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It’s a great feeling to put up your blog, start writing posts or creating content, but to really grow your blog, you need to understand the statistics of your site. You need to know who is visiting, what they are looking for, where they came from and even where they are going.

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Google Analytics
                      Statistics Plugins
Google Analytics has been around for a long time. We used Google
   Analytics for tracking and statistics for our HTML static websites.

Now, plugins have been created to easily incorporate the service into
   your blog. This service has pretty much all the statistics your
   need. Stats by the hour, day, month and year and much, much

To use Google Analytics on your blog, you have to set up a Google
     Analytics account (
Here are plugins to add Google Analytics to your WordPress site.
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                                                              Google Analytics
                                                              This plugin adds the required javascript for google
                                                              analytics. Install, then enter your Google Analytics
                                                              code. Very simple to set up. This is the one we
                                                              currently use.

          Google Analyticator
          Google Analyticator adds the necessary JavaScript
          code to enable Google Analytics logging on any
          WordPress blog. This eliminates the need to edit
          your template code to begin logging. Also
          includes widgets for displaying data in the admin
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 Stats Stats Plugin
        This is a very simple plugin and gives you a great overall
              picture of what is happening on your site from a day
              to day basis. It is great for checking referrals,
              keywords, as well as the clicks for the day.
        To install this plugin on your site you have get
              a account. After you sign up for an
              account, login to your account and obtain your API
              key which is located in your profile.
        Once you upload and activate the plugin, they will ask for
              your API key and thats it! After a few minutes you
              will be able to see statistics on your site.
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                                                          StatPress Reloaded
                                                          StatPress Reloaded Plugin

                                                          This plugin is by far the easiest of the the three. The
                                                          reason is because you don’t need any external
                                                          accounts set up anywhere else. You simply upload
                                                          and activate the plugin and almost instantly you can
                                                          see real time statistics with your site.
                                                          It tracks more information that Stats,
                                                          but not as much information as Google Analytics, so
                                                          it falls in the middle.

                                                          This one is the best for a quick snapshot and also
                                                          allows you to “spy” on visitors that are currently on
                                                          your site. This one is quick, easy and accurate.

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