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E-mail:                           Safety First: What to do Right After the Crash               1. Stop your vehicle. Only move the vehicle if conditions are safe and the car is
Websites:                             in the roadway.                  2. Notify the police department.
                                  3. If there are injuries, call 911.
                                  4. Get out of the roadway.
Practice Areass:                  5. Make sure the police officer completes a re-
personal injury                       port AND the report is accurate.
auto accidents                    6. Take detailed notes- road and weather condi-
                                      tions, location of the accident, the time of day,
work injuries                         name, number and address of witnesses.
death accidents                   7. Take pictures of the damages to both vehi-
truck accidents                       cles.
                                  8. If you vehicle is towed, get the name of the tow company, and tell them where
                                      you want the vehicle towed BEFORE they tow the car.
                                  9. Monitor your condition, even if you aren’t severely injured. Some injuries will
                                      only become problematic 24 hours to three days after an accident.
WE APPRECIATE YOUR                10. Do not discuss fault with other drivers, passengers, or witnesses, no matter
    REFERRALS                         who was at fault. Give the facts of the accident to the police officer.
                                  11. Seek the advice of an attorney. Each case is different, and it is always best to
                                      get the opinion of a lawyer, even if you don’t think you need one.
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 QUESTIONS                     Reader’s QUESTION: ANSWERED!!
  Fax, mail or
                       Question: I just got a new car            accident. Most people as-             sured Motorist Coverage
  email your           and my insurance company                  sume if they meet the mini-           (UIM), Comprehensive/
legal question         gave me 25/50/25 in coverage,             mum requirements of auto-             collision coverage, and
 to us. If your        is this Full Coverage?                    mobile insurance, they are            HIGHER than minimum
  question is                                                    “fully covered.” This is not          liability and uninsured
                       Answer: The S.C. Department               entirely accurate. You may            motorist coverage. These
 answered in           of Insurance requires liability           be “fully covered’ by law, but        additional coverages are
our next issue,        and uninsured motorist cover-             there is additional coverage          offered at a small cost,
we’ll send you         age limits of $25,000 bodily              you should also consider,             and the benefits they af-
  a free gift          injury per person, $50,000                which includes personal in-           ford far outweigh the mi-
                       bodily injury per accident, and           jury protection, medical pay-         nor increase in your pre-
         card.         $25,000 property damage per               ments coverage, Underin-              mium.

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                               South Carolina attorney              South Carolina, particu-           If you would like more
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                               representing people in-              The firm represents vic-           injury case, Shelly Leeke
                               jured in accidents for               tims of personal injury            will be happy to speak
                               nearly a decade.                     and automobile accidents,          with you for no cost and
                                                                    as well as wrongful death          no obligation. Just call the
                               Shelly is the founder of             and worker’s compensa-             office at 297.8485. or e-
                               the law firm, Shelly                 tion clients. Shelly has           mail
                               Leeke Law Firm, LLC.                 represented clients all  
                               The firm handles acci-               over the state and nation-
                               dent cases throughout                wide.
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  PROTECT YOUR FAMILY                                                       Distracted Drivers Can Be
                                                                                  Deadly Drivers
   When Health Insurance Isn’t Really
   “Insurance”                                                      Texting and talking on the cell phone is a growing deadly
                                                                    trend on our roads. Did you know? A recent study by The
                                   should purchase more;            Transportation Safety Group at the National Safety Council
     Most people assume                                             found that distracted drivers account for nearly 80% of car
  that if they have health         you will be shocked to find
                                   how inexpensive this insur-      wrecks. What makes that figure even scarier is that over
  insurance, it will cover their                                                                     80% of all drivers admit to
  medical bills if they are        ance is.
                                                                                                     making phone calls or tex-
  involved in an accident.             The good news is, if you                                      ting while driving.
      On the surface, this may     or a family member is seri-
                                   ously injured and the per-                                         Daydreaming, talking on
  be true. The reality how-                                                                           the phone, and texting has
  ever, is that if you are in-     son who caused the acci-
                                   dent has the minimum                                               been cited in over three
  jured in an accident, typi-                                                                         quarters of the most dan-
  cally the health insurance       liability coverage, then you
                                   will be protected even if                                          gerous driving incidents.
  will pay your medical bills                                                                         Considering most of us in
  so that the health provider      you must repay the health
                                   insurance company that                                             the Charleston and sur-
  is paid. The same health                                                                            rounding areas are on the
  insurance company will           paid the medical bills.
                                                                                                      roads every single day, the
  attempt to force you to
                                                                                                      chances of us coming in to
  repay everything they have
                                                                                                      contact with a distracted
  paid on your behalf in you
                                                                    and potentially deadly driver is nearly guaranteed. What
  are successful in your law-
                                                                    can you do? First and foremost, stop using your own cell
  suit.                            We’ll evaluate your current      phone while you are driving, and do not text under any cir-
       As an example, I had a         coverage to help you          cumstances while driving. Forbid teenage drivers from us-
  client who had a health          ensure you have adequate         ing their cell phones while driving and encourage your
  insurance policy through                                          friends and family to follow your example.
                                     insurance coverage to
  her employer. She was
                                      protect Your family.          Folks, from a lawyer’s perspective, more and more, cell
  seriously injured in an
                                                                    phone records are being used in court as evidence against
  automobile accident, and
                                                                    at-fault driver’s of automobile accidents, and the cases
  the health plan paid over
                                                                    show the impact. In December 2007 one company agreed
  $25,000.00 of her medical
                                       If you do not know           to pay a $5.2 million settlement to a Georgia woman who
  expenses. The problem
                                   how much insurance you           was rear-ended by one of its employees who was driving a
  was that the at fault driver
                                   have, I will tell you the cov-   company car and talking a cell phone when she caused the
  had only $25,000.00 in
                                   erage that you have and          wreck. There have been many more cases where a driver
  liability insurance cover-
                                   also make suggestions if         has been held liable for an accident caused by using a cell
  age. The client’s health
                                   you need additional cover-       phone while driving.
  insurance paid the medical
  bills and then claimed they      age to protect you.
                                                                    In our firm, we want to know if our client was involved in an
  were entitled to everything         Just fax over your cover      accident because the at fault driver was distracted while
  from the client’s settle-        page of your automobile          talking or texting on a cell phone. We will use this informa-
  ment, which would entitle        insurance policy to 297-         tion to help our clients win their case. But, we do not want
  her to nothing!                  8497.                            you to be a victim or the cause of an accident by distrac-
                                                                    tion. If you or someone you know has been hurt in an acci-
   What can you do about             We do not want you             dent by a distracted driver, Shelly Leeke will be glad to dis-
           this?                   and your family to be fi-        cuss the aspects of the case. Call the office at 297-8485 or
                                   nancially devastated be-         e-mail
      I highly encourage you       cause you have inade-
  to purchase underinsured         quate automobile insur-
  motorist coverage in the                                              ACCIDENT Facts: The Harvard Center for Risk Analysis calcu-
                                   ance coverage.                       lated that at least 330,000 people are injured each year as a result
  minimum amount of
  $100,000. Most people                                                                   of using cellphones while driving.
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