Course Format

           College of Management, National Sun Yet-Sen University
    Chinese Course Title        財務報表分析                               課號        M4010013

    English Course Title        Financial Statements Analysis

        Class Format            Elective   Requirement none      Department B.M.

         Instructor             Pei-how Huang                        Credit    3

Course Objectives
   Financial Statement Analysis is a hard course which must have time to prepare on the
accounting statements, business and industry conditions.

   It must also have a keen sense to input for the digital. On the one hand, we have a full
range of contemplation. On the other hand, we should also be able to make the most of the
subtleties of a detailed analysis. If we don’t comprehend above, we could not learn the
earnings analysis very well. This course will helps us understand the enterprise's internal
operations and external industrial environmental conditions by way of the statement analysis
and impact on the enterprise by way of the further understanding of financial statement of

Course Outline
 1. Basic concept
 2. Industry Analysis
 3. Introduction and accounting analysis reports
 4. Financial Statement Analysis

Teaching Format

Lecture / Group discussion and reporting/ Examination

Office Hours:

Thursday 12:00-14:00;Wednesday 13:00-15:00

Grading Standard:

Class participation(20%);Final report discusses(40%); Examination(40%)

Jian- Ping Shie ;FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ANALYSIS;(2006); Best-Wise
Course content/ Progress / Documents

 Week             Date                                Content
 1      2009/02/16~2009/02/22 Course Introduction
 2      2009/02/23~2009/03/01 The meaning of analysis

 3      2009/03/02~2009/03/08 About the Financial Statements
 4      2009/03/09~2009/03/15 Dynamic Analysis of financial statements / Static
                              analysis Of financial statements/
                              Ratio analysis of
                              financial statements
 5      2009/03/16~2009/03/22 Profitability Analysis /
                              Operation capability Analysis
 6      2009/03/23~2009/03/29 Solvency analysis/
                              Financial Structure
 7      2009/03/30~2009/04/05 Solvency analysis/
                              Financial Structure
 8      2009/04/06~2009/04/12 Growth forces analysis/
                              Enterprise Risk Analysis
 9      2009/04/13~2009/04/19 the connection Financial Analysis between Business
                              Strategy reported
 10     2009/04/20~2009/04/26 Lecture: Industry Analysis Practice
 11     2009/04/27~2009/05/03 Lecture: financial statements Analysis Practice
 12     2009/05/04~2009/05/10 The Final Report (1st、2nd Group)
 13     2009/05/11~2009/05/17 The Final Report (3rd、4th Group)
 14     2009/05/18~2009/05/24 Dragon Boat Festival
 15     2009/05/25~2009/05/31 The Final Report (5th、6th Group)
 16     2009/06/01~2009/06/07 The Final Report (7th、8th Group)
 17     2009/06/08~2009/06/14 The Final Report (9th、10th Group)
 18     2009/06/15~2009/06/21 The Final Examination

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