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					Today’s Lecture:

 Course Introduction


1. Press 1 if you are   89
           1.   Yes.   35
           2.   No.    52
           1.   Fantastic.       15
           2.   Decent            4
           3.   Poor              7
           4.   Didn’t see it.   63
           1.   Obama.    52
           2.   Romney.   34
            Students are required to put truthful,
            personal information about themselves
            on their personal wiki pages, even if
            they do not want to

              1.   True
Only get      2.   False.
credit if
                Class Announcements

  Wiki Page
-- It’s your job to complete your wiki page by the end of the
course. I’m not going to walk you through the formatting
-- You have to learn how to do headline, links, etc., in the
manner I said.
                 Class Announcements

 Wiki issues
-- A few of you are not putting your name in the right part of the
page. You have to get it there to get the points.
-- If you screw up the page, I’ll just restore it, so that your
screwed up edit is deleted.
-- If you can’t figure it out, go watch the lecture clip. You have
no excuses, because the movie clips are up.
                Class Announcements

late registration
-- Those of you who were not here have a duty to watch all
missed lectures posted on the web.
You suffer the consequences of not knowing something.
   (e.g., Set your own clicker channels, know if it is not
   working, etc.)
See me after class if you can’t find the website or lectures


9/5/2012      Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.   11
Course Subject Matter
                  The Course Subject Matter

What is it about?
-- alternate title:
        Issues and Development of American Political Life
   Philosophy & Development of the American Political Mind

-- Why do Americans think the way they do about politics
    How did this come about?

          Understand the time in which you live
 Four basic components

 Part I     Agrarian Politics     Part II     Progressive Politics
• political issues and disputes   • political disputes that occur
that occurred before              after industrialization
Industrialization, in the Horse
and Buggy days.                   • Rise of progressivism
                                  (called “the Liberals” on A.M.
• Jefferson v. Hamilton           talk radio)
• Andrew Jackson                  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt
                                  • Ronald Reagan
 Part III   Contemporary Issues
                                    Part IV           Rights
• focus: “Reagan issues”
                                     • civil rights
• taxes, budgets, deficits,
spending, economic growth            • gender

• health care, Clinton &             • sexual orientation
Obama                                (possibly others)
               The Course Subject Matter

what it is not about

-- Government & Institutions
-- Courts
-- Foreign Policy
               The Course Subject Matter

developmental focus

-- use (raid) history to help convey the subject
-- Basic reason why:
   • you don’t understand the times in which you live
   • affords better context
   • neutralize your biases [explain why].
                The Course Subject Matter

 Patience      Snowball Effect

-- Each class is going to build upon the next
   (like telling a story)
-- You must remember yesterday’s lecture when you come to
-- Don’t let lecture fall out of your memory.
(If you are smart, you will go over it again)

    Difference between good and bad students:
   one just watches, the other learns (remembers)
               The Course Subject Matter


-- The Presidential election is designed to make people crazy
   (That’s what it is all about)
   I hate teaching during presidential elections, because the
   propaganda causes poor behavior in students:
   (a) Cheer for something (instead of learn)
   (b) Repeat what they heard on the television and radio as
       though it were “truthful”

  These are strange times that we live in
               The Course Subject Matter

The Election

-- We aren’t going to watch the election in here.
-- We are not even going to talk DIRECTLY about it
-- We are going to give you a cultural and historic context from
which you can see that the spectacle is insane.
-- When you get to the end of this course, you should be able to
see how sick American political culture is.

 Rise above cheer leading in this course;
        see a larger perspective
               The Course Subject Matter

Watch Reading
-- pay attention to the reading in the syllabus
-- Some topics have more than others. Read ahead where you
have time.
-- Some of the reading will be about the upcoming topic, some
about the last topic. (explain)
                The Course Subject Matter

 Exam date
-- We have more than one exam date listed on the syllabus. It
will almost always be the later date (Friday).
-- First exam will be Sept. 21st.

Typed Notes
               The Course Subject Matter

3 people?

-- Joseph Baldacchino
-- Matthew Parker
-- Michael Christian Smith
                     The Course Subject Matter

      What notes should look like

     -- Remember that each session must be indicated

See full criteria for grading notes:
      Session 1.
                                                         Length should
                                                        be much longer
                                                        than this! (Just
                                                         an illustration)

                                                          Graded upon
                                                          how thorough
                                                            they are

                                                           Bonus for
           Session 2.                                     taking book


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Slide Methodology
            Help Topic: What Is Up With All These Slides?

 Why I use them
     -- to make my points understood                       “thematic lectures”

     -- to keep you from falling asleep                      “Cognitive Drift”

9/5/2012                   Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.                         27
                What Is Up With The Slides

 Why I DON’T use them

     -- I don’t use them so you can copy everything down; I use
     them so you can pay attention better
     -- the point is not for you to copy what you see; copy what
     you hear
     -- two schools of thought:

9/5/2012                   Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.           28
                 What Is Up With The Slides


      -- When I taught without slides, my lecture pace was no
      different than it is now
      -- I’m not going to slow up
      -- whatever you miss will be online (copy what you hear)

9/5/2012                   Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.         29
Level of Difficulty
9/5/2012   Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.   31
               Philosophy of College Life


-- I don’t respect students who will not put forth effort (just
try to get by)

9/5/2012                Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.        32
              Philosophy of College Life

Model Professor

… probably, professor Snape

9/5/2012               Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.   33
  oblivious students

-- “professor, l missed yesterday, what did we do?”
-- everything is online. The class plays 24/7 (in theory)
      • No excuses for not reviewing lectures if you miss

9/5/2012                   Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.    34
Last Homework
Register Grading Codes
-- Register grading codes by next class and receive 7 quality
5-digit codes
9/5/2012   Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.   38
                      Enter Name

9/5/2012   Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.   39
                       Email Addy

9/5/2012   Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.   40
             Can’t be from UID, Social
               Security or Driver’s

              Don’t Spell anything

            5-digit code

           Any arbitrary sequence of numbers
            or letters. Can exceed 5-digits if
                         you like
9/5/2012    Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.        41
             Used for in-class stuff,
                like attendance
                  (explain why)
               Tip: tape codes to the
                back of your driver’s

                Same rules: not from
                UID, driver’s license,

                               another code
9/5/2012   Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.      42
Restoring Old Pages
Fixing bad edits

  -- If someone makes a bad edit to a
  community page (not there personal page),
  you can correct it easily ….
Old Revisions
Click on a prior
Without typing ANYTHING, save

                                Perfect: when you,
     Be Careful! Only do this
                                   yourself, just
        in rare occasions
                                messed up the page
Keeping Current
List of most recent edits

         Click whatever
          interests you
Start Editing!
Training first

 -- When you feel you know something about
 wiki markup, start editing the community
 wiki pages
Special needs

-- Don’t have topic-1 notes

-- Pictures need sized down
(If anyone has suggestions for how to make
the wiki better, let me know)

• Each week missed is minus 10 points on
the attendance grade (except your first
No excuses
1. There is no such thing as an “excused absence” in this
2. The attendance measure is not fault based
3. Translation: no free attendance days
No excuses
1. There is no such thing as an “excused absence” in this
2. The attendance measure is not fault based
3. Translation: no free attendance days
4. Remedy: you are evaluated under a grading plan that does
   not include attendance:
                         Email Policies

 Receiving it
       -- you must have a working university email
       -- it is no excuse if it is “bouncing”

9/5/2012                     Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.   60
                       Email Policies

 My Tone

-- Tone of my replies: “quick” or “curt”
      (Don’t take anything from that)

Use Course Number

-- Indicate what class you are from (preferably in the subject

9/5/2012                   Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.         61
Little Things
                        Little Things

pre-class muggings

-- I can’t talk to you before class
      (setting up the technology)
-- see me after class for any question or concern you might
have (or: email me, come to office)

9/5/2012                   Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.      63
                     Little Things

no teacher’s pets

-- some students want to have one-on-one relationships with
-- “teacher’s pet”
-- My pedagogy doesn’t include trying to make you feel that you
are more special than other students (who don’t need this)

9/5/2012                Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.       64
9/5/2012   Copyright, Sean Wilson. 2007.   65
                      Little Things

 Pet Peeves
-- If you see me out in a bar, give me my space

                             Questions about

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