend a Rule: Must be offered separately for each proposition.
    – Is debatable for a period of four minutes equally divided in open debate; requires a
      2/3 vote

•   Motion to Extend or Limit Debate
    – A motion to suspend or limit debate is in order and requires a two-thirds (2/3)
      majority vote.

• Right to Yield
    – Only the person who has the primary possession of the floor may yield to any
      person in the room.

• Motion to Adjourn
    – Shall state the hour and day to which it is proposed the assembly adjourn;
      Types of Senate Documents

•   Amendment
•   Resolution
•   Request and Resolution
•   Appropriations
 Finance Bill (Appropriations)
• The most common form of legislation.
• Way in which organizations receive money.
• Usually referred to Finance/Budget
•   Seeks to change the SGA Constitution
•   Will typically go through Rules Committee
    Request and Resolutions
• Meant to create change.
• Becomes the responsibility of SGA Officers
  and the proposing Senator alike.
             Other Documents

•   Resolutions
•   Legislative Order
•   Executive Order
•Election Board
•Banquet Committee
               Rules Committee
        (Events, Conferences, Orientations, etc.)
• 5 Senators

• All proposed new Senate rules and/or proposed changes
• Responsible for interpretation of the Constitution
• Chair of Committee is decided by the Speaker
          Banquet Committee

•   Led By Pro Tempore.

•   Primarily responsible for Senate Banquet

•   Can create its own projects.
       Finance and Budget
•   Deals mainly with appropriations
•   Led by Treasurer
•   Recommendation by the Committee is never final
1.   TASC deals with many of the electronics on campus

2.   CDC deals with the beautification of the campus

                 Both committees deal with
                  the improvement of the
                   campus, and are both
                    very important.
                 Election Board
• The Election Board is responsible for marshalling elections

• Make any decision on elections not explicitly mandated in Election
• Can be appealed to the Supreme Court.

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