Dear Sponsor,                                           Competition hosts are no longer required to make
                                                        paper copies of the tests/solutions and competition
Welcome to a brand new year! It was awesome             standings for the post competition sponsors
how the schools from Florida ended the last school      packets. Sponsors are encouraged to bring the
year in Knoxville for the National Convention.          flash drive given to you by FAMAT last year (or any
Again, we showed the nation how MAΘ is done             other flash drive) and a laptop computer with
right! Congratulations to Gainesville Buchholz as       Adobe Acrobat with them to each competition. Of
the big dog and winning another national                course, hosts may continue to make paper copies.
championship.                                           The tests/solutions and standings will be posted on
                                                        floridamao.org shortly after each competition.
Unlike last year, there are very few changes this       Region Directors have additional flash drives for
year. The 9-digit ID number will continue into its      schools who did not get one last year.
second year. Hopefully, everyone is now used to
it!    Invitationals will now be referred to as         Students who have ever competed in Statistics
Statewide Competitions to reflect what they really      have used up their eligibility.       Students may
are : statewide competitions.                           compete in Statistics for just one year.

A couple of unique competitions occur in March.         The 2009-2010 Sponsors’ Guide is now on-line at
The Regional for Regions I and II will be held at       floridamao.org. Read through the guide so you can
Tallahassee Chiles High School. Schools in Region       keep up with the latest FAMAT policies and
II that find it a shorter ride to the Region III        changes. If you have any questions, contact your
competition may file a Crossover Request. The           Region Director or me.
March Statewide Competition will be “split”. That is
being done in an effort to cut down the number of       We continue the tradition of awarding the school
overnight trips for all schools.       Schools from     whose design is chosen for the front of the State
Regions I, II, and III will compete at Buchholz         Convention t-shirt two free registrations for State
while schools from Regions IV and V will compete        and the school whose design is chosen for the back
at Fort Myers High School. Schools may crossover        of the t-shirt one free registration. You may submit
if the distance to the other site is shorter than the   your t-shirt designs with the Fall Interschool Test.
distance to the assigned site. Remember to file a       That test has a new writer, Mr. Andrew Ellinor.
Crossover Request if you choose to take advantage
of this option. The competitions at both sites will     We welcome aboard these new Executive Board
begin at 9:30 a.m. The tests at both sites will be      members : Treasurer – Robert Dodson, Region II
the same.                                               Director – Howard Altman, and Region V Director –
                                                        Manny Vilchez. Encourage your students to contact
The deadline for making registration changes is the     Student Delegate President Eric Willett if they have
Wednesday before the competition at noon,               any ideas.
eastern time for all competitions except for the
first Statewide Competition that will be held in Vero   Have a great year.
Beach. That deadline is Monday, 11 January at
noon in order to allow that host time to make the                                    Sincerely,
necessary adjustments.                                                               Steve Friedlander
                                                                                     FAMAT President

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