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					Although digital photography and digital cameras have been around for quite some time, the constant
evolution of this technology has managed to lure professionals, amateurs and hobbyists, who are eager
for new and updated tools. The sleek and compact 12.2 megapixel Samsung ST is big on innovation and
surprise features and is also quite reasonably priced.

First Impression

Dressed in bright reddish-orange strip running along one side, the design of the Samsung ST550 is
visually appealing. The front camera is clutter-free, sporting only basics, a neatly placed Schneider
Kreznach lens, flash, a tiny AF-assist lamp and an unassuming 1.5-inch front facing LCD screen. The width
of the camera is ideally structured to fit one’s grip while taking photographs. How ever, the small and
flat power button can be inconvenient to operate. One needs to consciously to power on the camera
ensure that it is depressed adequately to power on the camera. The zoom button takes a while to get
used to, but once you are familiar with its range, it is fairly easy to manage. As the user interface is
entirely touch-based, you may find yourself backtracking a lot. The rear screen is entirely touch screen,
prone to fingerprints and smudges. However, the extremely responsive haptic feedback is a pleasure
and can be customized to suit one’s comfort level.

Auto, Smart and Dual IS

The Auto mode, as the name suggests, is perfect for quick and convenient snapshots, as it automatically
adjusts flash, focus and settings. Smart Auto is a step above and recognizes the scene, adjusting the
settings accordingly, for example, it will automatically provide face detection features and adjust focus
for the snapshot. Dual image stabilization (DIS) mode combines digital and optical image stabilization to
produce clear and blur-free images.

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