AMD Phenom x4 9500 Quad core

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					AMD Phenom x4 9500 Quad core

Intel’s quad core processor has been in the market for sometime now, presents a great stops gap
between dual core and multi core processing. By combining two Core 2 Duo processors into one
processor, Intel has pushed a hybrid product that might not be better than a single dual core processor,
but has more long term potential.

AMD, as of late, has been slower to market than Intel and its upcoming Phenom line of processors has
only just arrived. In a nutshell, Phenom is AMD’s answer to the to the Core 2 Quad line up from Intel.
Phenom is an evolution of existing Athlon 64 X2 architecture, and comes along with support for cutting-
edge, new platform from AMD called Spider which includes the previously reviewed HD 3850 chipset as
the primary graphics chip. With a relatively higher end and complete solution in place, AMD intends to
take the processor race one notch higher.

What’s difference
The critical difference between the Core 2 Duo and the Penom X4 s that the AMD variant is a true
blooded-quad core processor. This is to say, its resources are actively shared between the four cores
present in the processor. AMD achieves this with a common L3 cache that is shared between all four
cores allowing dynamic load processing to occur under one roof.

There a lot of expectations with AMD’s latest quad core CPU, and although it does present a significant
step in a right architectural direction, it quivers when it come to roe performance, especially in
comparison to Intel’s Quad core offerings. It would be safe to say that AMD is betting that the new
Spider platform and the Phenom bundle will present the value proposition which is better that what
Intel has to offer, in terms of feature and row graphics processing power.

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