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					Mrs. Sinnen                                                                  Toddy Thomas
             7th Grade Math Information Letter 2009-10
Dear Parents,
        Welcome back to another school year. As your child’s Math teacher, I would like to take
this opportunity to introduce you to the 7th grade Math program. In the 7th grade students are
expected to master Algebra 1A, the first half of the algebra 1 curriculum. We will be graphing,
solving equations and continuing to work on fractions, decimals and percents. I will go over the
curriculum in more detail at back-to-school night I hope to see you all there. Please take the time to
read and discuss the information below with your child. These are the policies and standards the
students are responsible for in my class. They are also responsible for all the information in the
Toddy Thomas Handbook. Please sign and return the attachment by Friday August 28.

Text: Making Connections 2 published by CPM
This year we will be piloting or “trying out “ new curriculum. It is a preliminary edition and our
feedback will help the publishers edit the final edition. The book is soft back and needs to be
clipped into a 3 ring math notebook. All damaged books are the responsibility of the student. Please
take good care of them.

Supply List for Students
 A 3 ring notebook ( 2 inch)
1 set of dividers
1 two-pocket folder ( any kind)
1 composition book ( sold at Dollar Tree, or buy from Mrs. Sinnen)
2 glue sticks

* If you are not able to provide supplies, please let me know. If you can donate extra for those who
can’t, please send them to school with your child.

* All students are expected to follow the behavior and educational guidelines in the
Toddy Thomas Handbook. Please take the time to go over the handbook with your child.

Classroom Rules
       1. Raise your hand to ask to speak.
       2. Pay attention and don’t distract others.
       3. Do your work during the entire class period.
       4. Stay in your seat unless you have permission.
       5. Follow all teacher instructions.
       6. Bring all your supplies.
***Good behavior will be rewarded
Consequences for breaking rules

       1. Level One     √ by name (except for automatic detention offenses- see
       2. Level Two     √√√ 30 minute detention is assigned after 3 checks
                        assigned - student notifies parent
       3. Level Three: SEVERE CLAUSE - A severe disruption will result in immediate removal
                       of the student from the classroom
Assignments & Homework
        Students will record assignments on the assignment calendar in their notebook. Homework
will be written after the initials H.W. Students may have homework 3-4 nights a week. No late
work will be accepted without a penalty. I am available before school from 8:00 -8:30 A.M., at
lunch, and some days after school if students need extra help or just a place to work on
assignments. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for help. Students may e-mail me in the
evenings if they have difficulty on homework. . Students can expect to have a math quiz on most
Fridays. Please check my page on the Toddy Thomas web page for updates and resources.

Multiplication Facts
         All seventh graders should know multiplication facts through twelves. Any student who
hasn’t mastered them by the end of the 1st quarter will receive a grade no higher than D+ and be
assigned to study hall until they are mastered. All students will be tested on multiplication
facts and I will send home a notice telling you which ones your child has yet to master.
Please help your child master these. I encourage students to make flash cards and focus on
drilling just a few new facts each day.

         Student grades will be based on approximately 30 % Tests and Quizzes ( including
notebook checks!), 60 % daily work and 10% Accelerated Math. Extra credit will be offered only
during the second half of each quarter, and will be limited. Students should make an effort to turn in
all assignments on time. Please check the Toddy Thomas web site to link to Powerschool to check
your child's grades. Your ID and password is on your child’s schedule. You will be given a copy at
Back to School Night as well.

        If you have questions or concerns you can reach me by calling the school office at 725-
5197, extension 311. You can leave a voice mail for me before or after school hours by dialing 311.
To get a quick response please e-mail me at (cclark@humboldt.k12.ca.us).

                                               Mrs. Sinnen

Math Information Letter Attachment
Please complete and sign this attachment and return by Friday, August 28.
Your child earns 4 pts. for returning this form

I have read and discussed the Math Information Letter with _________________
                                                                  student name

__________________________                 _________________
signature of parent/guardian                     date

signature of student

If you would like to receive e-mail updates from Mrs. Sinnen, please write your
e-mail address and name below.

Parent name________________________

e-mail        __________________________

If you would be interested in volunteering time in my classroom periodically,
please let me know days and times you might be able to help. No math
knowledge required.

day and time:

Contact information:

Possible Activities for volunteers:

Cutting and pasting, word processing, organizing, filing, photocopying, helping
manage materials, ?????

Please feel free to come and observe my class at any time. Let me know to
expect you ahead of time and check in at the office.

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