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					                                      Rafael González is listed on the Baptismal
                             Register of Santa Barbara Mission for February                                   Visit Los Soldados on the internet
                             20, 1797. His father, Rafael Gerardo Gonzalez,
                             had been a soldier of the Monterey garrison and
                             was transferred to Santa Barbara. Rafael never
                                                                                                             Check out the presidios and soldiers
                             knew his father.      Heathen Indians from the                                      bibliography there as well
                             ranchería of Kolok near Summerland had poisoned
                             his father a few days before he was born.                          
                             Raphael’s first memories of note were of the
                             earthquakes in December 1812. For several months                                   presidios and soldiers bibliography
                             after the initial tremors, aftershocks rocked the
                             Santa Barbara area.                                                    
                                      Rafael González enlisted as a soldier of
                             the Santa Barbara garrison in 1816. His first duty
                             was at Mission Santa Inés in 1817 as part of the
                             escolta (mission guard). It was during this time
                             that soldiers began stocking a cattle ranch for the
                             Presidio of Santa Barbara (Rancho San Julian).
                                      Raphael was at the Presidio at Santa
                             Barbara in 1818 when Hipólyte Bouchard invaded
                             the coast. González went with Sergeant Anastasio
                             Carrillo to support Monterey only to be sent back
                             to Santa Barbara. Bouchard had already sacked and
                             burned Monterey. As the expedition crossed over
                             Refugio Pass, González witnessed the burning of
                             Casa del Refugio at the Ortega ranch.
                                      In 1819 Raphael reported a skirmish at
                             Ventura Mission where a party of [Amajave]
                             (Colorado River Indians) were routed by mission
                             Indians and a few soldiers.      1819 also brought
                             reinforcements to Santa Barbara from Mazatlán
                             under the command of Captain Don Pablo de
                             Portilla. Some 45 men of the Mazatlán Company
                             were attached to the Presidio of Santa Barbara.                             Art Carlos (front) is a Historical Interpreter
                                      Raphael González went on campaign to                                          at La Purisima Mission.
                             Tucson in 1823. He returned to Santa Barbara in
  Rafael González            1824 witnessing a revolt at La Purisima Mission in
                             1824. As a corporal, he campaigned with Portilla to
                             the tule region (South San Joaquin Valley). In
                                                                                                                  Michael Hardwick (author)
Soldado de Cuera, Presidio   1825 he became corporal of the guard at Santa
                             Inés and was discharged from the army in 1827. 1
Santa Barbara, 1816-1827
                                 Related by Rafael Gonzalez to Thomas Savage in 1878; Richard S.
                             Whitehead, ed.; Jarrell C. Jackman, Translation; A Spanish Soldier in the
                             Royal Presidio of Santa Barbara, Bellerophon Books, 1987.

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