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									Born in 1954 Angela Winstanley has spent a lifetime drawing and painting, both as
a hobby and as a part time source of income. Angela received formal tuition in art
during the 1970s, and has continued over the years to develop her craft.

A qualified Social Worker and specialist in Autism Spectrum Conditions, Angela
pursued a career in this field, becoming an area manager for the National Autistic
Society. Angela now works freelance in this field both in UK and Cyprus.

Having given up ‘the day job’ Angela is able to devote more time to her artwork,
and largely works on a ‘commissioned’ basis.
Angela has written and illustrated a children’s book- The adventures of Noggin
Clontith- the story of a Gnome and his friends. Following this she animated and
produced a DVD of Noggin’s Adventures, in collaboration with a group of fellow

Angela’s exhibition and catalogue is designed to showcase her range. Some
paintings have been printed and sold as limited edition copies. Some have been re -
painted to order.

Angela has now established a studio/ gallery in Kouklia, Cyprus (with great thanks
to Cypriot friends – and especially Andreas) – and will normally be working in the
Courtyard Gallery every Tuesday and Thursday.

Commissioned work is always completed at home, (behind closed doors), as subjects
can be very personal to the commissioner, with whom Angela will collaborate
during the process of creating the piece.

You can contact Angela by email at – angwin54@yahoo.co.uk.

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