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WordPress Plugin

   Re-Vu is a commenting and review platform designed
   to help you keep in touch with customers and boost traffic
   and website conversions.

   Upgrade your normal WordPress rating system to the Best
   Wordpress Plugins supported by Re-Vu.

   Power up your WordPress communications with Re-Vu.
   Improve social experience with your friends and as well as
   with your clients.

   Discover our best wordpress rating, review plug-in for your
   website that drives traffic and conversions. Simple to get
   started and installs anywhere.

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Re-Vu WordPress Features


   Secure and easy to use and install

   Works great on all websites

   Integrates seamlessly on WordPress

   Powerful moderation tools and features

   Full spam filtering, blacklists and white lists

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   It is easy to convert

   Comments and reviews are index able in search engines.

   Make your website more SEO friendly

   With Re-vu Can also import the existing comments

   It works seamlessly on WordPress

   Great to share content

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WordPress Plugin
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Six Simple Steps to Install

   Sign up

   Add your website

   Get the Re-Vu Embed

   Fix your Settings

   Edit your Profile

   Monitor and Moderate

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Works Everywhere

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      Feel free to contact us. We're always
                  ready to help.
      Let us know how you like Re-Vu too!

                  Thank You!

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