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					                             Pingtung Toastmasters Club 2022-67(Since 1997)
                             Place: 屏東市信義路151號 -屏東科技大學城中區進修推廣大樓1樓(CE11)
                                      No.151, Xinyi Rd.,Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900, Taiwan, R.O.C.
                                    National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
                             Time: Every 2nd & 4th Thusday 19:15 ~ 21:30          Date: 5/13, 2010
                             Web site:                Meeting#302
                                 Please arrive at the meeting room before : 7:00 p.m.
  Time                       Procedure                     Conducted by                       Evaluator
  18:45                      Meeting Room Set-up           SAA                 Ian Lee
                             Reception & Social Time       Receptionists       Alex Chiu      Angela Juan
                                                                               Jim Wu         Casey Lin
  19:15                      Call for meeting opening      SAA                 Ian Lee
                             CL Evaulation                 all members bring your CL manuals to your evaluators, please
                             Opening                        President          Sapana Huang
  19:20                      Toastmaster of the meeting    Toastmaster         Jolene Chen
  19:25                      Joke Telling                                      Jean Lin       Jolene Chen

  19:35       Progress Manual Speech Session                 Toastmaster          Jolene Chen      Jean Lin
  Speaker#1   C9        5'~7'                                                     Sapana Huang     Melody Tu
  Speaker#2   A5       5'~7'                                                      Homer Lin        Grace Shih
  Speaker#3         10'~12' Trainging course                                      Jenny Kuo
  20:05       1'~2' each Table Topics Session                Master               Lillian Tsai     Christin Cheng
                    Theme: Valuable Gift
  20:20                     Intermission
  20:40                     Quiz Session                     Quiz Master       Christin Cheng Lillian Tsai
  20:50       2'~3' each Evaluation Session                  General Evaluator Bill Pan       Robert Tseng
  Evaluator#1     2'-3'                                                        Melody Tu      Sapana Huang
  Evaluator#2     2'-3'                                                        Grace Shih     Homer Lin
                            Timer & Ah counter report        Timer             Angela Juan    Alex Chiu
                                                             Ah Counter        Casey Lin      Teresa Tsai
  21:00                      Grammarian report                                 Robert Tseng Bill Pan
  21:15                      General Evaluation                                Bill Pan
  21:05                      Awards                          Toastmaster       Jolene Chen
  21:15                      Participants' remarks & closing                   Sapana Huang
  21:30                      Adjournment                     President         Sapana Huang

  Toastmaster of meeting: Please contact Speakers, General Evaluator and the masters of CL Training,
  General Evaluator: Please contact Evaluators, Timer, Ah counter and Grammarian five days before the meeting
  When you are unable to fulfill your assignment, please contact EVP Sally or Toastmaster of the meeting immediately.

Meeting #303 5/27 speakers: Alex Chiu,Robert Tseng,Jean Lin
T/M:Jenny Kuo;Table Topics master:Jim Wu;Quiz master:Jolene Chen, GE:Lillian Tsai , Joke telling:Eric Liang
Place: 屏東市信義路151號 -屏東科技大學城中區進修推廣大樓1樓(CE11)

  Monthly meeting for magazine reading: May 6, 2010-19:15-21:30 紅配綠餐廳, Conducted by Grace Shih.

  Sally Chiu 08-7799757               0953-425-963 
  Sapana Huang                        0973-359-407 

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