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					              ANGELA JONES
              The New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers
              (NZAMT) wishes to honour ANGELA JONES by
              bestowing on her a Jim Campbell Award for Excellence
              in Teaching.

              Angela is an excellent classroom teacher, respected by
              students and staff for the high standards that she demands of
              herself and of them. She uses of a variety of teaching
              resources and methods to ensure that all students are
              stimulated to learn mathematics. She is highly focussed on
              her student’s learning and varies her teaching style and use
              of resources to meet their individual needs.

              She is always up to date with the latest research findings,
NZAMT         incorporating new ideas into her classroom practise in order
              to create a learning environment that has been proven to be
              most beneficial to her students.

              As an HOD, she has taken the lead in implementing new
              initiatives including the use of technology and involvement
              in the Ministry of Education’s Numeracy Project. As an
              experienced HOD, she has established systems to ensure that
              all her colleagues have access to a large range of activities
  Jim         and resources and provides quality professional development
Cam pbell     for them to best utilise them. She has made a considerable
 Aw ard       impact as HOD in the short time she has been at Hutt
              International Boys School.
   fo r       Angela has made a great contribution over the last 5 years as
              President of the Wellington Mathematics Association. She
              has a passion for the teaching of Mathematics, a high level
Teachin g     of commitment to the Association and a willingness to
              involve herself in professional activities such as being an
              NCEA facilitator. As President she operated in an inclusive,
Excell ence   co-operative way and was able to delegate effectively. She
              was a member of the organising committee for the NZAMT
              7 conference in 2001.

              For her classroom work and her contribution to
              mathematics education, NZAMT has the pleasure in
              granting Angela a Jim Campbell Award for teaching

              Alan Parris
              President, NZAMT
              September 2005

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