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									                      The Global iPhone Club

By: Twila B.

The Apple series of gadgets that ranges
from one-of-a-kind music players and
laptops, to the first-of-its-kind
smartphones and personal computers,
have been a global phenomenon. They
have become the must-have devices of
our generation and people go crazy
over anything new from Apple that hits
the stores. I am sure the stores sell
iPhone fast, because they are amazing
trends. One good thing about it is that
you become a part of a community that
spreads to the entire globe. With
applications and features that only the
Apple devices are equipped with, you
tend to feel special.

And since Apple users all over the world have multiplied, we have become more connected, and by
connected, it means that you have an opportunity to meet and greet your fellow Apple-users. These
people have formed groups that have scheduled meet-ups to discuss their gadgets together. It’s sort of
a book club, but with a trendy, technological commonality that, instead of sharing your thoughts
about a book you all agree to read, you can share whatever you would like related to your Apple
device. Here, you can exchange stories and knowledge; you can explore ideas and learn from other
people. The simplest factor that I can come up with is that you get to meet new people and share a
common interest.

Aside from exploring an environment that may be unfamiliar, but where you can ironically fit in well,
there are also a variety of opportunities that you can come across. An example of this community is the
San Francisco iPhone Network Lounge. This group is designed to share wisdom, inspiration, and to just
simply connect with other iPhone or iPad aficionados in the Bay area.

If you want to learn more about your gadget and what else you can do, or if you want to make new
acquaintances, and, of course, if you are anywhere near San Francisco, you can come, visit and join
them. With every event, they bring a speaker from the industry to present the latest innovations,
models, market trends, opportunities in marketing, designer tips and a whole lot of other iPhone and
iPad related topics that can be discussed or covered.
Another fun-to-know fact about this particular group, or these kinds of communities, is that you don’t
always have to be “techie” or a gadget junkie (to whom you can sell iPhone fast). You can also be a
journalist, designer, web developer, communications manager, or you can just be plainly interested and
curious. The group, or as I prefer it, the Club, is open to everyone and anyone that owns an iPhone or
an iPad, and wants to know the latest news that is out there. And as I have said earlier, this can be an
opportunity for you. If you are intending to maybe start up a business or want to switch from your
current field to another in terms of profession or learning, maybe some, if not a lot of the people that
you may meet can help you get there. Maybe this is a good way to jump start your plans.

Connecting with people can be easy if you explore what is out there. You are already one with these
communities through your iPhone or Ipad, so go all the way and join a group. Interesting things can
happen, and you might end up learning a whole lot more. Maximize your potential and make your
circle bigger!

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