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									     Dear Saints,                                             Prayer Letter (Aug. 09)
     Greetings! The last two months were busy months for us.
                                   Fruit in Public Ministry
        Two grown men wanted to get saved during our preaching at the International train
station. One man, Slavik while talking with me reached for my mobile telephone wanting to
steal it. I caught him and called the police and told them we’ve got a trouble-maker on our
hands. The man came back to me and wanted to get saved. The police didn’t even care that
we were preaching. We carried on.
      God blessed us with a real good time during our summer session of Institute classes. We
had a total of 23 men and women, mostly men that are God-called preachers. We taught Acts,
Romans, Church History, The Local Church, and touched on various subjects. We picked up a
couple new students. One is a pastor (not in picture) and Vasili, who is about 75 years old
(front row with beard).
    3 men were not available for pictures

     We had another ordination service (right picture) here in Kiev to end our classes for this
summer. Two men that were ordained were 50 year-old Mikhail from Karaganda,
Kazakhstan (pop. 600,000) and Vladimir (second from left) from mid-west Ukraine from the
city of Zhitomer, (pop. 1 million). God has given me the blessed opportunity to train both of
these men on the streets and in the classroom. Both men are King James, Bible-believing
seasoned ministers of the word of God. They have been equipped and trained to compare the
AV with any readings in other translations in English, Russian or Ukrainian. God has given
me the opportunity to labour with Vladimir doing tent meetings. Mikhail has invited me every
year to Karaganda.
        The other men that participated ordaining these men (also in the picture) were Ivan
Makarovich-an old saint, Dima-pastor from eastern Ukraine and Sasha Dolbin (far right)
missionary. By the grace of God, by next year we hope to ordain a couple more men that have
been preaching and ministering the word of God both to saved people and to sinners dying
and going to hell.
                                            A first?
     One brother, Dima from eastern Ukraine comes to Kiev for classes. He is now a national
pastor. As far as I know he is the only national that is planning to buy the complete set of the
Bible Believers’ Commentaries from the bookstore in Pensacola. That, I believe is a first in
Ukraine. Others (nationals or foreigners) may look down on this kind of material that we “cut

our teeth on” and have enjoyed for years. We hope some time in the future to continue
translating the commentaries for the sake of those that do not understand English. We’ve
already completed Matthew. Saints in different parts of former Soviet Russia really enjoy that
commentary and desire more commentaries to be translated.

 These men bought some Bible-believing    The man on the right got saved after he
material. “Heretics!”                   heard me preach for 10 minutes. He came
                                        forward and wanted to get saved.
                                        Ivan, (left) dealt with him for follow-up.
    You can read about “The Invitation” in our book on Street Preaching and the Public

Ministry available in Russian and in English from the website
Many nationals have told us that they have benefited from this book in the Russian tongue.
     Itinerary – TRANS-URKAINIAN EVANGELISTIC “REACH” (2 Cor. 10:13, 14)
       In September, we hope Lord willing to pitch tent a few hours south of Kiev. A band of
men and I will be labouring together. Usually it is a time of preaching, street preaching, door-
to-door and soul-winning. Pray for us and that souls will be saved.
                                    Church Building Needs
      We’re looking forward to finishing our building by next year. There is still quite a bit that
needs to be done; electricity, stucco, sheet rocking the ceiling, heating, painting, pouring out a
cement floor, linoleum, chairs, piano, etc. Our next step is pouring a cement stairway from the
first floor to the basement. If anybody is interested in helping us out please let us know.

                      Sincerely, Bro. Demopoulos (Rom. 10:13-15)
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