09-10 Welcome Parent Letter by Guttermouth


 ART TECH                               After reading this letter with your parents/guardians, please send me an
                                        e-mail using your school Gmail account to tell me that you have read the
 5-6 Applied Technology                 letter and understand all the rules, procedures and consequences. Once I
 7-8 Design Technology                  receive BOTH your e-mail and your parents’/guardians’ e-mail, you
                                        will receive 10 points. (It’s like a homework assignment.)
 Mrs. Andrea Burke
 (908) 234-0768 x. 294                  I must receive BOTH e-mails by Friday, September 18th in order for you
 aburke@bedminsterschool.org            to receive the full 10 points. Every day that an e-mail is late, I will deduct
 aburke@bedminster.k12.nj.us            1 point.

                                        Grading                                  accesses another student’s work
 Vol. 3   Issue 1   September 2009                                               and changes or deletes it, they will
                                        Grades are typically based on a
                                                                                 receive an after-school detention
                                        straight percentage of total points
                                                                                 and the principal will be notified.
Dear Parents                            earned/total points available.
                                        Sometimes, I curve the grade for a       I also have a NO TOLERANCE
and Guardians,                          project, which improves every-           POLICY for depicting any images of
In my continued effort to be more       one’s score. There are always            violence, blood, weapons, destruct-
environmentally friendly, I am not      extra credit opportunities.              tion of property and abuse of people
sending a hard copy of this letter      Students are encouraged to take          or animals. Any images or text
home, unless there are extenuat-        advantage of them because they           containing references to inappropri-
ing circumstances. After reading        can really help boost their grades!      ate situations or behavior, or use of
the rules and procedures, please                                                 vulgar language as components of a
send me an e-mail confirming            Equipment                                project are also not permitted.
that you have reviewed them             Students will have the ability to        I pay very close attention to this
with your child. If you need a          sign out lab equipment, such as          matter. Students will be asked to
hard copy sent home, please             digital cameras and microphone           make changes if I see anything
call me or have your child re-          headsets. It is essential that           inappropriate while they are
quest one.                              students understand this is school       working on a project. If a student
                                        property and they must take care         hands in a completed project that
This is a project-based class.
                                        of it accordingly. If equipment is       incorporates offensive images or
Points are awarded for various
                                        lost, stolen or broken, the student      text, they will receive a 0.
requirements described in rubrics.
                                        may be responsible for its repair or
Point totals vary for each project.
                                        replacement.                              Classroom Rules
Students must complete all
projects. Under extenuating             Supplies                                    Be on time for class.
circumstances, students will be
                                        No specific supplies are needed             (3 tardies in a row result in a
given extra time to complete
                                        for this class. We are going paper-         lunch detention)
projects. Students may come in
                                        less this year (except for this
during lunch or after school by                                                     Listen and follow directions.
                                        letter), so just about everything is
appointment only. It is the             done on the computer.                       Use indoor voices and
student’s responsibility to                                                         respectful language.
schedule extra lab time.                Consequences                                Keep your body to yourself.
We will be using Google                 I expect students to behave
                                                                                    Access Internet with
Applications as much as possible.       appropriately in my class. I issue
                                                                                    permission ONLY.
All 5th-8th graders have e-mail         lunch detentions and after school
addresses. I will be communi-           detentions at my discretion.                No eating or drinking while at
cating with students via e-mail                                                     computer stations.
                                        I have a NO TOLERANCE POLICY
and sharing rubrics online.
                                        for digital sabotage. If a student
Having your e-mail address allows
me to keep you “in the loop” about
your child’s progress. I will e-mail     I have read the letter about Applied and Design Technology class with
you if your child is struggling or if    my parent(s)/guardian(s). I understand what is expected of me in this
he/she is doing really well.             class. I promise to behave in a respectful manner toward my peers,
                                         teacher and lab equipment. I am aware of Mrs. Burke’s “No Tolerance
I am looking forward to an excit-        Policy” and understand that it is aligned with the school’s Acceptable
ing and productive marking period        Use Policy. I will keep up with the class work and seek extra help and
with your children.                      lab time when necessary. I also understand the policy for checking out
                                         lab equipment and promise to take care of any school property that I
 Sincerely,                              borrow for a class project. If I lose or break equipment, or equipment is
                                         stolen while it is under my care, I understand that I may be responsi-
                                         ble for its repair or replacement.

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