Microsoft Store Summer Camps

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					In-store events

Microsoft Store
Summer Camps

Technology camps
for creative kids

The Microsoft Store offers a variety of summer programs designed to           Customized camps for your group
engage and excite children, ages 8–13, at no cost to caregivers.* Our         We invite our friends and neighbors from local schools, community
programs for Summer 2012 include:                                             groups, and organizations to take part in the Microsoft Store Summer
                                                                              Camps. This is a unique opportunity for students to explore cutting-
Digital Movie Madness                                                         edge technology alongside our experts. Whether you’re interested in
Unleash your creativity and take on the world of movie making. Become         making movies, designing presentations, or simply mastering the basics,
your own producer, director, animator, and designer. Choose a back-           we have the perfect set of immersive activities for your group.
ground scene, write a narrative for your story, develop characters, and
add filters, transitions, music, titles, and ending credits. Then get ready   After a quick consultation, our team will develop and customize camp
to share your masterpiece and impress your family and friends.                activities that best meet the needs of your group. Microsoft Store
                                                                              Summer Camps are hosted in our Theater and can be scheduled based
Digital Art Smarts                                                            on availability, at a time that works best for you.
Learn how to use a digital camera’s settings to create great shots.
Then edit these photos, adjusting lighting and colors and adding              Explore the possibilities
filters. Create unique art by transforming your photos into a collage         Our store becomes an interactive, hands-on technology classroom,
and building an interactive world with Photosynth. Make yourself into         where campers learn by doing. From mainstream products, like
art, too—then share it with the world using blogging software.                Windows 7, to proprietary projects, like Microsoft Surface and our
                                                                              touch-enabled movie screen, campers will have an opportunity to
Office Unleashed                                                             explore a playground of technology.
Microsoft Office is more than just book reports and schedules—you
can get creative and learn along the way. Engage in fun activities like       To register, and for more information, go to
writing a short story in Microsoft Word, creating a word search in Excel,
building an animated slide show in PowerPoint, and designing
postcards in Publisher to send to your friends.

Game Masters
Become the master of your own gaming world. Learn how to program,
design, and produce your own video games and then share them with
friends. Get the satisfaction of creating, programming, and developing
games for yourself while learning important skills that may inspire you
to work with computers in the future.

*Caregiver must remain in store during event.

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