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By. Gabrielle Tunnell.
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Proboscidae
Family: Elephantidae
Genus: Loxodonta and
Species: African and
               Average Life Span.
Elephants begin mating at
   the age of twenty . An
   Elephant has a Lifespan
   very similar to Humans in
   the wild, their average is
   about 50-60 years but
   they sometimes make it
   to their 70’s.
   80 year old Elephants
   have been spotted
   however they are very
   rare .
           Average Size and weight.
African Elephants can stand 12 ft
   tall at the shoulder. Elephants
   are considered as the largest
   animals on the earth. The
   average weight and size of the
   elephants can vary depending
   upon their geographical
   location. The average weight
   of elephant is about 12000
   kilograms(26000 lb) and the
   largest size available with this
   weight has shoulder height of
   about 4.2 meters(14 ft) and
   height of one yard to one
            Males and Females.
The male elephants are
  called bull’s while the
  female elephants are
  called a cow, It's the
  same as cattle - males
  are bulls, females are
  cows and babies are
             Human Interactions.
In ancient times the
   Carthaginians employed the
   African elephant as war
   machines. Their only
   predators are humans.
   Elephants are gentle
   animals unless the need to
   protect themselves forces
   them not to be.
   Unfortunately, the acts of
   humans have taken a toll on
   these intelligent and social
Elephants are the largest
  animals on land. There
  are two species of
  elephants, African
  elephants and Asian
  elephants. They both
  used to exist in great
  numbers across Africa
  and parts of Asia. Today,
  both of these gentle
  giants are endangered.
                   Adaptations .
An elephant has a trunk to
  spray water, and ears to
  keep him cool. The big ears
  flap a cool breeze onto him
  also keep him cool. They
  roll in mud in the wild.
  They do this, so that when
  it dries, it becomes hard,
  and neither the flies, nor
  sun can get to their
  unprotected back.
               Normal Habitat.
Elephants often enjoy
  tropical areas. They love
  to roll around In the
  mud to make a hard
  covering on their skin to
  keep protected from
  the sun and fly’s.
           Food And Predators.
Elephants can eat as much
  as 660 pounds of
  vegetable matter a day .
  The amount of food
  consumed depends on
  whether the elephant in
  question is the
  relatively small.
Elephants live in groups
  known as herds.
  Elephants live in herd
  sizes that range from 5
  to 30 but usually
  around 8 to 15 .
      Other Interesting Information
Elephants are well known for their
   intelligence and caring for each
   other. Elephants cry and laugh
   and they are largest animals that
   live on land. Elephants use their
   ears as a cooling system. Blood
   flows through veins in the ears
   and as the elephant flaps his ears,
   the blood cools and flows
   through his body to cool off other
   parts. Recently it was discovered
   that elephants can communicate
   over a distance of several miles
   using infrasonic sounds inaudible
   to humans

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