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									Iron Eagle Wrestling Club
1005 Orrs Bridge Road, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050" "           "      "       "       "      717 – 315-6978

We are writing to you on behalf of the Iron Eagle Wrestling Club. We appreciate your careful consideration to
sponsor our team.

There are many costs associated with a club, the biggest being the facility. We are trying to obtain
sponsorships to assist in deferring some of those costs, allowing us to keep membership fees at an a!ordable
level for our families. In return for your $300.00 tax deductable sponsorship we will list all of our sponsors
names on the back of our club t-shirt. This t-shirt is provided to each wrestler that joins the club and is worn
at various tournaments attend by our wrestlers.

We are a team of wrestling families, compromised of 50 to 60 wrestlers, that have come together to provide
opportunities to our young wrestlers. Our wrestlers and their families sacrifice a lot to come together several
times a week from various parts of Pennsylvania. We will travel throughout the eastern United States to
compete in tournaments at both the local and national level. Wrestling demands total dedication, complete
commitment, and a desire to be the best that you can be. The athletic skill and physical fitness one develops
in wrestling stays with many competitors long after they put on their singlet for the last time. But, it is the
mental discipline the wrestler develops, their intellectual fitness that is of greater value.

Wrestling will help develop a person quicker than any other sport on the planet because of its grueling nature.
We feel there is no other activity that better develops a strong body and an active mind. Wrestling develops
strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, kinesthetic and spatial awareness, and endurance. Additional
benefits of wrestling include self-satisfaction, independence, discipline, camaraderie, sportsmanship and
opportunity for travel.

Our philosophy is simple; we are building champions for the future in all walks of life. We are not training
children to become only dominate wrestlers on the mat, but strong individuals in life who are up for any
challenge because of the physical and mental challenges they endured while a member of our club. We are
preparing them for what waits in the struggles of life and giving them a foundation that will hold them up. We
are giving them self-respect, respect for others, pride, ambition, and the courage to face obstacles that might
knock the normal person down. We are training them for a lifetime!

In today’s culture and society, competition is an important part of life. Athletic competition provides an ideal
environment for children learning successful life skills, goal setting, hard work, dedication, and discipline.
Coping with success and failure are an integral part of wrestling competitive experience while also increasing
confidence, courage and self-esteem. This approach allows for the development of a solid foundation of skills
from which the wrestler can build upon and safely progress.

Thank you in advance for your consideration."

Chris Priar
Iron Eagle Coach

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