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									Shut-off and
control valves
Design, production
and service
Company                                     AIS group
                                            A powerful group

aiS group                                        Shut-off ball valve in an industrial facility

Valve production, power plant services           Training courses for staff members are con-
and industrial services                          ducted both in-house and externally and
                                                 ensure that work objectives and quality
artec AIS Armaturen und Industrieservice         targets are continuously met.
GmbH stands for innovation and technical
know-how in the fields of design, production,    Our subsidiary AIS Hungária Kft. in Hungary
assembly and maintenance of industrial           provides the full range of products offered
control and shut-off valves. The company         by artec AIS: control and shut-off valves up
operates all over Germany and exports to         to 420 bar including related services, project
the whole world. Due to the decentralized        management and project coordination as
nature of its service network artec AIS          well as repair of third-party valves. These
guarantees customer proximity and offers         tasks are fulfilled by staff members who un-
an easy-to-use service with short response       dergo permanent training according to the
times, as and when required.                     strict guidelines of artec AIS.

We employ highly qualified people for design
and production, assembly and maintenance
services. These include mechanical and auto-
mation engineers as well as valve and electric
fitters. The teams are completed by experi-
enced lathe operators, welders and techni-
cians for control systems. Staff deployment
is centrally coordinated at the headquarters
which puts artec AIS into a position to
realize major projects requiring a large num-    Quick-action control ball valve
ber of personnel.
a powerful group

artec AIS belongs to the „Technology“ divi-
sion of the ARAN group. The ARAN group
consists of more than 20 medium sized
companies. The group companies are active
in three business fields: waste recycling,
technology and real estate development.
Regarding technology, ARAN is active in
the manufacture of and service on indus-
trial valves on the one hand and in the
high-quality filtration of liquid fluids with    Shut-off ball valves ready for dispatch
ceramic membranes on the other hand.
Some group companies are world market            Services offered by the Technology division
leaders in this field.                           of the aRan group:

In addition, the services offered by the Tech-   •	   Production	of	control	and	shut-off		
nology division of ARAN include metering              valves for power plants, gas industries
and invoicing of water and heat based on              and industrial purposes
consumption as well as installation and          •	   Power	plant	services	and	industrial	
maintenance of smoke detectors for land-              services
lords and property managers. Companies           •	   Production	of	ceramic	membrane	
belonging to the ARAN group can be found              elements
at numerous locations in Germany, Denmark,            Module construction
Sweden, Hungary, Romania und China.              •	   Metering	and	invoicing	of	water	and		
                                                      heat based on consumption
For more information on the ARAN group           •	   Installation	and	maintenance	of	smoke		
please visit                      detectors and measuring devices
                                                     Shut-off ball valves
pRoDUCTS                                             Control ball valves
                                                     Safety shut-off valves
                                                     Spray attemperators

Top-quality valves for a wide
variety of applications

The valves are designed for their specific
applications by artec AIS‘s experienced staff
members who find a solution for each indi-
vidual case. Ball valves take a special position   Shut-off ball valves
within our product range. They are available
in nominal sizes ranging from DN 25 (1”) to        A renowned natural gas company performed
800 (32”) and are designed to work as highly       a series of wear tests over several months
wear-resistant shut-off or control devices.        on a shut-off ball valve – DN 400 (16”), class
                                                   600 – and the valve was certified according
The range of goods and services offered by         to an accepted European Guideline. In terms
artec AIS also includes all types of third-party   of figures, the valves are certified to have a
valves, from low to high pressure products.        service life of 50 years.

Shut-off ball valves                               Control ball valves

Shut-off ball valves made by artec AIS are         Control ball valves made by artec AIS are
used to completely open, completely block          found in all industrial areas where fluids (such
and to securely separate fluids passing            as gases, liquids, steam, brine, fly ash, solids,
through pipe systems. They are designed to         granulates) are transported in pipelines to
withstand dynamic and static loads as well as      ensure that processes run in a controlled
abrasive, erosive and corrosive fluids such as     manner. The control ball valves made by
natural gas, sour gas, sludges, ashes, brine,      artec AIS fulfill highest requirements regard-
granulates. Uncompromising security during         ing economic efficiency and quality. These
operation and utmost availability are top          valves guarantee absolutely trouble-free
priority factors for artec AIS in the design       and fully automatic operations in plant and
and production of shut-off ball valves.            utility engineering.
Control ball valves

Safety shut-off valves

Safety shut-off valves are exclusively intended
for completely blocking or unblocking the
passage of fluids.

They form a separate valve group of their
own; depending on the specific installation,
their function is to actively prevent pressure
                                                     Spray attemperators
from rising or falling to unacceptable levels.

                                                     Spray attemperators

                                                     Spray attemperators – also known as desuper-
                                                     heaters – made by artec AIS are control valves
                                                     for conditioning / cooling of superheated
                                                     steam or hot gases by injecting water. They
                                                     are built entirely from one single piece of
                                                     forged material, from the casing body to the
                                                     nozzle block. Due to this design they can be
             Safety shut-off valve – function test
                                                     manufactured with an installation length up
To achieve pressure protection in emergency          to 1,500 mm.
conditions the speed of action of the valve
in combination with the rate of pressure             The all-metal seated ball valve that is inte-
change in upstream and downstream parts              grated in the spray attemperator is used
of the pipeline is considered.                       to shut off the injected water. If high diffe-
                                                     rential pressures are present, the system
A safety shut-off valve may not automatically        consisting of ball and seat rings is used as a
re-open or re-close in case of a malfunction         primary throttle, which minimizes problems
and thus considerably increases the safety in        due to wear.
complex plant areas.
SeRViCe                                             Repairs
                                                    Installation / Inspection
                                                    Redesign of third-party valves

  Installation of a butterfly valve DN 2000 (80”)

It is not enough to perform maintenance             artec AIS performs annual revisions, repairs,
and revision work in a reliable and techni-         emergency repairs, maintenance and retro-
cally perfect manner. This work must also           fitting work on all current industrial valves
be completed within the agreed time limits          and on complex special, control and shut-
in order to ensure plant availability for our       off valves and bypass stations in-house and
clients – a service guaranteed by artec AIS.        on-site.

The qualified staff members of artec AIS in
the head office in Leegebruch as well as in         Repairs
the branch offices develop a detailed and
cost-efficient solution for every individual        artec AIS offers extensive services in the field
service issue. Engineers, an efficient process      of repair and maintenance to customers
planning department, construction engi-             from the industry and to municipal opera-
neers working with modern CAD techniques,           tors. In many cases, a repair is the most cost-
and a made-to-measure project manage-               efficient solution to ensure operational
ment are available. Spare parts that are no         availability of valves from a wide variety of
longer available or on stock are produced as        manufacturers.
per sample. This includes measurement of
components, preparation of design drawings          These services are provided at our work-
based on such measurements, and selection           shop and are offered in cases where repairs
of material.                                        on site are impossible, critical or too expen-
                                                    sive or if personnel from our design partners
Every revised valve is checked in detail after      are required.
completion in the same way as a new valve.
Inspection tests such as function tests, pres-
sure tests for tightness of casing and seat
rings – on request including acceptance by
the German Technical Control Board (TÜV) –
are documented.
     Testing a DN 2000 (80”) butterfly valve for leaks

installation / inspection
Our head office as well as our branch offices
are well equipped for the realization of
independent inspections in industrial plants.
artec AIS offers on-site service with up-to-
date mobile technical equipment.

Our mobile equipment includes:
                                                     Ball valves being redesigned into pure metal
                                                     seated models
•	   Fully	equipped	workshop	containers		
     with turning and grinding equipment
•	   Service	vehicles	with	mobile	turning,		         Redesign of third-party valves
     grinding and lapping devices
•	   Mobile	blasting	containers	and	small		          In the field of in-house repair we also realize
     blasting devices                                complex structural changes to third-party
•	   Mobile	valve	testing	technology                 valves, irrespective of the manufacturer, in
•	   Controlled	and	reliable	torque	                 order to increase the durability / service lives
     screwdriver                                     of valves in a cost-efficient manner.
•	   Flange	spreaders
•	   Welding	machines                                These efforts are aimed at modifying
•	   Material	and	office	containers                  difficult, high-maintenance applications or
•	   Mobile	crane	use,	transport	                    valve designs in such a way that the service
     management                                      lives of these valve types are increased by a
                                                     factor ranging from 7-10 while considerably
                                                     reducing both the demand for spare parts
                                                     and downtimes. All this is realized without
                                                     any modification to the installation circum-
                                                     stances within the piping system.
Locations / Contact

Head office
artec AIS GmbH
Eichenallee 40
D - 16767 Leegebruch near Berlin
Telephone: +49 (0)3304 288-0
Telefax: +49 (0)3304 288-50

Rhine-Ruhr region
artec AIS GmbH
Saalhoffer Strasse 17
D - 47495 Rheinberg
Telephone: +49 (0)2843 965-0011
Telefax: +49 (0)2843 965-004

Executive Management
and Administration
artec AIS GmbH
Hauptstrasse 46 / 48
D - 23611 Bad Schwartau
Telephone: +49 (0)451 2001-01
Telefax: +49 (0)451 2001- 3144

artec AIS Hungária KFT.
2083 Solymár
Mátyás király u. 11
Telephone: +36 26 560 076
Telefax: +36 26 362 637

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