Catechist letter Aug 09 by Guttermouth


									                          Regina Tri-Parish Religious Education
                                 2140 Rochester Avenue
                                  Iowa City, IA 52245
                                      August 2009

Dear Catechist,

        A catechist is one who teaches, assists, or does office work in the name of the
Church. This is a special ministry of the Church. Your role is very serious and important
to the Church’s teachings to the world. Thank you for accepting the call and challenge
seriously. Together we can make a difference and grow in faith, grace, and wisdom
before God. Each of you is a most important element of the program’s success. We
believe that you catechists are the BEST ever. Your dedication and commitment to
sharing the Catholic faith is truly remarkable. You are devoted, self-sacrificing persons
who give of your time and energy to spread the Word of God.

       This school year all classes, K-9, will be held on Wednesday evenings. Classes
begin at 6:30 pm and end at 7:45 pm. As a catechist you are expected to be here at least
15 minutes before class and in your classroom. It is most important that you greet the
students and parents at the classroom door.

       Tuition is $115.00 per child or $70.00 per year after the catechist has completed
one year and has attended both in-services and stayed for the whole evening.

       It is very important that your registrations (if you have children) be returned to us
AS SOON AS POSSIBLE along with your financial commitment form. This allows us
the time necessary to finalize class placements. This coming year we will continue to
have smaller classes for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

       In-service is of the utmost importance. You meet with the other catechists, pray
together using the theme for the year, “Handing Down Our Faith Through Scripture
and Tradition,” meet with your coordinators, find out your classroom and names of your
students and receive teacher manuals and lesson plans. You are given a stipend of $20.00
for each in-service if you stay to the end. So, please, mark this on your calendar as an

Sister Mary Fran Michalec
Director of Religious Education

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