Blank letter paper by Guttermouth


									30 July 1863

My Swe etest Angel, Erica,
       I have received the news of our movement only hours ago with both g le e and
sadness. Gle e that we will be soon be moving North in order to take the fig ht to
the Yanke es in their own states. Gle e that finally our land can be relieved of
the constant pressure of the enemy's army ravag ing our land in order to sustain
their invasion of our precious South. Yet, the sadness I fe el is overwhelming. I
am more than happy to offer my life in defense of our home and our beloved
Confederacy, yes. However, the chance of never se eing you and our beautiful
daug hters again consumes my soul. My heart aches to the point that only the
fear of being labeled a coward and our children g rowing up in dishonor am I
willing to say what may be my final goodbye.
       My Darling, I have never be en so far from you as I will be. This campaig n
looks as thoug h it will be one that Uncle Bobby uses to truly bring the war to the
enemy. These Yanke es have never had to carry the burden of this war thus far.
Their will to fig ht has be en sustained by the fact that their loved ones have
never experienced the horrors of war like our has. Yes, my Love, my heart belongs
to you and our g irls. But it is also my determination that you and our little ones
will live fre e from the bondage of a tyrannical government that wishes to rule the
lives of its inhabitants. My g reat-g randfather foug ht the Red Coats so that
we did not have to live under this reig n of terror. Now, it is my responsibility to
make sure that fre edom exists for my g reat-g randson.
       My Love, my return is not promised. However, I have evoked the Divine
Providence on my behalf that I may yet se e your thre e smiling faces once
more. If it be His will that I do not return, I pray that the peace that
surpasses all understanding envelope your heart and soul - until we me et again
in His Kingdom. Know always that my sole desire while I am away is to be in
your loving arms and that my energ ies will be spent making my way back to
you at my first opportunity. Meanwhile, pray for me, My Love. Pray that we will
yet have many more years to live and love after this terrible time is over. With
that, I bid you farewell. Kiss my g irls for me.

Your Most Loving Husband,

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